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Always fresh, sleek, and effortlessly chic – modern interior design has enduring appeal. A recent Decorilla client was especially enamored with the iconic style. So much so that they wanted their entire new build to reflect it. Read on to learn all about the project and its timeless results!

The Challenge: Create a Modern House Interior

Every design task comes with unique challenges. For example, some clients need help deciding whether a modern vs contemporary interior design style is best for their space. In this case, the client was confident about their style. However, the designer also had to meet the following criteria for the project to be a success:

  • Use modern home décor throughout to form a cohesive whole
  • Ensure each room looks and feels light and airy
  • Incorporate organic influences into every space
  • Stick to a monochromatic color palette

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Modern Interior Design Inspiration

modern interior design inspiration

The modern home interior inspirational images remained true to the style. They also aligned with the client’s wants in the virtual online interior design brief. Each space had a light color palette, rich in organic accents like wood and greenery that add depth. Smooth, clean lines were especially notable and enhanced the flow of these already harmonious spaces.

Modern Home Décor & Design Moodboard

modern minimalist living room interior design - Wanda P
Decorilla modern interior design featured in a great room

After taking an online quiz and filling out a brief covering details like interior design pricing and style, the client had a virtual consultation. During the meeting, a Decorilla team member got to know their needs better. All this information was then used to match them with the best two potential designers.

modern home décor and furniture mood board
Decorilla mood board featuring modern home décor

Soon after, the designers presented their custom moodboards to the client. Although both were incredible, the client ultimately chose Wanda P.’s concept. Her choice of tones was spot on, and the furnishings were precisely what the client wanted. The different modern interior design elements looked stunning individually as well as together.

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Modern House Interior Design Results

Modern house interior result
Organic and modern house interior result – Decorilla 3D rendering

Care, dedication, and an eye for detail transformed this once empty shell of a new build. Today, it’s a laid-back yet carefully-curated home. The modern house interior spans two stories and various rooms, with a bright and cozy air throughout.

Open-Plan Living in the Modern House Interior 

modern home décor in an open concept living space - Wanda P
Open-plan modern home interior – Decorilla 3D rendering

The second floor consists of an open-concept kitchen, dining, and living room. Each area remains distinct yet works together well too, as the modern home décor acts as a unifying element. The space’s soft hues feel warm and alive due to natural accents, including the exposed wooden beams and indoor plants.

Modern Minimalist Living Room

modern house interior and style decor - Wanda P
Modern living room décor and furniture – Decorilla 3D rendering

Situated in a sunny corner is the living space. Here, a great rug grounds the modern living room décor and furniture while a sectional partially blocks off the area for some privacy. The rug, wood slat accent wall, and marble-top nest coffee tables ultimately enhance the zone’s visual appeal.

Sleek & Fresh Modern Kitchen

modern home interior design
Kitchen in a modern house interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The kitchen’s modern home décor focal point is definitely the chandelier. It centers the space and is its most ornate element since the area is distinctly minimalistic. On a practical note, the island and barstools are perfect for casual dining too.

Elegant Modern Dining Room

classic and colorful modern living room
Open-concept space featuring modern interior design styles – Decorilla 3D rendering

Between the kitchen and the dining area lies an intimate sitting area. Here, two simple yet refined leather chairs face each other by the fireplace. Organic, modern-style wooden sculptures and artwork adorn the wall. They certainly add to the sophisticated atmosphere.

modern home décor in an open kitchen and dining room - Wanda P
Dining room as part of a modern home interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Next to the intimate sitting area lies the dining section. The focal point is another modern ceiling light that also centers the zone’s table and chairs. Additionally, built-in cabinets and floating shelves make an excellent bar and buffet area.

Compact Modern Powder Room

modern home décor in a bathroom - Wanda P
Organic and modern-style powder room – Decorilla 3D rendering

Although compact, the guest powder room is just as chic as the rest of the modern home interior design. Its layout, lighting, and mirror work together to ensure a roomier feeling than expected. Furthermore, the wooden slat details mimic the open-plan space’s accent wall. It creates a harmonious flow between rooms as a result.

