Justine E.

Justine began showing a passion for interior design early on in life; sketching out her bedroom floor plan for rearranging, building dozens of LEGO homes, and continuously experimenting with painting and color. This love for space planning in conjunction with her passion for creating artwork, lead her to her career in interior design. She believes that there is much more in a beautiful space than just it's visual appeal, but that a truly beautiful space is functional and can positively impact the people who interact in it. Justine has a Bachelors of Science degree in interior design from Oklahoma State University and has worked as a designer with internationally recognized brands and design firms in Oklahoma, Connecticut, and Colorado where she currently resides.

What drives you to design?

I love having an opportunity to directly impact someone's environment and improve the way a client lives, works, and everything in between. Interior design is all about the client and the design should reflect his/her lifestyle as much as his/her aesthetic. The home is where people do life, it's where memories are made, the home should be pleasant and make the client happy. Helping with those decisions, sharing new ideas, creating that sense of home, is what drives me to design.

Describe your ideal project:

My ideal project would include a lot of open communication between myself and my client. I believe communication is the foundation of trust and that relationship between the client and designer makes for a great experience and a beautiful, well-designed project regardless of project type, size, and style.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

I am inspired by nature, art, and history. I believe that places like Pinterest, Houzz, and industry magazines are a great place to source and share ideas with other designers. I also draw a lot of my inspiration for each project from the client. Their aesthetic, lifestyle, and history inspires my design decisions.
Teenage Girl Bathroom Renovation
Teenage Girl Bathroom Renovation
Multi-Function Living Space
Multi-Function Living Space
Kitchen Renovation
Small Home Office