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Moving into a new abode is equally thrilling and exhausting. On the one hand, it’s an opportunity for a fresh start, while on the other hand, it can be a challenge to make it feel like home. Recent clients found themselves relocating to a condo. And so they sought Decorilla’s help in making the space their own. Read on to learn how their contemporary glam interior design turned out!

The Challenge: More Than a Contemporary Glam Living Room

Whether it’s a covetable contemporary interior design or another style – each project has unique challenges. Factors like individual client expectations also add to the obstacles that need overcoming. To consider the condo interior a success, the designer had to:

  • Improve lighting in the entryway, which lacks windows
  • Include a queen-size bed, lounge chair, and small desk in the second contemporary glam bedroom
  • Stick to a warm, neutral color palette with only occasional hints of an accent color
  • Incorporate glamorous room ideas for a glam interior design, along with the contemporary look

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Contemporary Glam Décor & Furniture Inspiration

Contemporary glam interior design inspiration

The clients researched condo interior design ideas for inspiration. Their example images did a great job depicting the contemporary glam décor and furniture they wanted. Clean lines and a neutral color scheme appeared throughout their examples, as well as mirrors and statement lighting. Overall, the images had a refined yet comfortable ambiance about them.

Contemporary Glam Interior Design Moodboard

Contemporary glam living room and decor - Wanda P
Decorilla contemporary glam living room

The clients finished the initial steps in no time because they had a good idea of their wants and needs before contacting Decorilla. After taking an online quiz and creating a design brief, they had a virtual consultation. Then, by referring to the client’s details, the team identified a pair of designers who excelled in similar tasks.

Contemporary glam decor ideas
Decorilla contemporary glam interior design moodboard

The designer duo created a bespoke moodboard each and presented them to the clients. Deciding on a favorite was difficult because both designers did a great job following the brief. However, the clients ultimately picked Wanda’s concept. That’s because her contemporary glam décor exceeded their expectations. Plus, the hints of blue among the neutrals were a hit!

Contemporary Glam Condo Results

Contemporary glam interior design - Wanda P
Contemporary glam décor and furniture – Decorilla 3D rendering

Every inch of the condo reflects its contemporary glam nature – from the entryway to the bedrooms. The layout is open and airy, allowing easy navigation. And yet, the interior manages to feel richly decorated. It’s due to the tasteful use of color, texture, and high-quality furnishings. All in all, the spaces within the condo are thoughtfully designed and form a united picture.

In the Entryway

Contemporary glam decor in an entryway - Wanda P
Entryway featuring contemporary glam wall art – Decorilla 3D rendering

Although it’s windowless, the entryway shines bright. An eye-catching starburst chandelier creates a dramatic air and centers the space. Positioned within the tray ceiling, it casts shadows that enhance a luxe ambiance. Additionally, a cubic table lamp on the carved sideboard adds a warm glow that shimmers in the round mirror.

Since it’s within an alcove, the sideboard is neatly tucked away from the walkway. A plush cream rug pops against the darker wooden flooring and helps lighten the entry. Across from the alcove, a sleek bench makes a practical and stylish addition for placing bags and removing shoes. Hanging above the bench, a great piece of contemporary glam wall art adds to the sophistication.

The Shared Contemporary Glam Living & Dining Room

Contemporary glam dining room - Wanda P
Contemporary glam dining room – Decorilla 3D rendering

Leading off the entryway is the open and elegant combined living and dining space. Windows line the walls and provide uninhibited views of the city. The striking scenery reflects in a grand, geometric mirror across from the dining table. The contemporary glam dining room features a simple yet sleek table and chairs. Another light area rug and starburst chandelier act as anchors.

Contemporary glam living room - Wanda P
Contemporary glam living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

Close to the contemporary glam living room lies a marble island lined by chic white and gold barstools. They pick up the golden accents in the living area, which certainly is a fine example of symmetry. The seating consists of two smooth-lined couches and tub chairs. A large central coffee table and a trio of smaller side tables are easily accessible for drink placement and more.

On to the Master Bedroom

Contemporary glam master bedroom - Wanda P
Contemporary glam bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

The master bedroom is a vision of serenity, thanks to its white, cream, and brushed gold color scheme. It’s nice and bright because floor-to-ceiling windows cover the farthermost wall. In addition, framing the windows are a pair of luxe curtains, also running from ceiling to floor. Their placement creates the illusion of a higher ceiling, making the room feel beyond spacious.

Apart from anchoring the furniture, the large area rug adds comfort – as does the plush accent chair and matching ottoman. The flat-screen TV above the ample dresser gives the room a 5-star hotel vibe.

Contemporary glam bedroom with glossy decor and wall art - Wanda P
Master bedroom featuring contemporary glam décor – Decorilla 3D rendering

The layout and contemporary glam décor of the room again display perfect symmetry. Two luxe end tables, lamps, and mirrors flank the upholstered bed. Although the headboard is quite prominent due to its dimensions, the real eye-catching element here is the accent wall. The wood paneling’s glossy white finish certainly exudes elegance.

The Inviting Guest Bedroom

Contemporary glam wall art for a guest bedroom
Contemporary glam interior design guest bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

Finally, the contemporary glam interior design of the guest bedroom includes everything a visitor could want and more. A console and flat-screen TV opposite the bed provide easy access to storage and entertainment respectively. Like in the master bedroom, there’s an accent chair and matching ottoman. Their position by the window is also ideal for appreciating the incredible view.

Contemporary glam wall art and decor in a guest bedroom - Wanda P
Secondary contemporary glam bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

Spacious nightstands double as clothes storage to create a clean and unfussy aesthetic. A chic desk setup is another thoughtful addition guests are bound to appreciate. Furthermore, thick curtains, artwork, greenery, a rug, and a chandelier complete the room. Together with the blue-gray color palette, these elements certainly create a soothing atmosphere.

Online Shopping List

Contemporary glam decor shopping list
Decorilla combined living and contemporary glam dining room

Whether striving for contemporary glamour or another look at home – Decorilla can make it happen. Collaborations see clients enjoy perks like realistic 3D renderings and layout instructions. Also of note are the custom virtual shopping lists that contain each piece, like contemporary glam décor, needed to create a space. Clients can also benefit from exclusive trade discounts!

Our Top Picks for Contemporary Glam Design

If the contemporary glam living room look above has left an impression on you, recreate it at home. It only requires a select few glamorous décor items and furnishings to pull it off.

Contemporary glam living room top picks
  1. Round Mirror 
  2. Drum Chandelier 
  3. Velvet Pillow 
  4. Wool Rug 
  5. Side Table 
  6. Swivel Chair 

Want your own contemporary glam interior design?

Whichever style is your favorite, our team of leading designers can help create your dream room. So schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation to see your vision quickly become a reality!


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