Modern glam dining room and living space

All things glitz and glamor make interiors gleam with luxury. And with a blank canvas of a newly constructed home, nothing says luxe as loudly as a custom interior. That’s why new homeowners turned to Decorilla’s team to make their dream come true, starting with a glam dining room and modern home office. In the end, room to room flows in a luxurious and coherent visual narrative. Read on for the reveal!   

The Challenge: Complete Glam Design 

As part of a complete home design package, the client wanted a glam dining room and modern home office design. As such the project posed a set of challenges the designers had to address. For this multi-room double-story makeover, the designers had to:

  • Create an online dining room design with chic lighting 
  • Select a color palette that will work for the entire home, keeping the rooms cohesive
  • Embrace luxury in all spaces to ensure a glamorous look and feel throughout 
  • Design interiors for the ground floor, including the living room, dining room, breakfast nook, office, and master bedroom

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Glam Modern Dining Room, Office & Living Ideas

Glam dining room ideas and inspiration

The clients had a clear idea of what they wanted for their interior but didn’t know how to go about creating it. They were drawn to velvet glam dining chairs and chesterfield sofas, with opulent metal finishes. Their inspirational images feature sophisticated dining rooms, bedrooms, and modern home office ideas. The latter also see home office design on a grand scale, creating memorable experiences. 

The Glam Modern Design & Mood Board

Glam modern dining room with contemporary luxe dining chairs
Decorilla glam modern dining room design

To get started, two designers used the clients’ inspiration to create their initial proposals. From here, the clients can pick their favorite. And for this project, Wanda’s glam contemporary concept envisioned their dream best. 

Glam dining room ideas
Decorilla mood board with glam dining room ideas

Wanda included glam dining room ideas that would give a modern, luxurious and comfortable atmosphere. Her light color scheme provides a classy canvas for both modern and glamorous pieces. By pairing light and dark blue, Wanda encourages a serene and sophisticated air. 

Modern home office ideas
Decorilla mood board with modern home office ideas

Wanda also included a modern minimalist desk offset with contemporary chairs and gold finishes for the home office mood board. The warmer tones complement the constant blue featured throughout the home. 

A Glamorous Modern Home Result

Modern home office and glam dining room
Decorilla glam dining room and modern home office design reveal

When everything came together, the home transformed into a sumptuous abode fit for refined living. From the living room to the home office, the complete package sees one room flowing eloquently to the next owing to cohesive design. 

Glam Dining Room 

Glam modern dining room with contemporary luxe dining chairs
Glam modern dining room reveal – Decorilla 3D rendering

Setting one of the main rooms apart is a space filled with glam dining room ideas. Here, subtle neutral grey walls offset warmer tones to create balance and harmony. For this reason, the furniture and décor complement each other and the space perfectly. Browns and blues, for instance, ground the look while bringing calm into the sophisticated design. 

Glam dining room details
Modern luxe interior with glam dining chairs – Decorilla 3D rendering

A modern sideboard brings understated elegance to the dining room, while velvet chairs add an opulent touch. Subtle yet striking form in the anchoring rug and sculpture gives the room an artistic air. Additionally, two teardrop sconces frame a large abstract artwork, giving the design a one-of-a-kind look. The chandelier is luxurious but subtle with its fine glasswork and circular details.  

Modern Home Office Design

Modern home office design with a modern minimalist desk
Luxe design with a modern minimalist desk – Decorilla 3D rendering

The modern home office blends modern and luxury ideas. Rich brown walls and marble wallpaper create both a striking feature and act as an anchor for neutral-colored furniture. The narrow marble strip also makes the room seem tall and stately.

These elements are echoed in a modern minimalistic desk and leather chair. Even though the color palette is natural they feel opulent owing to gold accents, like the table legs and table lamp.    

Modern home office design ideas with a modern minimalist desk and contemporary chairs
Modern home office design – Decorilla 3D rendering

An abstract rug, with hints of blue and cream, grounds the design to form a harmonious space. While abstract and sculptural artworks elevate the room with an artistic flair. The lounge chairs are contemporary, minimal, and elegant. Their white upholstery increases the light and bright look and feel of the interior. Finally, pot plants add a lively touch as well as contrast to this elegant design. 

Online Shopping List

modern home office online shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list

Similar to every Decorilla design project, this glam dining room and modern home office come with a detailed online shopping list. This list acts as a guide for homeowners to select and purchase furniture and décor according to the realistic renderings. Once all is finalized, clients can implement designs at home with this and a detailed how-to to create their dream home.

What’s more, each online shopping list comes with exclusive trade discounts, often amounting to the cost of design packages. This means that online interior design can pay for itself. 

Shop the Modern Glam Look

If you want glam dining chairs for your home or to recreate a luxurious modern glam look, use our top picks to guide you. Not only can these pieces inspire your interior design, but they could spruce up a space in next-to-no time. 

Modern glam dining room interior picks
  1. Tiered Chandelier  
  2. Tufted Rug  
  3. Abstract Artwork 
  4. Velvet Chair 
  5. Marble Planter  
  6. Modern Sideboard  

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