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Located in the world’s most famous tropical paradise, Honolulu is the ever-inspiring environment for creative work. It’s, therefore, no wonder that it hosts an exquisitely vibrant and genuine interior design scene. While we are lucky enough to have some of these talented local designers among our team, we also love to keep an eye on other rising stars. So, we bring to you the best Honolulu interior decorators and designers. Read on to see who has made the list!

Honolulu Interior Design   

Open air Honolulu interior design by Decorilla designer Amelia R.
Open air Honolulu interior design by Decorilla designer, Amelia R.

There’s much more art and architecture lovers can find in Hawaii than tempting white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. In fact, from pre-Colonial artwork to contemporary design – there is no shortage of visual variety to delight viewers! The diverse scene offers many reflections of the island experience in both literal and abstract manners. Honolulu interior designers often join forces with local artists to translate the best of the surrounding’s inspiration inside the local homes.

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Top 10 Honolulu Interior Designers

Sleek contemporary living space by Decorilla Honolulu interior designers
Sleek contemporary living space by Decorilla Honolulu interior designers

Whether you’re looking to find an interior designer near you or just browsing for inspiration, this top 10 list is sure to have a designer who meets your needs. Get ready for some breathtaking interiors!

Marion Philpotts-Miller

Honolulu interior designers Marion Philpotts Miller

Growing up alongside a mother engaged in the interior design world, Marion Philpotts-Miller developed a keen sense of style. The influence of her natural environment also left a strong mark on her creative spirit. Indeed, you can feel the ocean breeze and the lush greenery in the homes Marion designs, defined by the refined aesthetic of South Pacific living. Her Honolulu design firm has won numerous awards, including the ASID Hawaii Award for Excellence. 

Honolulu interior design Marion Philpots Miller

WHAT WE LOVE: Above all, we cherish artful designs composed with environmental consciousness in mind.

Elvin Ashley Agustin

Interior designers near me Elvin Ashley Agustin (1)

Interior design has been the focus of Elvin Ashley’s interests for years. As one of the most affordable interior designers in Honolulu, Elvin uses his extensive creative background to effortlessly transforms spaces to match each unique client. Elvin believes that boundaries shouldn’t limit creativity, but rather allow it to be explored fearlessly towards new horizons. Working with people is his favorite aspect of the process, and seeing the client ecstatic about the created space is a reward by itself. 

Bedroom by Decorilla's Honolulu interior design Elvin Ashley Agustin
Bedroom by Decorilla‘s Honolulu interior designer Elvin Ashley Agustin

Elvin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design, along with the interior designer professional license and an NCIDQ. He is also an active professional member of the Hawaii Pacific Chapter of the International Interior Design Association. His scope of work encompasses both residential and commercial projects.

Living room by Decorilla's Honolulu interior designer Elvin Ashley Agustin
Living room by Decorilla‘s Honolulu interior designer Elvin Ashley Agustin

WHAT WE LOVE: Affordable and livable interiors with a touch of artistic flair, tailored per the clients’ needs. Love Elvin’s style? Then, get started with him today!

Jamie Jackson

Honolulu interior design firms Jamie Jackson

Jamie’s extensive experience working with contractors and architects makes her proficient in every stage of the process, from construction to moving in. An artist at heart, she finds a lot of excitement in realizing her clients’ dreams of building or remodeling their homes. Jamie’s portfolio as one of the prominent Honolulu interior designers includes an award-winning restaurant design, resort hotels in the Caribbean, and celebrity vacation residences. 

Interior decorator Honolulu Jamie Jackson

WHAT WE LOVE: Eclectic compositions of vintage furniture and art.

Chuen Yee

Interior decorator Honolulu Chuen Yee

Bangkok-born Honolulu interior designer Chuen Yee developed a distinctive sensibility for creative work from a very young age. Following a degree in Architecture at the most prestigious university in Thailand, she gained experience working for large international design firms. Today, her portfolio boasts a number of award-winning hospitality projects. Chuen also lectures at universities, participates in design juries, and supports select non-profit organizations with free interior design services.

Houzz interior designers Honolulu Chuen Yee

WHAT WE LOVE: Genuine designs, unpretentious yet filled with stylistic variety.

Shelly Dávid

Honolulu interior designers Shelly David

Shelly Dávid is distinguished among Houzz interior designers in Honolulu for regularly composing unique spaces for clients worldwide. After more than 25 years, her nature- and travel-inspired work lost nothing of its original flair. Moreover, her fashion-forward creative approach has been regularly published nationally and internationally. Shelly’s Honolulu Interior design firm CIH specializes in all turn-key projects, from procurement and logistics to execution and supervising.  

Honolulu interior design Shelly David

WHAT WE LOVE: Seamless integration of glamorous and exotic.

Shirley Wagner

Houzz interior designers Honolulu Shirley Wagner

Due to the distinguished style that is tropical, modern, and traditional at the same time, Shirley Wagner’s work can be easily recognized. Her calming yet elegant designs evoke the feeling of relaxation, lacking nothing in dynamics and visual interest. As a result, Shirley’s work has been widely published and recognized for wellbeing-oriented sustainability. In 2015, that passion inspired this Honolulu interior designer to launch her own luxury furnishing brand dedicated to creating healthier homes.

Interior designers near me Shirley Wagner

WHAT WE LOVE: Beautiful interiors with strong peace-rediscovering sanctuary vibes.

Jenn Johnson

Houzz interior designers Honolulu Jenn Johnson

Jenn Johnson is one of the famous Houzz interior designers in Honolulu, Hawaii. With over a decade of professional expertise on both residential and commercial projects, she adds a fresh approach to the Pacific modern style. Jen’s experience includes working with high-profile architectural design firms prior to founding the Indigo Republic. Jen’s inspiration lies in cultural diversity and the unique environmental design features found worldwide. 

Honolulu interior design firms Jenn Johnson

WHAT WE LOVE: Sophisticated designs, elegant yet highly environmentally conscious.

Joan Robinson-Whitaker

Honolulu interior design firms Joan Robinson Whitaker

As an award-winning Honolulu interior designer, Joan Robinson-Whitaker boasts four decades of expertise in both residential and commercial design fields. Her Interior Design degree included two years of study in Switzerland, after which she passed the rigorous national NCIDQ exam. Joan is today a professional member of ASID, and a winner of numerous design awards, as well as frequently published in specialized magazines. 

Honolulu interior design Joan Robinson Whitaker

WHAT WE LOVE: Vibrant, colorful compositions full of life.

Shaolin Low

Honolulu interior design firms Shaolin Low

Shaolin Low is a home stager and interior decorator in Honolulu, Hawaii. As a member of an interior design-construction family, she was introduced to the industry at an early age. Shaolin’s signature style is a mix of positive impacts by a variety of design aesthetics, merging the best of modern, bohemian, and coastal styles. Inspired by her travels, she incorporates different influences into the natural beauty of Hawaii with an elevated twist.

Honolulu interior designers Shaolin Low

WHAT WE LOVE: Holistic but livable, sustainably designed homes.

Shari Saiki

Honolulu interior designers Shari Saiki

Shari discovered her burning passion for interior design while studying architecture at the University of Hawaii. As a result, she spent a decade gaining experience under the guidance of Hawaii’s leading designers of the time. Challenging projects and inspiring clients left a strong mark on her creative approach. Today, Shari is the founder and principal designer of her own firm specializing in residential development and hospitality design.

Interior decorator Honolulu Shari Saiki

WHAT WE LOVE: Supreme comfort enriched with suave accents. 

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