Crosby boutique hotel drawing room

Summertime gives us a chance to not only refresh our spaces, but to also rejuvenate ourselves!  One of the best parts of trip planning is picking accommodations that inspire. With only 10-100 rooms, boutique hotels are a nice getaway from the crowded chain hotels. These vacation dwellings are something special: intimate, personalized, and stylish! They are designed to feel like your own personal oasis.

Domestic and international, here are some dreamy boutique hotels we love!

The Crosby -NYC

Crosby Boutique Hotel lobby

New York City may be the mecca for boutique hotels! Located in the neighborhood of Soho, this 86 room hotel is the epitome of intimate and stylish. What we love about the Crosby Street Hotel is the inviting nature of the spacious lobby. With its quirky art pieces and floor to ceiling warehouse windows, it makes it hard not to want to see more.

Crosby boutique hotel bedroom design
Crosby boutique hotel garden

The seclusion you feel once you step out into the garden transports you from the noisy streets of New York to a secluded paradise. In addition to the beautifully designed common areas, each suite is themed based on colors from purple to classic black and white creating a comforting home away from home!

Hotel Bel-Air– LA

Boutique hotel Bel Air bedroom

Over on the West Coast in the beautiful California sun, there is a stunning 103 room hotel. The Hotel-Bel Air sits on 12- acres of gorgeous land. Before you even enter this boutique hotel, the façade will stop you dead in your tracks! This is what made us fall in love with the Hotel Bel-Air.

Hotel Bel Air lounge

You can instantly see the Spanish colonial flare from the terracotta roof and gorgeous archways. Once inside, black makes a statement with its black framed windows and dramatic walls in the bar area. The marble herringbone tile and marble fire place really takes the common areas to the next level!

Ivy Boutique Hotel– Chicago

Ivy Boutique Hotel

Purple is the color that is always associated with royalty and luxury, the Ivy Boutique Hotel does just that. Located in Chicago, this 60 room hotel has a prominent theme and that theme is purple. As soon as you walk into the lobby, you see that this color takes center stage from the artwork to its over lighting. The glamorous chandeliers grace all of the common areas, adding to the theme all on its own. Upstairs the suites are simplistic, modern rooms where you are greeted by floor length windows and just the right amount of (you guessed it) purple to put your mind at ease!

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal– France


Bonjour! We couldn’t talk about beautifully designed boutique hotels without going across the Atlantic! The Grand Hotel du Palais Royal in Paris is elegant and timeless with its designs. From the sculptors in the lobby to the luxurious materials used throughout, this 68 room hotel is nothing but extravagant.

Grand Hotel Palais Royal
suite_panoramique Grand hotel du Palais Royal

These suites, made to look and feel like mini apartments, have gorgeous French country wallpaper and perfectly placed low profile furniture that anyone would want in their own homes!

J.K Place Roma– Italy

JK Roma room

As soon as you walk into the J.K Place Roma Hotel, you walk into a luxurious black and gold lobby. What we love about this boutique hotel is the layout of the main areas which has an ample amount of seating options.

JK Roma skylight
JK Roma lounge
JK Roma bar

The gorgeous iron skylight that spans the seating area brings so much natural lighting! The rich use of woods and decadent colors through the hotel shows the true elegance that Italy is known for!

Kandolhu Island– Maldives

Kandolhu Maldives room

Now let us take a quick trip to paradise! In the crystal blue waters of the Maldives is the Kandolhu Island with their rendition of a boutique hotel. What we loved the most (minus the 360-degree view of paradise) was the lobby area.

Kandolhu Maldives

With its gorgeous vaulted ceilings and concrete columns, the greenery of the plants and the blue of the ocean are really the star of the show. The feeling that you are always outside, even when you aren’t is something that makes this boutique hotel very special!

Creating gorgeous interiors that cater to the traveler, boutique hotels are design inspirations. Do you have a favorite among these or one you’ve discovered? Help us add to our swoon-worthy list by adding a comment below!

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Written by Decorilla interior designer, Linnea T