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A contemporary design style is not only covetable, but it’s also versatile. One recent client wanted their new construction to overflow in style and comfort. So, they turned to Decorilla to make it a reality. And soon they boasted a striking interior worthy of an editorial cover! Read on to see the stunning result.

The Challenge: Contemporary Interiors with a Twist

With every new build comes excitement yet also trepidation once you grasp the task at hand. Fortunately, the process is made easy in the hands of vetted interior designers. With this in mind, there were a few challenges to tackle. More specifically, the designer needed to:

  • Honor the client’s love for contemporary design through furniture, finishes, and décor
  • Design a multi-room interior, ranging from an online bedroom design to a tranquil outdoor area
  • Incorporate statement furnishings the client already owned
  • Ensure there is a cohesive and alluring theme throughout the contemporary interiors
  • Create an airy feel even in the smallest room

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Contemporary Décor Inspiration

Contemporary decor and interior design inspiration

The client certainly had an affinity for a contemporary design style. Their favorite looks boast statement lighting trends, unforgettable seating, and luxurious finishes. Upholstered beds and headboards were a must, and so too were marble accents and curved furniture. All in all, the best of contemporary design reigned in the client’s wish list. 

Moodboard & Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary style living room - Courtney B
Decorilla contemporary style living room design

Once the client knew what they wanted, they could dive into their brief. First up was a quick style questionnaire to pin their love for contemporary interior design. Next, a virtual consultation with Decorilla pinned the must-haves and refined the brief. From here, the team could select designers best suited to the project. 

Contemporary style living room moodboard - Courtney B
Decorilla moodboard for contemporary style living room

After the interior designers presented their proposals, the client had to pick their favorite. Both showed their affinity for a contemporary style, but it was Courtney’s concept the client loved best. Her eye for all things new and balanced shows as she merges subtle creams, unforgettable curves, and inviting organic timber. 

Contemporary Interiors Result

Contemporary design style for different interiors - Courtney B
Contemporary design style for different interiors – Decorilla 3D rendering

Luxurious yet inviting. In the end, the final contemporary interiors ooze sophistication and exquisite taste. It also boasts a consistent palette and style throughout the home. From lounge to patio, powder room to bedroom – every space flows harmoniously from one to the other. 

Contemporary Style Living and Dining Room

Contemporary style living room - Courtney B
Contemporary style living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

Vintage-inspired furniture makes the contemporary design style come to life. On the one hand, retro curves and tactile upholstery complement edgy lighting and abstracts in artwork and the rug pattern. While, on the other, the lively hues of the wall art enliven the room’s gentle creams and wood accents.

Contemporary living room interior design - Courtney B
Contemporary interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The contemporary style living room is undeniably chic, yet it is also comfy and airy. The light hues create a roomy look, while the soft seating and spacious layout welcome easy lounging. Fortunately, the room size is ample which allows for a flexible floor plan. So the grand curved sectional and accent chairs frame a big round coffee table. It feels intimate yet expansive.  

Contemporary design style dining room - Courtney B
Contemporary design style dining room – Decorilla 3D rendering

On the other end of the living space sits a stylish dining nook. Here light wood, in the sideboard and table, layer on organic creamy hues. Floor-to-ceiling curtains add grandeur and draw the eye up. They certainly create an impeccable sense of place. While many aspects of the design are light, grounding elements are dark gray and black, including the sizeable rug and dining chair legs. 

Stylish Bar and Lounge Area 

Contemporary lounge and bar interior design - Courtney B
Contemporary lounge and bar interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The bar and lounge area feature a relaxed sitting nook with colorful scatters decorating a neutral sofa and gray armchairs. The setting also has plenty of surfaces for snacks and drinks. Stylish side tables and a modern coffee table bring practicality along with a contemporary design style.

Contemporary lounge interior design - Courtney B
Contemporary lounge interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

A feature wall with a statement wallpaper highlights the media nook and drinks cabinet. Downlights in the recess and two contemporary-style sconces highlight this living area even more. In addition, blues, green and ocher warm and invigorate the gray scheme. 

