Luxury boutique interior design before and after by Decorilla

Can you create a contemporary, chic holiday destination in a short amount of time? Sounds impossible—and yet, there are a few challenges a seasoned professional can’t conquer. Armed with a clear idea of what the client needed, our designers delivered a boutique hotel interior design that now wows visitors. Check out how.

The Challenge: Boutique Hotel Interior Design

Facing tight deadlines and creative uncertainty, one recent boutique hotel owner decided to turn to Decorilla for help. Luckily, with the help of the team’s experienced contemporary interior designers, they soon found what they were looking for. The perfect designer was chosen swiftly, and he had to:

  • Conceive custom furniture to suit the chic boutique hotel interior design
  • Create a King Suite that is unique, luxurious, and comfortable
  • Incorporate minimal hotel room decoration to save space
  • Ensure that the bedroom and bathroom have a cohesive design

Design Inspiration: Luxury Boutique Hotels

Luxury boutique hotel interior design by Decorilla
Luxury bedroom interior design by Decorilla

The client’s inspiration came directly from various designers’ portfolios of completed luxury boutique hotels. Most layouts were on the modern minimal side, highly functional but creative enough to entice guests.

Minimalist hotel room decoration by Decorilla
Minimalist hotel room decoration by Decorilla

Grey dominated the room pictures, leaving it to decor to warm up and compliment the contemporary furniture. Plush bedding and feature walls, either with a shimmering finish or wallpaper, were apparent firm favorites.

Initial Concepts: Finding the Right Designer

boutique hotel interior design online - Copy
Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer Mladen C.

With an idea of what they needed, the client chose an experienced Decorilla designer to help create the ideal holiday destination. Their choice automatically went to Mladen C., whose portfolio showcases a comprehensive background in the field. This was spot-on: it led to a sophisticated boutique hotel interior design that even the most demanding guest can’t fault!

Results Revealed: Luxury Boutique Hotel Interior Design

small hotel interior design online with hotel room decoration
King suite – Decorilla 3D rendering

Designing on a tight schedule is no easy task, but Mladen excelled. From the first creative idea, his contemporary chic interior concept has proved worthy of the best luxury boutique hotels.

The initial mood board boasted a refined grey color palette with multiple suggestions for textiles, textures, and patterns. In its realized version, the restful section of the king suite features an upholstered headboard, simple puffy bedding, and minimalist nightstands.

Hotel Room Decoration & Layout

boutique hotel interior design online for luxury boutique hotels - Copy
King suite bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

The space is filled with layered light and feels spacious despite its size. A grid-tufted headboard and marble bedside tables also lend the bedroom a sophisticated atmosphere.

The off-white chalk wall color makes it feel airy, while the forest-scape wallpaper adds depth to the contemporary interior. The design is minimal and chic, without being cold, due to the wooden accents and warm metallic tones, such as the gold task lamps.

luxury boutique hotel interior design online
King suite – Decorilla 3D rendering

Transforming Challenges into Creative Solutions

Layered wall decor, wallpaper, and wooden panels prevent this small hotel interior from feeling too compact. The forest-scape theme is repeated on the wall opposite the bed to create a focal point above the desk, keeping the area visually intriguing above all. A contemporary blue chair adds lightness to the interior and emphasizes its decorative value.

Seating area – Decorilla 3D rendering

Through bold additions of color, Mladen developed distinct living areas. Sapphire accent furniture beautifully contrasts the neutral grey of the hotel room, and large paintings break the wallpaper to delineate the space further. Two complementary coffee tables sit at the foot of the sofa, their round shapes a little more casual to balance the aesthetic.

Luxury Boutique Hotel’s Bathroom Design

boutique hotel interior design online master bathroom - Copy
King suite bathroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

The boutique hotel interior design project was a great source of décor inspiration for our professional, and this bathroom is no exception. Gold finishes in the vanity and towel rails perfectly complement the wrap-around wood paneling. A marble countertop crowns the art deco-inspired setup, which echoes the chic look of the bedroom. Luxurious layered light and soft accessories complete the story, ensuring a cohesive design throughout.

Design Details: Sourcing the Perfect Pieces

Shopping list by Decorilla
Shopping list by Decorilla

The service provided by Decorilla far exceeded what the client expected from small hotel interior design online. While the elegantly conceived hotel room decoration stood out aesthetically, the entire package offered much more.

A personalized shopping list, complete with exclusive trade discounts on carefully chosen items, was a notable advantage. In addition, the complimentary concierge service expertly managed all delivery details, ensuring a truly seamless experience. The client was delighted with the outcome, stating, “Thank you for working so hard to get this done on time. We are thrilled with the results and will be using your service again.”

Get the Look: Boutique Hotel Room Interior Design

This project’s outcome was so sumptuous that we all wished for something similar. If you feel the same, check out a few of our top picks below.

top picks boutique hotel design online
  1. Faux Potted Tulips
  2. Premiere Painting
  3. Task Lamp
  4. Marble Topped Pedestal
  5. Grid Tufted Headboard
  6. Chabada Chair

Looking for design inspired by luxury boutique hotels?

Decorilla’s online interior design service caters to residential and commercial projects big and small! Schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation and see which package suits you best!

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