Beautiful rustic glam living room with rich textures

Sometimes the roughness of rustic interior design needs a little softening and nothing accomplishes that better than adding a few touches of glam! A rustic glam living room is the perfect space to welcome guests with a combination of cozy natural pieces and refined accents. It was exactly this look that recent Decorilla clients wanted to achieve in their new home. And the results were more than they ever dreamed of. Read on to discover the final look for this rustic glam transformation!

The Challenge: Rustic Glam Living Room

Just like all design projects, this home came with its challenges too. However, being leading interior designers in the industry, the Decorilla team was prepared to transform every nook of this space. Here are some of the challenges that the designers had to address to create a modern rustic interior design style:

  • Maximize the natural light in the interiors
  • Design a cozy family space where the homeowners can relax and rejuvenate
  • Keep minimal decor but with a touch of glamour
  • Incorporate ample storage units and bookshelves
  • Curate designer looks for the space as per the client’s desires

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The Inspiration: Rustic Glam Decor

Rustic glam living room moodboard

During the design brief session, the client came forward with some amazing rustic glam living room decor ideas that they wanted to implement. These helped the designers in understanding the kind of result they were after. The clients were sure they wanted a country feeling but with hints of luxury. Firstly, the room is adorned by a beautiful wooden ceiling with trusses and therefore, they wanted to integrate it into the design. Secondly, their design references included a clean and cozy family-size sofa in neutral shades. Lastly, all the images had metallic accents and rich accessories to bring up the glam element. Therefore, it was pretty clear that they were drawn towards rustic glam decor.

The Concept: Rustic Glam Living Room Decor Ideas

Rustic glam living room ideas by Decorilla
Rustic glam living room ideas by Decorilla interior designer, Tijana Z.

The rustic glam home transformation started with two brilliant designers pitching their best creations to the client. Both the designers had their way of providing design solutions while creating an elegantly rustic space. However, the clients instantly fell in love with Tijana’s design moodboard that best captured their inspiration. With glam decor details and a charmingly contemporary look, it is like a dreamscape for every homeowner. She used a neutral color palette to make the room look bigger and more luminous. In the end, they decided to go forward with her to bring to life their dreamy rustic glam living room design.

Glam living room decor by Decorilla
Glam living room decor concept by Decorilla interior designer, Tijana Z.

The Results: Rustic Glam Living Room

Gorgeous rustic glam living room decor
Rustic glam living room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The final look of rustic glam home decor was nothing less than enchanting. As a result, Tijana completely changed the look and feel of the living room. As a leading interior designer, she had a few awesome rustic glam living room design ideas in her hat to spruce up their space. For the layout, the designer kept it simple with a sectional sofa paired with a set of ottomans to increase the seating. This straightforward approach with the layout helped in achieving a functional and optimal living room.

Rustic glam living room ideas by Decorilla
Rustic living room with glam decor ideas – Decorilla 3D rendering

To begin, Tijana took inspiration from the client’s design references and incorporated a comfortable sofa. The clean form of the sofa is reminiscent of the old-time charm with soft upholstery that makes it look extremely luxurious. To increase the seating space in the living room, there are two ottomans that complement the sofa perfectly. Furthermore, the cocktail table and side tables have a shiny metallic finish that give an edgy look to the living room. Lastly, to pull all this together, there is a Turkish rug in calm tones which bring the rustic vibes. As a result, the subtle color tones make the room appear more airy and fresh.

Contemporary and rustic glam living room decor by Decorilla designer, Tijana
Simple rustic glam living room decor – Decorilla 3D rendering

One of the most beautiful features of the living room is the fireplace. Just repainting the exposed bricks in a shade of taupe helped in making the living room look more sophisticated. In addition, the white bookcase is perfect for storage and can also be styled in many ways using vintage decor. Since much sunlight doesn’t come into the room, the window treatment is very minimal to allow in as much light as possible.

Shopping List: Rustic Glam Living Room Decor

Accessorizing can be the trickiest part of interior design projects. However, Tijana accessorized this living room like a queen. The mix of anthracite grey, creamy beige and violet cushions glam up space even more. In addition, the glass and gold side tables and crystal chandelier in the dining room bring opulence to the rustic glam living room decor. To add visual appeal to the walls, she added black framed wall art.

Rustic glam living room shopping list
Decorilla special rustic glam decor shopping list

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Shop the Look: Rustic Glam Decor

Top picks for rustic glam living room decor

Are you looking for some brilliant ideas to give your home a quick update? Well, here are out top picks of all the timeless pieces to help you in designing your own rustic glam living room. Checkout these chic home furnishings!

  1. Sectional Sofa
  2. Round Cocktail Table
  3. Chic Ottoman
  4. Oriental Rug
  5. Minimal Photo frame
  6. Table Lamp

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[Images: 1, Decorilla designer ]