Bar Cart Ideas 101: 5 Best Designer Bar Cart Styling Tips


Incorporating a bar cart into your home is a great way to make guests feel welcome and encourage a good time. But without careful consideration, it could end up adding clutter, not function. Whether you like creating craft cocktails, or need a serving station for your next get together, the bar cart is a sophisticated addition to any home. We’ve rounded up our Top 5 Bar Cart Ideas to make styling this fun furnishing a breeze.

1. Bar Cart Décor Essentials: Think Practical

bar cart styling ideas with tools

Bar cart styling by Decorilla interior designer Corine M. (left)

A great place to start when looking for bar cart ideas is to think practical. How will you use it? If you’re a wine lover, consider adding a carafe or a corkscrew into your styling line up. Are mixed drinks your favorite? A modern shaker not only looks sophisticated, but it’s something you’ll actually be using. Make the bar cart work for you by including everything you need all in one space. If you have a number of smaller accessories use a tray to minimize the look of clutter. Being intentional about what is used to style the bar cart ensures you’ll love it all year long.

2. Utilize Plants As A Bar Cart Accessory

bar cart ideas greenery

With bottles, glasses, and barware, everything has a similar texture. Plants are one of the best ways to break up the hard surfaces and add some softness. Not only is greenery good for year-round décor, but it can also be used as a practical decoration as well. When choosing what plant to use think about ones that can be utilized as garnishes for cocktails. A win, win!

3. Draw The Eye Up With Art

bar cart ideas with art

One great perk of using a bar cart in your room is the size. Even in the smallest of spaces, a bar cart can fit! If you’re really short on space bar carts can act as a great side table too. We love dual-purpose furniture! To make your bar cart feel like a more permeant addition to the room it’s important to draw the eye further than the cart itself.  Artwork is a great opportunity to bring in some additional color and dimension. Dimensional art is great for a more eclectic style or go for a more abstract piece for a modern interior design style.

4. Bar Carts Aren’t Just For Booze

bar cart styling tips

Don’t let anyone tell you bar carts are only for drinks! There are so many great decorating opportunities for this functional furniture piece. It’s important to be intentional with home décor because when intention is overlooked that’s when clutter typically comes into play. And yes, it’s a fine line! There are a few favorite décor pieces that work great to accessorize a bar cart.

  • Vase for greenery – choose a neutral-colored vase that can be used year-round while switching out greenery and florals.
  • Record player- let your bar cart get the party started with a record player or aesthetically pleasing speaker.
  • Stack of books – books are a great way to add varying height and interest to the bar cart without adding clutter.
  • Baskets – contain anything that could be seen as clutter in one simple and concealed space. Baskets with lids are the best so knickknacks are easily displayed.

5. Bar Cart Styling Idea: Add A Lamp

bar cart ideas add light

Lighting is a must-have layer in home décor and a bar cart is no exception from that! More often than not, bar carts end up in a corner of a room, and that’s okay! Cozy corners can easily become a favorite spot to spend time, but no one like a dark corner. Make sure there is ample lighting to highlight your bar cart style. A small table lamp on top of the cart acts as a great accessory, however, if you don’t want to limit your counter space a floor lamp is always a great space-saving option!


Now that you have everything you need to style the ultimate bar cart it’s time to get started! Need more help than a few styling tips? Schedule A Free Consultation With An Online Interior Designer Today!

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