Veronica B.

Veronica has always had a passion and appreciation for art from an early age. When she was just 8 years old one of her school paintings was featured in an art exhibition in Philadelphia. She took interest in fashion design, industrial design and even sculpting before realizing her true passion was interior design. Veronica Received her BAS in Interior Design from Seminole State College of Florida. She now works for an architectural firm in Orlando, Fl where she focuses on both commercial and residential projects. Veronica's strongest design skills include space planning and the ability to conceptualize and implement themes as well as client needs into a project.

We know you love designing, but what about it do you love most?

I love that design gives me the opportunity to solve client's needs in a creative way. In a sense, being an interior designer is like being a therapist. My job isn't just to make your space ascetically pleasing, but to also provide solutions to the problems you have within your space.

Describe your go-to style:

My go-to style would be eclectic. I can appreciate everything from traditional to modern to baroque. It all depends on my mood and the needs of the space.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

My favorite place to draw inspiration from is nature. From the colors to the way everything works in perfect harmony. Nature is the foundation of art and design.
Student Lounge
Student Lounge
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