Olive T

Olive completed her Bachelor’s degree of Architecture in Interior Architecture & Design. Currently, she is working as interior designer for a top design company. She loves to explore stories through design and space. Olive believes every piece of design has its own spirit and story to tell. This has influenced her style toward romantic and dream-like designs. She has worked on several residential projects and gives 100% when applying a client's personality into their interior space.

We know you love designing, but what about it do you love most?

Furniture selection. Furniture is like us. It's unique and characteristic. One billion different variations can be mapped out. I believe every piece of furniture is alive and waiting for the best-matched owner.

Tell us your biggest design secret:

Giving character to a space is the key. I usually apply the owner's personality to a space for a home to come alive.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

Most of my inspiration comes from stories in books or movies. I love when a space tells a story through elements of design.
Traditional Bedroom
Zen Bedroom
Glamorous Bedroom
Sexy Bedroom
Small Bathroom
Arabic Inspired Bedroom
Arabic Inspired Bedroom
NYC Living Room
NYC Living Rom