Heather B.

Heather Brents combines her design, merchandising, and event planning background to create a lasting experience for each client. After graduating from the University of Colorado with B.S. in business, she worked in event planning, PR, and fashion. All the while, decorating her own home and assisting others with theirs. She then decided to pursue her passion full-time by going to design school, and training with an interior designer in Oslo, Norway. Her personal design aesthetic is a unique fusion of her Southern roots and the Scandinavian Modern styles that influenced her while working in Europe. She is currently based in Dallas, TX but works with clients throughout the U.S. and Europe.

Describe your go-to style:

My go-to style is global-eclectic when working with clients like myself who have traveled extensively and want to bring pieces of their journey into their home. Mixing patterns, colors and finishes in an intentional way so that the look is designed but not overly decorated. A home should be layered and storied, not looking like it was purchased from a big box store all on one day.

What drives you to design?

Good design allows people to live better lives. I take the phrase "bloom where you are planted" to the home as a way to inspire my clients to love the home they have, whether in their first apartment or their forever dream home. It should be personal, functional, beautiful and joyful.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

My client's stories direct my inspiration for projects. I start with things they love, whether it's a finished room they've seen, their wardrobe, favorite city or the location of the home. What are their best memories, favorite places, and dearest possessions? From there, I curate their belongings in a way that is beautiful and joyful, but makes sense for daily life. Then we add in the right colors, textiles, textures, and lighting to achieve that look through a holistic perspective as influenced by the five senses: taste, feel, smell, see, and hear. My goal is to create a space that invites them to pause, reflect, and be refreshed. A space that friends and family enjoy for years to come.
Oslo, Norway
Oslo, Norway