Teri C.

Teri is an interior decorator, entrepreneur, and writer in the Washington DC area. Teri uses her own creative design concepts while maintaining the client’s style, budget, and personality in their home. Teri has innovative ideas and leads clients outside the box with confidence and perspective. You know when you walk into your favorite spot and the vibe just changes your mood to happy? That's the inspiration for every interior designed by Teri.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

Nature, traveling, happiness, emotion, spontaneity, the client, what they own and wear and like, and my favorite interior designer- Genevieve Gorder. I don’t think she’s ever created a bad room. So I always listen to what she says too. :)

Describe your ideal project:

I love to be a little risky. What’s the point in getting a designer if you only shop at one store, or you just want to recreate an image that you’ve already seen, or to keep decorating the same way you always have? Anyone could do that on their own. I like projects that challenge both me and the client to come up with a new and refreshing way to enjoy their space while maintaining the client’s personality throughout. Bold colors, fun patterns, new layouts, funky pieces, big art. Stuff like that brings a ton of interest to a project.

We know you love designing, but what about it do you love most?

I am an artist, right? And each piece that we bring into your home is considered art by whoever designed it. The person behind the ergonomic yet sleek design of your chair is an artist. Then I choose that perfect chair- that perfect piece of art chair- that works with my client’s unique aesthetic, and with the dimensions in the floorplan, and with my overall design of the space. And then I find the rug that seems made for underneath it, and the wall color that brings it all together, and the floor lamp and artwork and pillows that accessorize the room perfectly. I’m finding the best pieces that work together for this particular room, and this particular client. I’m basically a curator, but for homes. I’m DJ-ing the best party. I’m personal shopping for a celebrity. I’m Julia Child recipe-ing crème brûlée! I love it!