Yana K.

I am a professional interior designer, MD in Art and Design . Have a great and endless passion of crating a new space , a new story for my clients . I have several international certificates and I continue to study and develop my professional skills all the time . Some of them are Sotheby’s, New York school of interior design, master classes of world top rated interior designers , attending all the events and exhibitions related to my field to be always updated and aware of trends and suppliers . I work with a respect to my clients needs and requests, always trying to create their uniq space , that reflects needs and personality.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

I love to read , I love books in general. Old , new , with pictures , with paintings , with designs , with rugs , photography, old cars , cards - anything and everything can be inspiration. Traveling , of course , nothing opens your horizons more , than seeing cultures and heritage of other people around the world. Beauty of the nature , definitely is endless and best source .
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Wood and marble project
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Small apartment
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Classy kitchen
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