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Having an empty apartment to work with is exciting, and it’s the perfect timing to involve a professional, that will create a cohesive design throughout the space. It’s what happened in this project, where the client asked Decorilla’s help for his high end apartment design.


This luxury apartment project presented a few challenges:

  • Partitioning the space in separate areas (entryway, sitting areas and dining room) without adding walls.
  • Making the room kids and pets friendly while keeping the design luxurious.
  • Accommodating both family life and frequent entertaining.



The client had very clear ideas about the design. He knew he wanted a high end apartment design, with a huge dining table for entertaining. He had already chosen a sleek contemporary style and was decided on teal as accent color. Statement chandeliers were also a constant in all the inspiration pictures. Having such clear ideas is helpful but definitely not essential at this stage of the project. In other words, it is enough to collect few inspiring pictures to give the designer an idea of what you really like.


Decorilla 3D rendering – High end apartment

The apartment receives tons of natural light thanks to six full-height windows looking into the terrace. And a light color scheme (predominantly white and grey) helps to make the space even brighter. Overall, the design successfully creates five functional areas: one entryway corner, three separate sitting areas and one spacious dining room. But only the dining room is separated by an actual wall. For the rest, it’s a combination of paint and furniture layout that achieves a visual separation in the space while keeping it open and airy. Additionally, blue and lilac accents repeat throughout the space, helping to connect the different areas. The touch of a pro is more than evident here!


Decorilla Moodboard – High end apartment

A quick glance at the moodboards created by designer Michelle B. gives the sense of a luxurious interior design. Clean lines and precious materials work together in creating a contemporary yet sophisticated ambiance. Also, the statement chandeliers elevate the design one step further.


Decorilla 3D rendering – High end apartment

The overall result is certainly dramatic, but it’s also suitable for everyday life. Upon entering the room, a dresser, a mirror and a floor lamp create an entryway corner. In addition, a blue wall mural defines the area further, while making a bold color statement.

The rest of the room houses three separate sitting areas.
First is a simple built-in bench, fitted in a niche. This area is for the children, their dedicated space to play. For this reason, the focus of the design is on practicality and easy cleaning.

Decorilla 3D rendering – High end apartment

Secondly, a daybed, two armchairs and two poufs create a conversation area. An area rug grounds the space and a marble coffee table matches the wall finish at the bottom of the room.
Last but not least, the main sitting area, conceived as the primary living area for family use.

Decorilla 3D rendering – High end apartment

A soft area rug and a buffet behind the sofa ground the space. A sectional sofa faces the TV, while having the view open to the outdoor on one side. The sectional has the same grey upholstery as the daybed behind it, which ensures that the design stays cohesive. Similarly, few black accents tie in the color scheme with the rest of the space.

Decorilla layout and floor plan

Passed the wall is a big dining room. A long wood table is surrounded by teal velvet chairs with brass legs, a clear eye-catcher in the space! A huge chandelier helps to add drama, while matching the metal accent. Other brass elements are the mirror and the lamps, that all contribute to the high-end vibe. Finally, a gallery wall brings in the different shades of blue used in the rest of the space, ensuring it all flows cohesively.

Decorilla shopping list & discounts


  1. Sofa
  2. Lilac pouf
  3. Blue pouf
  4. Marble coffee table
  5. Teal velvet chairs
  6. Chandelier

To sum up, this before and after has transformed a bare white apartment in a luxurious interior design that is inviting and dramatic at the same time. Indeed, it was a big project, but online interior design made it easy to handle!

If you too are looking for an easy solution to get a professionally designed home, schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation and get started with Decorilla today!

Written by Decorilla designer Silvia C.

[Images 1, Decorilla designer Michelle B.]