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The top Fresno interior designers capture the casual contemporary style in a city situated between three national parks and boasting a majority of sunny days. As a result, their chic indoors flaunt outdoor elements in an easy-breezy way. It’s hard not to love such cool and inspiring spaces. Decorilla has a few of these creatives among our team, but we also love to be on the lookout for other local interior design talent. So, without further delay, here are the top Fresno interior designers worth keeping an eye on!

Krystal Bennett & Tami Waters

top fresno interior designers parcel house

Led by two dynamic Fresno interior designers, Krystal Bennett and Tami Waters, Parcel House interiors is one of the top studios in the area. Both local interior designers have their distinctive styles which translate into eclectic interiors. Together, they create magnificent interiors unique to every client. Krystal and Tami are bold, fearless, and love experimenting with interior design in Fresno.  

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transitional dining and stairway by top fresno interior decorator parcel house

WHAT WE LOVE: How effortlessly these Fresno interior designers transform everyday spaces into luxurious abodes. 

Paaj Yang

transitional bedroom interior design fresno by paaj yang

Paaj is a local interior decorator in Fresno we adore. Her style is modern, fun, and quirky. All in all, it’s near impossible to not fall in love with every space she designs. For Paaj, every shape should be eclectic and have an essence of its own. 

houzz interior designers fresno - paaj y kitchen
Kitchen interior design in Fresno by Decorilla designer, Paaj Y.

Paaj’s love for interior design grew from a passion for DIY. Once her interest ballooned, she decided to pursue a degree in interior design, which led her to a new creative world. Now, Paaj prides herself in designing any project, from high-end villas to small apartments with a shoestring budget. 

Many interior designers love creating symmetric and balanced spaces. However, this interior designer and decorator in Fresno embraces the beauty of asymmetrical designs. As a result, her designs have a distinct edge and look interesting from every angle. 

living room by fresno ca interior designers paaj y
Lounge by one of the top interior designers in Fresno and Decorilla designer, Paaj Y.

WHAT WE LOVE: Paaj is one of the most accessible as well as affordable experts on this list – especially if you want to hire an interior designer near you.

Christina Kaz & Lilit Devejian

hire an interior designer near me luxyspace
Christina Kaz and Lilit Devejian are business soulmates. These top Fresno interior designers have the most remarkable taste that can make anyone fall in love. For this pair behind LuxySpaces, designing is certainly all about being practical without compromising on an interior’s aesthetics. They love creating luxurious homes that provide a sense of calm, above all else.
WHAT WE LOVE: For Christina and Lilit, interior design is not merely about beautifying but establishing an elevated existence.

Stephanie Catron

local interior designers fresno - stephanie catron

Stephanie is one of the Houzz interior designers in Fresno, CA, who can easily design any space. Her style is light, casual and filled with fun ornate elements. She doesn’t fear experimenting at all. As a result, her designs are extremely thoughtful and cohesive. Stephanie especially loves customizing spaces for her clients. And she knows exactly how thanks to the design lessons she received from her father ever since she was young. Her range of expertise certainly makes her one of the best local interior designers in Fresno. 

cozy farmhouse by one of the top fresno interior designers - stephanie catron

WHAT WE LOVE: Modern, practical spaces that truly feel like home!

Melisa Spolini

top interior decorator fresno - melisa spolini

Melisa, CEO of Edinhart, is superhuman when it comes to the construction and design industry. Her interior design degree coupled with a real estate license led Melisa’s way to become one of the best Fresno interior designers. Most importantly, it’s her firm’s sophisticated design style and real estate expertise that has etched her name in the industry. Watch out for this one-stop shop for all your real estate and interior design needs.  

sitting room samples from top fresno interior designers - edinhart group

WHAT WE LOVE: Dynamically designed spaces that help resolve any real estate roadblocks.

Pache Interiors and Events

top interior decorator fresno - pache interiors (1)

Who would’ve thought a mother-daughter duo could make such an impressive pair of Fresno interior designers? Their various projects range from cozy, modern living rooms to luxurious dining areas. Every space this team behind Paché creates is inviting and bespoke to the clients. Moreover, Patty and Chelsea design every space with the utmost attention to detail. In addition, their style is comfortable and practical, just what every house owner needs. As a result, they’ve become highly rated among Houzz interior designers Fresno. 

Modern farmhouse kitchen by local interior designers fresno ca

WHAT WE LOVE: How confidently they use a variety of textures to make an interior come alive. 

Geri Blackwell

geri blackwell - fresno interior decorator

With over two decades of design experience, Geri is a respected interior decorator in Fresno. Owing to her background in the industry, she is always mindful of homeowners’ needs and habits. For Geri, colors, textures, and fabrics can turn a house into a home. That’s why she takes care to include these elements in every project. More importantly, Geri has an eye for every style, from traditional American to vintage Italian. 

one of the top fresno interior designers geri transitional bedroom design

WHAT WE LOVE: Geri’s accessorizing is always on point! From unique vases to vintage chandeliers, she incorporates outstanding home décor in every design. 

Malia Jimenez 

fresno ca interior designers malia grace (1)

A humble beginning with an Etsy store, Graced Designs  founder Malia Jimenez started out selling handmade wreaths with hopes to venture into other home décor as she put herself through design school. However, when a chance opportunity came up to design the remodel of a favorite downtown business, she rose to the challenge. Malia will tell you that “I love blending the lines between old and new, modern and traditional, bright and moody.” As a result, she delivers designs with harmonious balance, yet unique characteristics.

Rustic dining and meeting space by fresno interior decorator malia grace

WHAT WE LOVE: Grace’s appreciation for rustic touches of old world charm, which you call also see within her home décor store Periwinkle Home Decor. 

Erin Melkonian 

_ interior design fresno by Erin Melkonian

This Fresno interior designer was born to be make interiors beautiful. Her stunning creations are well-curated and crafted to perfection. Erin Melkonian, the mind behind EMID Design Group, puts together every single project with a hawk-like focus. She selects every decor item by keeping in mind its size, color, and scale. When a designer puts in such detailed work, the results are just stunning! 

top fresno interior designer living room erin

WHAT WE LOVE: Modern spaces designed with sustainability in mind. Her eco-friendly principles also make her one of the most successful Fresno interior designers!

Brynae Emerzian

_top fresno interior decorator Brynae Emerzian

Crisp, clean and elegant describe every interior by  Clarity Designs, Brynae Emerzian’s interior design firm in Fresno. There is nothing stopping Brynae from creating mesmerizing houses, one after the other. Her style is cozy, chic, and contemporary. But, above all, these homes are functional, practical for everyday living, and attractive. She uses soft textures and modern furniture to spruce up even the most mundane space. For this reason, her designs are nothing less than a treat for the eyes.


WHAT WE LOVE: How smartly Brynae uses accessories to also jazz up nooks and crannies. 

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