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Tallahassee is a gem among Floridian cities – offering a unique urban yet suburban ambiance that creates a welcoming appeal. And the top Tallahassee interior designers ensure the local homes are equally as inviting as the city itself. So if you’re on the hunt for help with an interior refresh, read on to discover which Tallahassee interior designers and decorators are in high demand.

About Interior Design in Tallahassee

Contemporary open living by top tallahassee interior decorators
Contemporary open living by one of Decorilla’s top Tallahassee interior designers

Ask anyone from Tallahassee: its rich Southern heritage is tangible. Especially if you notice locals’ lifestyles and hospitable attitudes, the landscape, and its architecture. The latter has had quite some time to develop a personality. That’s because the city has been around since the 1820s – long before modern conveniences like online interior design services.

Interior design Tallahassee - Decorilla
Modern patio by one of Decorilla Tallahassee interior design

Today, Tally features architecture that suits a range of tastes. Noteworthy styles include Greek Revival, Neoclassical and American Craftsman. Fortunately, the interior design in Tallahassee is just as diverse as the exteriors. And if you’re wondering ‘how much does an interior designer cost around here?’, then rest assured – there’s a skilled contractor for every budget.

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Best Tallahassee Interior Designers & Decorators

Interior designers in Tallahassee FL - Meric S
Industrial-style kitchen by one of Decorilla’s best interior decorators in Tallahassee, FL

The best interior decorators in Tallahassee, FL, are well-known for their diverse portfolios. They’re equally talented in creating residential and commercial spaces according to the client’s needs. Find out which designer or firm could be a good fit for your next home improvement project.

Jennifer Taylor

Top Tallahassee interior designers - Jennifer Taylor

The inspiring designer, Jennifer Taylor firmly believes that chic designs start with the client. For this reason, she prioritizes creating spaces that reflect the true nature of its inhabitants. With more than 25 years of experience, Jennifer is undoubtedly one of the best Tallahassee interior designers.

Houzz interior designers Tallahassee - Jennifer Taylor

WHAT WE LOVE: Jennifer’s eye for detail and perfected design process make her a joy to work with on any project.

Decorilla Tallahassee Interior Designers

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Decorilla clients enjoy affordable packages, first-class service, and stunning outcomes for every style. From traditional to contemporary and even glam, the host of decorators can implement all looks. That said, Decorilla matches every client with two designers ideal for their specific needs. It ensures spectacular spaces and a stress-free process, time and again.

Top Tallahassee interior designers - Dina H
Decorilla neutral-toned bedroom by one of the best Tallahassee interior designers

Sometimes, the search results for ‘interior designers near me’ don’t meet expectations. Thankfully, Decorilla’s services are readily available everywhere. They not only compete with interior designers in Tallahassee, Florida, but those across the country. Simply put, the Decorilla interior design process is transforming the industry. 

Top interior decorators in Tallahassee FL - Sarah O
Modern open-plan living and dining room by one of Decorilla’s top interior designers in Tallahassee, FL

WHAT WE LOVE: How Decorilla offers guidance to clients who are unsure of what they want, without forcing a certain style on them. If this sounds good to you, you can get started with a Decorilla project today!

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Nikki Bowden

Nikki Bowden was born passionate about art and design. That is to say, she’s been drawing homes and floorplans since childhood. And today, Nikki is the founder and principal designer of Nikki Bowden Interiors. Ultimately, her goal is to discover what ‘home’ means to each client so that she can bring their vision to life.

Nikki Bowden Tallahassee Interior Design

WHAT WE LOVE: Nikki supports clients throughout their home improvement journeys. Her thoughtfulness has rewarded her as one of the best Houzz interior designers in Tallahassee.

Laura Bryant

Houzz interior designers Tallahassee - Laura Bryant

Functionality and beauty can coexist. Laura Bryant of Laura Bryant Interior Design is here to prove it. Her go-to strategy is to blend clients’ tastes with her refined designs for delightfully bespoke results. For this reason and Laura’s coordinating color schemes, her interior design in Tallahassee is boldly recognizable.

Interior designers in Tallahassee FL - Laura Bryant

WHAT WE LOVE: Laura embraces existing architectural features and turns them into focal points.

Jennifer Boland

Interior designers in Tallahassee FL - Jennifer Boland

Although known for her residential projects, Jennifer Boland is a skilled commercial designer too. As the owner of Home Proper Interiors, she creates spaces her clients will take pride in showing off. Her signature style mixes the contemporary with the classic for a timeless effect.

Houzz interior designers Tallahassee - Jennifer Boland

WHAT WE LOVE: Jennifer leaves her clients with beautiful spaces and experiences. Both her top-quality service and designs see her counted among the best interior decorators in Tallahassee, FL.

Jenn Shelby & Darica Smith

Top interior decorators in Tallahassee FL - Jenn Shelby and Darica Smith

NEAT Interiors & Design’s Jenn Shelby and Darica Smith make a dream team. The duo is among the top interior decorators in Tallahassee, FL, because of their bold, eclectic designs. They combine organic textures, exotic materials, and unique pieces from their travels. It results in personalized yet practical spaces

Interior designers near you - Jenn Shelby and Darica Smith

WHAT WE LOVE: Jenn and Darica’s signature layered and timeless look. They achieve this by mixing vintage and modern elements.

Jackie McHaffie

Interior design Tallahassee - Jackie McHaffie

Jackie McHaffie founded Designs Unlimited in 1994 and has been improving spaces and clients’ lives since. In fact, she’s celebrated as one of the award-winning Houzz interior designers in Tallahassee. Jackie is readily available to her clients during every step of the design process.

Top Tallahassee interior designes - Jackie McHaffie

WHAT WE LOVE: How Jackie delivers stunning results regardless of clients’ budgets.

Anna Osborne & Ashely Farrell

Best Tallahassee interior designers - Anna Osborne and Ashley Farrell

Studio A Interiors founders Anna Osborne and Ashely Farrell have more than 30 years of combined industry experience. They’ve received several ASID Design Awards throughout the years. That’s because their work improves their clients’ experience of spaces. Interior design in Tallahassee wouldn’t be the same without them.

Interior design Tallahassee - Anna Osborne and Ashley Farrell

WHAT WE LOVE: Anna and Ashely’s mission is to combat any frustration or confusion caused by renovations. They’re also committed to keeping clients informed yet stress-free.

Mary Solomon Moor

Interior design Tallahassee - Mary Solomon Moor

Since establishing Mary Solomon Moor Interiors in 1987, Mary has built a reputation for classic interiors. Her experience includes residential as well as commercial designs. She also takes on projects of varying scopes – from one-room renovations to complete house revamps.

Interior designers in Tallahassee FL - Mary Solomon

WHAT WE LOVE: Mary’s commitment to design excellence. Not to mention, her attention to detail is second to none, making her one of the top interior designers in Tallahassee, FL.

Laura Williams

Top interior decorators in Tallahassee FL - Laura Williams

L.A.W. Design has been serving the Tallahassee community since 1999. Laura Williams is the woman behind this full-service firm and dazzles clients with her fresh, inviting designs. She finds nothing more satisfying than helping turn her clients’ visions into reality.

Interior design Tallahassee - Laura Williams

WHAT WE LOVE: The relationships Laura has built with local vendors, builders, and subcontractors to give back to the economy. It’s why she’s one of the best interior decorators in Tallahassee, FL.

Collaborate with the Best Tallahassee Interior Designers

If you’re still searching for top interior designers near you, turn to Decorilla. Whatever the space, scope, or needs, Decorilla’s designers have just the solution. Schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation to learn more!

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