Work, Play & Relax in Style

Modern home decor in a remodel
Modern minimalist living room, patio, and home office – Decorilla 3D rendering

Sleek, classy modern-style décor adorns the downstairs areas too. It’s a place of rest, relaxation, and productivity because it houses a great room, patio, and home office. 

Ground Floor Modern-Style Living Room

modern minimalist living room interior design - Wanda P
Modern-style living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

The largest of the communal ground floor areas is the great room. Like in the upstairs living section, a hand-loomed area rug anchors the furnishings. They’re all made up of clean lines and high-quality materials, resulting in an idyllic relaxation space. Additionally, indoor foliage offers a pop of color.

Blurring Lines Between Indoors & Outdoors

organic modern style patio
Modern design styles out on the patio – Decorilla 3D rendering

The patio off the living room blurs the lines between modern house interior and exterior. It’s due to the expansive sliding glass doors and similar decorating style. Modern monochrome furniture makes up different sitting areas, ideal for large gatherings. What’s more, the hot tub and fire pit have got to be the patio’s highlights, as they further enhance its social vibe.

Modern Design Styles in the Home Office & Lounge

modern design styles office
Modern office interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Abstract artwork is among the tasteful additions to the modern office interior design. However, the curved wooden desk with its clear legs steals the spotlight. In fact, it embodies the very best of modern home décor.

modern home interior design - Wanda P
Modern-style décor in a home office – Decorilla 3D rendering

At the opposite end of the office is a more formal lounge area complete with an easel displayed TV. The lounge is a thoughtful addition to the home office, especially when having clients over. Another area rug grounds the lounge furniture and brings a sense of warmth and comfort.

Modern Bedroom Style: Master & Guest Suite

modern bedroom interior design - Wanda P
Modern bedroom style – Decorilla 3D rendering

Finally, the home includes two sleeping quarters – one for the homeowners and the other for guests. Both feature private bathrooms and heaps of style.

A Serene Master Bedroom for a Sophisticated Modern House Interior

modern house interior - bedroom by Wanda P
Modern interior design for a master bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

The master bedroom’s focal point is the bed – without a doubt! Being wider than the bed itself, the headboard makes it all seem even grander. Plus, mirrored end tables and ceiling lights flank the setup. As for the black leather chair: it introduces some asymmetry and welcome contrast.

Intimate Modern Private Patio

modern interior design for a patio - Wanda P
Modern home décor in a lightwell – Decorilla 3D rendering

The master bedroom has private access to the lightwell that doubles as a patio. Despite its small size, it feels fresh and intimate, thanks to the light streaming in and the surrounding greenery. Its modern home décor is minimal but nonetheless striking.

Sophisticated Modern Master Bathroom

modern bathroom interior design - Wanda P
Master bathroom in a modern house interior – Decorilla 3D renderings

His and her bathroom sinks and a roomy shower make the master bathroom of this modern house interior a vision of luxury. Its marble accents, soft lighting, and abstract wall art create a spa-like ambiance.

Modern Interior Design Styles in the Guest Suite

Modern style decor for a bedroom - Wanda P
Guest bedroom in a modern home interior – Decorilla 3D rendering

Light hues ensure the guest bedroom remains bright. Its modern bedroom style is luxury hotel-inspired, due to the crisp, white sheets, plasma TV, and minimal but tasteful pattern use.

modern bathroom design styles
Guest bathroom as part of a modern house interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The guest bathroom has a similar layout and design to the master bathroom. However, it features a high-contrast black color palette. These dark hues ensure the backlit mirror stands out as a focal point.

Online Shopping List

Modern home decor shopping list
Decorilla modern-style décor shopping list

Decorilla offers more than interior designs since all clients receive an online shopping list. It makes putting together their modern interior design a breeze. Not to mention, exclusive discounts ensure clients receive the best price possible, while a shopping concierge handles all ordering, tracking, and delivery. 

Top Modern Home Décor Picks

To recreate this residential look, you only need a few essentials. Consider our top picks below for a similar modern interior design.

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  5. Woven Rug
  6. Modular Sectional

Want your own modern interior design?

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