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Desiring to remodel your home with the help of local creatives? For Virginia Beach interior designers and decorators, a serene coastal environment is the source of daily inspiration and a specific artistic expression. Check out our list of the top professionals whose every design is worthy of a second look!

Interior Design Virginia Beach

Living room by top Decorilla interior designers from Virginia Beach
Living room by top Decorilla interior designers from Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach’s interior design scene captures the essence of seaside living, combining relaxed elegance with modern functionality. Expectedly, the designers here often incorporate light, airy colors and natural materials. Each project, whether it’s a beachfront cottage or a contemporary downtown loft, is infused with a sense of calm.

Virginia Beach Interior Designers

Open concept living by Decorilla's Virginia beach interior designers
Open concept living by Decorilla‘s Virginia Beach interior designers

The interior designers in Virginia Beach span a variety of decorating styles, from nautical and beachy to sleek and modern. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of spatial design, they transform ordinary rooms into extraordinary living spaces, making daily living a delightful experience.

Michelle Nettles

Virginia Beach interior designers Michelle Nettles

Michelle Nettles spent 16 years teaching high school physics and biology, getting an M.Ed, before turning to internet design with a bachelor’s of fine arts. Over the next 20+ years, she kept developing her skills to become one of the most unique Virginia Beach interior designers near you. Michelle considers the mix of her analytical intelligence, precise math, and great communication ability to be the key to her success. She also takes pride in respecting her clients’ time and needs, guiding them smoothly through the process, and delivering functionally beautiful living spaces. 

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Top interior decorator Virginia Beach Michelle Nettles

WHAT WE LOVE: Michelle’s attention to detail and sense of scale.

Audrey Popoola

Audrey Popoola interior designers near me virginia beach

Audrey is one of the most affordable interior designers in Virginia Beach bringing stunning homes to all budget sizes. She’s also a passionate artist with a BA in Studio Arts. After graduating from Spelman College in Atlanta, GA, she spent years designing and remodeling kitchens and bathrooms in the DC Metropolitan area and Philadelphia. Although proficient in a wide variety of styles, her signature vogue is a modern family-friendly design. Audrey enjoys creating personal spaces as backdrops to their inhabitants’ everyday memories.

Kitchen by Decorilla's top Interior decorator Virginia Beach Audrey Popoola
Kitchen by Decorilla‘s top interior decorator Virginia Beach, Audrey P.

Audrey draws her inspiration from the clients, their personalities, and aspirations. She approaches every design respecting their lifestyles. Getting to know her clients allows her to translate the acquired information into interior design that fits. Through extensive communication, as a result, she keeps finding the right ways to produce a living space that truly feels like home.

Modern gray bathroom by Decorilla interior decorator in virginia beach, audrey p
Modern gray bathroom by Decorilla interior decorator in Virginia Beach, Audrey P.

WHAT WE LOVE: Functionality with a discrete touch of glam. Love Audrey’s work? Then, get started with her today!

Cheryl Crimson

Interior design Virginia Beach Cheryl Crimson

Ever since establishing her company, Crimson Design, in 2003, Cheryl has been trying to translate joy into interior design. Later, she expanded the concepts to infuse joy into the entire space-creating experience. For Cheryl, connecting is the way to the best design solutions, followed by more profound levels of understanding. Through exploring different cultures, meeting people, understanding diversity, and embracing global perspectives, she considers her mission has been rendered successful.

Houzz interior designer Virginia Beach Cheryl Crimson

WHAT WE LOVE: Bold accents and profound use of color.

Rebecca Robeson

Top Virginia Beach interior designers Rebecca Robeson

Successful Houzz interior designer from Virginia Beach, Rebecca Robeson, is also one of the most renowned decorators in the area. Moreover, she is a popular YouTube presenter and the lead designer/CEO of her firm, Robeson Design. Her signature is the impeccable style of high-end luxury interior design. Rebecca has been transforming some of the most beautiful homes worldwide, while her client list includes beauty gurus and celebrities.

Interior design Virginia Beach Rebecca Robeson

WHAT WE LOVE: Elegant spaces with unobtrusive luxury polish.

Alison Gibson

Interior design Virginia Beach Alison Gibson

Alison has been designing since 2015, establishing her own Interior Design Company, AMG Interiors, in 2018. Her scope of work includes consultations, floor plan layouts, 3D renderings, and furniture selections for both residential and commercial projects. Alison enjoys combining colors, patterns, and textures in order to find the best match for her clients’ tastes and styles. Most of her inspiration lies in nature and in meeting different cultures.

Find an interior designer Alison Gibson

WHAT WE LOVE: Clean design with strong accents.

Tannie Herbertson

Houzz interior designer Virginia beach Tannie Herbertson

For over three decades, Tannie Herbertson has been a part of the interior design Virginia Beach scene. She holds an Associate of Arts in Interior Design, as well as a Bachelor of Arts from the University of North Carolina Greensboro. Her company offers complete residential, commercial, and hospitality design services, from concepts and construction to furnishings and accessories. Their projects are tailored to provide timeless comfort, consequently lasting beyond temporary trends. 

Hire an interior designer Tannie Herbertson

WHAT WE LOVE: Bright and joyful compositions.

Julia Hetzel

Hire an interior designer Julia Hetzel

Julia Hetzel believes that every home must be welcoming and comfortable while properly reflecting the lifestyle of its owners. She grew up in a family of artists and spent her childhood learning about interior design from her mother. With Studio Art as one of her two degrees, she now explores color and texture through both her paintings and her interior design. Moreover, Julia’s signature style is a combination of antique and modern styles featuring unique fabric, color, and texture.

Houzz interior designer Virginia beach Julia Hetzel

WHAT WE LOVE: Highly refined, articulate spaces.

Danielle Unser

Find an interior designer Danielle Unser

Danielle Unser is one of the top interior decorators in Virginia Beach who also holds a Business degree. She boasts over a decade of experience in the industry, working with different designers and clients on all kinds of projects. Rather than imposing her solutions, Danielle navigates clients towards discovering their own preferences in order to achieve the look they really want. She also helps them with furniture sourcing at local stores and supports all their creative flairs. 

Virginia Beach interior designers Danielle Unser

WHAT WE LOVE: Timeless designs with a patina.

Carol Eubank

Virginia Beach interior designers Carol Eubank

Carol Eubank graduated from the School of Interior Design at Virginia Commonwealth University before becoming a certified member of the American Association of Interior Designers. Working with a number of different architects, contractors, and manufacturers throughout the mid-Atlantic region, she acquired substantial expertise in both residential and commercial interior design fields. Today, she is an awarded interior decorator in Virginia Beach and founder/president of Eubank Design Concepts. Carol’s company offers a broad scope of services, including bespoke furnishing and fabrics. 

Interior decorator Virginia Beach Carol Eubank

WHAT WE LOVE: Stylish traditional compositions with contemporary designer vibes.

Deborah Lutz

Hire an interior designer Deborah Lutz

Deborah Lutz is certified in multiple fields, including landscape design, home staging, colors, and interior design. With over two decades of professional design experience, she offers a range of services, from simple makeovers to complex home renovation schemes. Deborah develops close connections with her clients, in order to discover their genuine needs. In addition, she strongly believes in open communication as the best way to achieve desired results. 

Interior decorator Virginia Beach Deborah Lutz

WHAT WE LOVE: High functionality enriched by elaborate detailing. 

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