Spring is definitely in the air (as your allergies might be letting you know ;)). Visibly, the budding trees and blooming flowers are making the grand announcement of a new season. What better way to freshen up your decor than by using Mother Nature’s art as inspiration? Since the beginning of time, floral elements have decorated spaces in a variety of ways no matter what the style preference.


The secret’s out: wallpaper has made a fierce comeback! With so many artful and graphic designs, this wall covering has come a long way since the standard paisley, plaid, or damask patterns. Floral and plant patterns are consistently a favorite, but they no longer need to be reserved for a sitting room or guest bathroom. Exaggeratedly large blooms can make a modern impact in a space. See how this forest mural wallpaper made a huge difference. Too bold? Tone it down with simplicity found in this style’s sleek furniture and neutral accents.



Comfortable and relaxed, country style really takes the word homey to heart. Unfinished wood pieces accentuate the rustic feel and colors such as yellows, lavender and azure blue are among the favorites. Here stripes have a  main role, but it’s the floral prints that take the stage, particularly rose patterns. Accent pillows, curtains, and bedding offer a softness that comes with this style. Afraid of tipping towards too feminine? Stone tiled flooring or reclaimed wooden furniture can add balance to the design.



Balanced and comfortable, traditional spaces are safe in terms of decor; nothing is out of place or stands out. Upholstered furniture shows off classic lines and accessories are often paired for the sake of symmetry. Shying away from too shiny or too textured, traditional fabrics consist of understated patterns and muted colors. Floral designs have always found a place in traditional rooms and can be typically found in rugs.



Known for it’s flexibility, eclectic style can easily embrace an industrial table + a geometric rug + floral wall art all in one space and with charming ease. From metallic wall sculptures to botanical ink sketches as seen in New Girl, Jess’ room, floral accents can soften a space while adding pops of color.


Spring brings the opportunity for newness. Freshen up your design with a change in color, a shift in your spatial layout, or by adding floral inspired decor to your space.

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Written by Decorilla designer, Christine M.