Gabriella K

Gabriella obtained a Master of Architecture Degree. With over 13 years experience, Gabriella has worked at design companies on both residential and commercial projects. With studies in both photography and set design, Gabriella's love of the Fine Arts has contributed to her success in interior design. She loves the stories that spaces can tell about the people who use it and enjoys being a part of sharing those stories.

We know you love designing, but what about it do you love most?

I love that this is a kind of psychology. I love the different personalities with different desires. It is always new, it is always something new to learn and understand. I believe that a renewed home, a room, or even a little corner can mean a new start. To create balance in between functionality and style and to make a new base and create place for future changes while keeping the good things drives me the most.

Tell us your biggest design secret:

I always sketch the layout and a 3D by hand at first. I even imagine different life situations; it is just like to watch a little movie while I am drawing.

Describe your ideal project:

I like to start working with my client when there is a desire for change and dreams to create. At the beginning of a project, I have the fresh opportunity to (re)connect the space and its owner. My ideal project involves dreams and decisions, flexibility, trust and gut.
Architectural elements and warm finishes
Funky stripes in the dining area
Separating with colours and furniture
Cottage house with a big heart
The photographer's apartment
The photographer's apartment
A chic apartment with moroccan hint
A chic apartment with moroccan hint
Decorilla project
Decorilla project
Decorilla Project - home makeover_project won
Decorilla project- home makeover_project won
Decorilla Project
Decorilla project - office