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Famous as “The Home of Blues and Birthplace of Rock ‘n Roll”, Memphis is undeniably full of soul. But this Tennessee city has more to offer than a bursting music scene. In fact, it’s the international hardwood capital and holds an acclaimed art hub and remarkable architecture. It’s no wonder creatives, like artists and designers, are immensely talented. Decorilla is lucky enough to have a few of these talents on our team and we also love to keep an eye out for other rising stars on the design scene. These top Memphis interior designers and decorators can certainly spruce up any interior. So, without further ado, meet the faces behind the talent! 

Lee Pruitt 

top memphis interior designers lee pruitt

Lee Pruitt’s designs are a perfect combination of the client’s lifestyle and his creative vision. As a result, every space he designs has a unique essence. From traditional French to modern minimalism, Lee doesn’t shy away from creating ravishing interiors in any style. Owing to decades in the industry, this top Houzz interior designer in Memphis is surely setting major design goals for aspiring designers.

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WHAT WE LOVE: Eclectic elements juxtaposed with minimal furniture that can make any space look mesmerizing!

Morgan Witter

find an interior designer memphis tn morgan witter

No list of Memphis interior designers is complete without a mention of Morgan Witter. Her style is modern, practical, and fun. Morgan started her interior design career at a very young age and, in time, her style has become adaptive and crisp. She has also worked on various kinds of residential and commercial projects. 

Modern rustic living room by Decorilla and top Mephis interior designer, Morgan W.
Modern rustic living room by Decorilla and top Mephis interior designer, Morgan W.

For Morgan, nature is an endless source of inspiration. She especially loves experimenting with natural and constructed forms to create interesting spaces. In addition, these interiors have a variety of textures bringing life and intrigue into their designs. Morgan is a very intuitive designer and takes pride in creating heartwarming homes. As a result, her designs are very inviting and unique. She is definitely one of our favorite interior designers and decorators in Memphis, Tennessee. 

Glamorous dining room by top houzz interior designer memphis tn
Glamorous dining room by Decorilla and one of the top Memphis interior decorators, Morgan W.

WHAT WE LOVE: Her distinctive ability to transform any house into an artistic abode. Most importantly, she’s one of one of the list’s most affordable interior designers in Memphis, TN – offering design packages for all budgets. Love her work? Get started with Morgan today!

Lisa Mallory 

_interior designers memphis tn Lisa mallory

This art enthusiast surely knows how to jazz up any space with design. Lisa started her career as an art curator in 1997 and has been a force of creativity ever since. Her designs are transitional but with a pinch of elaborate excitement. Most importantly, she incorporates artwork in the most astounding ways to brighten up a room. So, if you want to find an interior designer with a knack for dramatic flair, Lisa is one of the Memphis interior designers worth a second look.

top memphis interior designer lisa mallory

WHAT WE LOVE: How Lisa uses artwork in the most bizarre places to spice up the room elegantly. 

Lindsey Black 

hire an interior designer memphis tn lindsey black

Lindsey‘s designs are impactful, invigorating and ingenious. From yellow-painted doors to bathrooms with wallpapered walls, she is not scared of experimenting at all. Moreover, Lindsay finds inner joy in creating spaces that are both ultra-stylish and user-friendly. For her, no room is complete without a vintage piece of art. 

top memphis interior designer lindsay black

WHAT WE LOVE: Playful and fun spaces full of energy – perfect for families. can

Ami Austin

memphis interior decorators ami austin

This award-winning interior designer has transformed hundreds of homes with her artistic abilities. Ami believes in creating comfortable and creative spaces that make you feel like you belong. That’s why her goal for every project is to prove a safe and sophisticated haven for the owner. But beyond feelings of coziness and comfort, it is her refreshing and remarkable style that makes her one of the top Memphis interior decorators and designers. 


WHAT WE LOVE: Bold and intriguing interiors that hint at the opulence of a bygone era. 

Cindy McCord

Houzz interior designer memphis Cindy Mccord

With her charming sense of style, Cindy designs some spectacular rooms. According to Cindy, every house should have a personality that resonates with the owner. As a result, every project she undertakes is unique and pleasant in its own way. She particularly loves mixing traditional and modern elements to bring out their best qualities. Hence, she makes it on our list of our favorite local interior designers in Memphis, Tennessee. 


WHAT WE LOVE: Cindy’s straightforward but stylish designs. 

Glennys Cowles Bryant

memphis interior decorators glennys bryant

Founded by Glennys Cowles Bryant, GCD interiors is all about creating quirky, fun, and vibrant spaces. Their designs are eclectic and take care of even the most minute details. This team of Memphis interior designers near you has curated dozens of interiors including residential, commercial and hospitality projects. As a result, they surely know how to jazz up a room with their know-how!

all white kitchen by one of the top memphis interior designers glennys bryant

WHAT WE LOVE: Funky accessories and bold lighting literally brighten up every space they design!

Greg Baudoin

_interior designers memphis tn greg baudoin

Sometimes an interior instantly takes your heart away! Greg is a master of creating such exceptional spaces. The reason lies in the wow factor he thoughtfully places to capture anyone’s attention. From timeless consoles to oversized vases, his statement pieces make any space look breath-taking! It’s no surprise he is one of the top interior designers in Memphis, Tennessee. 

top memphis interior designer greg baudooin

WHAT WE LOVE: Bright colors, unique furniture, and playful accessories – what’s not to love!

Leslie Murphy

top memphis interior designers leslie murphy

Leslie Murphy, the founder of Murphy Maude, adores creating luxurious spaces from scratch. Nothing goes into a house without approval from her professional eyes, from custom-made furniture to fabrics and finishes. This passionate interior designer loves curating sophisticated spaces. In Leslie’s view, a house is a sanctuary that, when designed correctly, can evoke feelings of calm and composure. As one of the most highly rated Houzz interior designers Memphis on this list, she considers it a true pleasure to help people build their dream homes. 

memphis interior decorator mrphy maude

WHAT WE LOVE: Simple yet spectacular designs that feature detailed form and structured silhouettes.

Jill Hertz 

find an interior designer memphis tn jill hertz

Jill specializes in high-end residential projects, which often come with a beautiful view making the design even more special. Through her vast experience, creating deluxe, faultless interiors come naturally. Her portfolio includes everything from Hollywood glam to rustic chic – she can ace it all! For this reason, Jill is certainly one of the most sought-after Memphis interior designers

top memphis interior designer jill hertz

WHAT WE LOVE: Exaggerated accessories and flamboyant furniture – such a breathtaking combination!

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