Kellerie N.

With a degree and background in art, delving into interior design was the next logical step for Kellerie once she bought her first house. Her home became her hobby, and renovating and designing houses became a passion. Kellerie's love affair with creating her own inviting spaces quickly progressed into helping others with theirs. Her trademark motto is "simple style, peaceful living". She believes that the right mix of materials and fabrics, used sparingly but effectively, can make good design accessible to anyone. Kellerie has met much success along the way, as many of her projects have appeared in several publications. She is thrilled to have a job where she has the privilege of designing harmonious spaces her clients love coming home to!

What drives you to design?

My drive to design stems from my own life! A busy life with kids, career, hustling and bustling about... everyone wants their home to be a haven from the daily stresses of life. What I love to create are REAL LIFE rooms that fit with the individual's lifestyle, first and foremost.

Tell us your biggest design secret:

I feel my biggest design "secret" is using a contrast of materials! In every single design vignette, there has to be contrast, otherwise the design goes flat. I love mixing materials and textures to create a layered effect that creates depth to space.

Describe your ideal project:

I love renovating and recreating a space that makes sense for the people living in it. My ideal project has always been to renovate a whole house, repositioning rooms for a better flow, in addition to designing the finishing touches to space. I.E. Fixer Upper/Joanna Gaines (that's me, just not as famous) ;)
Dining Room
LIving Room
Children's Room
girl's room
laundry room
tv wall
seating area