contemporary home interior with cathedral ceiling

Creating the perfect contemporary home interior can pose a challenge when a commanding vaulted ceiling living room is thrown in the mix. Double height rooms require special attention to details and proportions to get the look just right. This is exactly the reason recent clients reached out to Decorilla for some professional help. Read on to see this contemporary house interior come to life with its jaw dropping vaulted ceiling living room!

The Challenge: Open-Space Contemporary Home Interior

The clients just moved into their new home, which they helped design and construct. Naturally, they wanted an interior to match their preferences just as closely. Their target was a contemporary house interior style, leaning more to timeless classics than to minimalism. With a flexible budget, they were open to creative living room solutions within the boundaries of their requirements. The designer had to:

  • Choose a neutral color palette that doesn’t feel bland
  • Add warmth to bring balance to the exceptionally light and airy space
  • Keep the kitchen’s current color scheme and pattern but include new complementary elements

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The Inspiration: Contemporary Home Decor

Vaulted ceiling Contemporary House Interior moodboard

The contemporary home interior’s structure is classic. Elements that stand out are timeless and high-quality. Such a setting can be easily upgraded and refreshed, even when its core remains untouched. Compared to a modern style, contemporary decor is less cold and more tactile. Calm and neutral color palettes filled the clients inspirational images. These showcase rich textures and decorative details, while clean and simplistic lines allow a play with patterns.

The clients were drawn to the staples of contemporary style, namely wooden floors, low-pile rugs, and geometric shapes. Clean structural elements, such as molding also topped their list of favorites. Additionally, metal, stone, and glass also have their space. And finally, lighting is kept straightforward and practical.

The Vaulted Ceiling Living Room Concept and Design

Contemporary home decor by Decorilla designer Berkeley H
Contemporary house interior – Decorilla 3D rendering

The existing color palette comprised tones of white, black, and mid-tone brown. These made the essential base around which the designer had to build the contemporary house interior concept. The clients had concepts from two designers to choose from, and in the end the mood board by Berkeley H. best matched their ideas.

Contemporary home decor by Decorilla designer Berkeley H
Contemporary home decor – Decorilla 3D rendering

Berkeley’s mood board features a neutral base, accentuated with black details and statement art. Her idea of timeless classics boasted sophisticated luxury, which she warmed with shades of grays and browns. After discussions with the client, the designer simplified the concept. As a result, textures feature more heavily against the calm color scheme.

Berkeley then created realistic 3D renderings to give the clients a view of their future contemporary home interior. Here clients are encouraged to ask questions or discuss changes. The reason behind this is to ensure the best possible result together.

The Contemporary House Interior Design Results

Vaulted ceiling living room by Decorilla designer Berkeley H
Contemporary home interior – Decorilla 3D rendering

Although the clients liked an L-shape layout, they wanted something more modern than traditional. So the designer decided to replace existing sofas with updated models. As a result, the seating area has transitional elegance and the practicality of a U-shape plan.

In the final design, a sleek drop chandelier contrasts with the sumptuous softness of the plush furniture. In particular, the upholstered ottoman, pillows, and soft drapery add comfort to the interior. This combination further enhances the tactile quality of the design. Black shelves on both sides of the fireplace create additional contrast and dynamics. Finally, statement art pieces frame the fireplace, increasing the geometric harmony of the focal point.

Contemporary home decor for cathedral ceiling living room - Decorilla 3D rendering
Contemporary home decor for cathedral ceiling living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

Since the fireplace flute stretches the room’s height, it already makes a strong and impressive feature. For this reason, a simplified shell, such as a marble wall, was enough to emphasize its grandeur. The initial concept featured sheer drapes. However, the clients had their doubts, thinking it might let in too much light. Now, dark gray curtains cover the tall windows of the vaulted ceiling living room. They prove a better solution, functionally and visually.

Cathedral ceiling living room by Decorilla designer Berkeley H
Contemporary home interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

For the final touches, sleek metal chairs, bar stools, and black accent tables enhance the design’s modern side. Additionally, a striped area rug adds another dimension in the open dining room. This, together with lamps, throws, and cushions, further highlights the room’s tactile quality.

Before the Change

Vaulted ceiling living room before image
Vaulted ceiling living room – before

To start, the home provided a perfect blank slate for Decorilla’s online interior designers to work with. Before the dramatic change, the cathedral ceiling living room and open dining room had great structure, but lacked any character. Additionally, the size of the living room dwarfed the existing furniture. Lastly, while the floor to ceiling windows provided excellent day time lighting, the space was in need of an artificial lighting design for after dark.

Contemporary Home Décor Shopping List

Contemporary home interior shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list for the contemporary house interior

Each Decorilla project features a comprehensive online shopping list. It includes details like product dimensions, tips, and available options. Moreover, it comes with exclusive discounts and a step-by-step guide for implementing the design at home. The designer is also there for any additional help with the project.

Design Your Own Contemporary Home Interior

You don’t need a cathedral ceiling to spruce up your living room with timeless sophistication. In fact, a contemporary house interior style works great in any space. And all it takes are a few of the right pieces. Below are our top picks that form a steady base, easy to personalize. Top them up with decor accessories and art of your choice to give your place a brand new personality.

Top picks for vaulted ceiling Contemporary House Interior
  1. Dining Chair
  2. Bar Stool
  3. Contemporary Sofa
  4. Accent Pendant
  5. Grey Rug

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