Pool Area & Patio (Lanai)

Contemporary decor for a pool patio - Courtney B
Contemporary decor for a pool patio – Decorilla 3D rendering

Outside, a sleek pool area also gets a contemporary interior design update. Slender silhouettes of twin chaise lounges and steel bar stools bring a modish appeal while wicker chairs add comfort. The color scheme is muted and neutral to showcase what’s most important – the beautiful outdoors. 

Contemporary style living interiors - Courntey B
Contemporary-style outdoor living – Decorilla 3D rendering

The lanai, or enclosed patio area, is just as high in style as the interior. Here sleek outdoor sofas, trendy tables, and geometric pillows create a beautiful setting. Once again, plenty of seating ensures comfortable get-togethers day or night. 

Modern Revival Den & Home Office

Contemporary design style office den - Courtney B
Contemporary design style office den – Decorilla 3D rendering

The home office has an undeniably retro look and feel. Olive green, orange and blue inject a nostalgic air into the interior. As a result, the vibe is perfect for reading, contemplative hobbies, or work. 

Contemporary design style den - Courtney B
Home office with a contemporary design style – Decorilla 3D rendering

The contemporary style living space also features uplifting décor. Abstract artwork, a playful bird sculpture, and retro scatter cushions make up the finishing touches. 

Trend-Setting Powder Room

Contemporary design style for a bathroom - Courtney B
Powder room with light and dark contemporary design style options – Decorilla 3D rendering

The powder room comes in two options. A light textural wallpaper and a moody black floral abstract alternative. Both certainly capture the contemporary design style. It was up to the client to pick their favorite wall finish. Nevertheless, the room still features a minimalistic basin, bold mirror, and statement lighting. 

Contemporary Style Master Bedroom 

Contemporary decor in a bedroom - Courtney B
Master bedroom featuring contemporary decor – Decorilla 3D rendering

The contemporary style master bedroom is a triumph in texture. It ticks all the boxes through a statement wall finish, striking tactile wall décor, layers of plush bedding, and sculptural table lamps. Its contemporary interior design also features a stylish bench, a huge indoor plant, and a modern dresser. 

Guest Bedrooms & Contemporary Décor

Bright colors in a Contemporary style bedroom - Courtney B
Bright colors in a contemporary-style bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

A trio of contemporary-style bedrooms makes up the remainder of the project. First, a spacious double interior with colorful pops of yellow and blue set the tone. For this reason, it has an undeniable sense of fun in its décor and table lamp picks. 

Contemporary guest room interior - Courtney B
Contemporary guest room interior – Decorilla 3D rendering

Next, a medium-sized room is the epitome of cozy. Its layered bedding is so plush it urges guests to sleep in a little. Soft hues of yellow and warm orange elevate the gray and white interior. Contemporary décor is minimal but effective too. 

Contemporary design style for a guest room
Coastal and contemporary design style for a guest room – Decorilla 3D rendering

The final room has a welcoming coastal aesthetic with a rattan rug and blue accent throw. Moreover, its contemporary design style features a compact white dresser and a light color scheme to ensure the space feels roomy and bright. 

Online Shopping List

Contemporary decor in an online shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list

Completing a project at home is easy with Decorilla. Because of a curated online shopping list, the client could shop multiple vendors directly from one place. Moreover, they could get exclusive access to trade discounts! These also include product details and an implementation guide. As a result, the client could pull off their contemporary abode with the help of insights and beautiful 3D renderings. 

Top Picks for Contemporary Décor

You can also spruce up your home with a contemporary décor style. A few tweaks and exquisite accents are all you need. So, use our favorites from this project to get started!

Contemporary decor ideas - top picks

  1. Round Mirror 
  2. Dining Chair 
  3. Mini Pendant
  4. Wall Art 
  5. Casual Scatter
  6. Coffee Table 

Want a chic contemporary design style?

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