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Before & After: Contemporary Masculine Bedroom Transformation

Contemporary masculine bedroom transformation

Manly bedrooms don’t have to be dark and dreary – they can exude warmth and welcome just as well. That’s exactly what Decorilla did with a recent contemporary masculine bedroom transformation. Through the use of sleek furniture, neutral colors, and refined accents, our designer turned a once dull and stuffy-looking room into something special. Keep… Read more »

Before & After: Minimalist Masculine Bedroom and Den

Your home is where you can showcase your interests and personality. One client wanted to do just that in his unique new-build home. He especially needed his love for mechanical engineering and stargazing to show too. See how Decorilla made it happen in the minimalist masculine bedroom and den design below! 

Top 10 Masculine Interior Design Ideas for a Handsome Home

Black and tan masculine apartment décor

Clean, robust, and impressive – masculine interior design has always been a source of bold interiors. However, more than moody hues and strong materials, the comfort and practicality of this style make it suitable for any room of the house. So, if this dramatic look catches your eye, read on for expert ideas and inspiration… Read more »

15 Man Cave Design Ideas You Can’t Live Without

Fun man cave design - Cool Things Collected

Fathers, husbands, and bachelors: feeling the need for a place to call your own, away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house? The perfect man cave design can deliver a place to pursue hobbies or indulge in me-time. It’s where you can unwind away from it all. And although your inner child… Read more »

Before & After: Modern Men’s Bedroom Interior Design

bright and airy modern mens bedroom interior design

Small apartments can be a joy to decorate – there is little space for big mistakes! One dog-lover was burning to get started on his interior but didn’t know where to start or which look would work best: minimalist or bold? Fortunately, he turned to Decorilla’s team, who created a modern men’s bedroom equally minimalist… Read more »

How To Choose The Right Bachelor Pad Art For Your Space

bachelor pad art feature

  When living solo, sometimes style can get buried behind piles of dirty clothes and dishes…because nobody is seeing that after all, right? But actually, giving your bachelor pad an organized and stylish look is not that hard! Take a look at our strategies to make the most of your small space. And for a… Read more »

Before & After: Eclectic Online Studio Apartment Design

How do you spatially divide a loft into functional, livable spaces? Loft design is where the ultimate layout magic happens. While an open floor plan is a coveted feature for home dwellers, it can be tricky. A recent Decorilla client was looking to create a design of an open loft space with “minimal loft feel”. The… Read more »

Key Tips to Designing the Perfect Man Cave

A man cave is a retreat, haven, a personal world inside four walls. This space should have everything that makes the user feel alive and relaxed. Anywhere from a small secret room housing favorite paraphenilia to a large hidden basement storing a collection of cars, the possibilities for designing a man cave are endless. With… Read more »

Before and After: Modern Studio Bachelor Pad


One of the most common design challenges is effective use of space. This is especially true when the space is limited and several uses of the room are needed. Take one of our recent New York studio design clients, for example. Having moved into a large bedroom, he wanted to create a split living/sleeping space. He… Read more »

5 bachelor pad tips that will up your game!

Is your apartment lacking some sexy factor? As a once single and dating girl in New York City, I’ve seen my fair share of tacky bachelor pads. Marshmallow sofas and silky red sheets… or worse, no sheets…Eek! “Is that an over-sized performance photo of yourself? “Geez, it’s getting late.” Luckily, getting help from the comfort… Read more »