Taize M.

As a young girl, Taize has had a devotion to art and design. With an initial interest in fashion, she studied Fashion Design and received a degree in Visual Merchandising. Her interior design experience followed with years of freelance projects and working with interior design companies including NMD Properties where she worked as Project Manager and Head of Interior Design in Austin, Texas. Taize currently lives and designs in Miami, Florida and is CID credited working on both local and international design projects.

Describe your go-to style:

My style has two rules: always keep it comfortable and harmonic to you. I feel like you can have different styles depending on where you are, depending on how you feel. That is why i feel so eclectic with my choices. I like to give my projects a lot of flexibility and provide options! I use more modern design on my personal projects. For my clients, i observe the place, and the client and listen as much as i can to figure out the best style that matches with their expectations.

What drives you to design?

I feel I was born with the desire to draw, match colors and create things. I can remember drawing and doing art crafts with my mom. I can still remember creating light fixtures with recycling. Your environment influences the direction of your design. Taking the unique information of each client , meeting their design needs and desires drives me to create the best space possible.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

I get inspiration from everywhere! Talking to people and their learning their design wishes; there are no limits for creation. A good trip or an art gallery are always good options for inspiration too. I also actually have dreams that I transfer on paper!
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Texan Rustic Bath
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Texan Charming House
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