Eilla S.

A graduate from School of Visual Arts in Manhattan with a BFA in Interior Design, Eilla also spent time in Barcelona studying Interior Design and its historical and modern adaptations to European culture. Eilla is now a New York local, originally from California. Eilla's experience includes working for top rated New York City firms. Eilla now has her own interior design practice working with both residential clients and commercial companies such as Christian Dior & OTG. Eilla's love for interior design stems from creating spaces that promote happiness and comfort. Eilla's goal as a designer is establishing multi-sensory setting, an experience. Eilla focuses in collaborating with clients, to express new and innovative ways to achieving a design one can be proud of and feel great in its presence.

We know you love designing, but what about it do you love most?

Designing for me is a chance to create something magical. The beauty in design is the aspect of a fresh change, which people can feel good in. I love design for it allows clients to collaborate with designers and form new inspiration, resulting in a beautiful space!

What drives you to design?

I have always been a people pleaser. I receive joy out of helping someone transform their interior space into a place they are proud of! The fulfillment in seeing a non-functional space turn into a dynamic atmosphere is my ultimate drive.

Tell us your biggest design secret:

Details. It's the small details that bring everything together. Details cover a wide range of areas, including: material finishes, hardware, fabrics, to the seaming and upholstery structure on furniture. I feel effective design is cohesive, and it's the details that help to keep the design balanced!
Modern - Powder Room
Beach House - Master Bedroom
Beach House - Cabana
Beach House - Living Room
Beach House - Dining Room
Playful City Apartment - Guest Room
Playful City Apartment - Living Room
Mid-Century Modern - Combined Living and Dining Space
Playful City Apartment - Game Room
Soft Color Palette - Master Bedroom
Soft Color Palette - Master Bedroom
Bold & Tropical - Guest Room
Deep Purple Mood - Entry