How to Preview Your Interior Design in Virtual Reality

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Imagine “stepping foot” into your dream interior even if it doesn’t exist yet. Looking up, you spot a gorgeous new chandelier that instantly transforms your room. To the right, a loveseat sits perfectly against a new wall. You can easily spot mistakes before they happen, and it saves a lot of time.

Interior design in virtual reality does this. Joining other large companies like Google, Facebook, and Samsung that see the immense potential of this technology, Decorilla online interior design service aims to enhance customer experiences by bringing interior design dreams to life!

3D VR View - After

3D VR View – After

Before photo

Before photo

The new interior design virtual reality app, which users can download on iOS or download on Android, was developed in partnership with AR Pandora.  It is the best way of previewing a design as it allows you to look around your new space before the design has been executed. The result is confidence in design and purchasing decisions and a lot of saved time!

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Decorilla before bedroom

Before bedroom

virtual reality bedroom design 360 view1

3D VR bedroom view

Taking a closer look, we sat down with AR Pandora’s Alper Guler to chat about the creation of the new Decorilla VR app and the future of virtual reality.

Q: It’s said that 2016 is the year VR is emerging in mainstream culture. What are the areas you feel people will experience most impact in their daily lives from its use?

A: Companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook (Oculus), HTC, Playstation and many more are investing in VR technologies. In 2015 we have seen a great improvement on hardware providers. Entry level for VR is the Google Cardboard with prices $10-$30 and companies like Go4D, Homido developed a better looking and better lens models of Google Cardboard alike, products for $25 – $50. I think this segment will be the main stream for viewing VR for upcoming three years. On top of these models, Samsung has released their Gear VR Product which works with Samsung Phones for $99 which offers really good VR experience. In 2016 we will see upcoming products from Oculus and HTC Vive and Playstation, but with their price tags over $599 these products will target game enthusiastic and business solutions.

I think people will use VR to visit places they have never been to, just by sitting in their sofa. Gaming will be huge with VR. Social media will be in a whole different level, we will have avatars and meet in virtual rooms. Regarding music and movies, Madonna will give a concert to whole world and you will be able to buy tickets on stage and instead of selling 50,000 tickets, they can sell millions. Also in education and training, VR will be one of the daily usage. Architecture and interior design presentations will evolve with VR. Instead of looking some pictures of your future space, you will be able to imagine the whole area.

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Q: Our clients love the fact our projects include 3D renderings to help them visualize their space. How does the AR Pandora/Decorilla VR app enhance their experience?

A: Today the problem with interior design presentations is interior designers usually send 2D renderings of their 3D projects to their clients. There is no easy way of presenting 3D models to your client, but with AR Pandora/Decorilla VR application we offer three innovative viewing tools for our customers; clients can see a 3D dollhouse view of their future space where they can zoom and rotate. Secondly, they can use 360 renders using the gyro function of their mobile device. This feels like you are sitting in your future room and looking around. Finally, they use the google cardboard view to really feel like they are in that actual space.

Eclectic Living Room Interior Design VR

Q:What is the feature that the AR Pandora team is most proud of on the app? Why?

A: Decorilla, took a step forward with interior design in virtual reality and started offering a new perspective while designing homes. Now, we are helping them present their projects in an innovative and better way. As Pandora, our motto is “We help people to visualize better” and with Decorilla App, we are happy that we created new ways to present Decorilla’s projects.

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