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Before & After: Modern Contemporary Home Interior

Modern contemporary home interior - Real Estate

Modern contemporary design is perfect for a new home interior. You can bend it to your exact taste, yet it can also be challenging. For a recent client, the prospect was exciting! After purchasing a condo, he turned to Decorilla to make it his own. Read on to see its breathtaking result!  

Before & After: Contemporary New Build Interior Design

Contemporary new build interior design - The Life Styled

Fresh, clean, and stylish – new build interior design is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. With an empty space, you can experiment and inject character into a room. A recent client also wanted to put their stamp on a new build home with unique interior design ideas. Read on to discover how Decorilla helped create an… Read more »

Before & After: Transitional Breakfast Room Ideas

Transitional breakfast room

The comfort and elegance of transitional design makes for some of the best breakfast room ideas around. This perfect fusion of form and function is the ideal setting for starting one’s day. And a recent Decorilla client sought this look for their casual dining area intended for relaxed meals. Read on to see how this… Read more »

Open Floor Plan Design: 10 Pro Ideas for a Cohesive Look

Organic open floor plan layout - house beautiful

Open floor plan design has become increasingly popular, and for a good reason. An open concept house offers a wealth of benefits that traditional closed-in floor plans just can’t beat. Read on to see if open concept living is right for you, as well as our favorite open floor plan ideas for for a well-designed… Read more »

Before & After: Boho Eclectic Living Room and Kitchen

Bohemian eclectic interior design - The Spruce

Bohemian design breathes life into any space. One recent client wanted its liveliness mixed with contemporary chic. And after working with Decorilla, they could create just what they wanted! Read on to see the vibrant yet classy boho eclectic living room and kitchen result!

Before & After: Contemporary Glam Interior Design for a Condo

Contemporary glam interior design - Curbed

Moving into a new abode is equally thrilling and exhausting. On the one hand, it’s an opportunity for a fresh start, while on the other hand, it can be a challenge to make it feel like home. Recent clients found themselves relocating to a condo. And so they sought Decorilla’s help in making the space… Read more »

Before & After: Modern Farmhouse Design Refresh

Modern farmhouse open concept - The Lifestyle Deco

Comfy, fresh, and inviting – it’s no wonder the modern farmhouse look is so popular. Even those who live in cities and suburbs have embraced this style due to its charm. A recent Decorilla client fell in love with its contemporary yet classic air. It was exactly what they wanted their dated interior to become…. Read more »

Before & After: Stunning New Home Interior Design

New home interiors - Luxe Source

New home, new design opportunities. In fact, with a fresh build, you can experiment all you like. One recent client couple wanted two worlds. One part transitional and part eclectic Scandinavian. As a result, their new home interior design is tailored to a T. Read on to see the unbelievable result!

Before & After: Mid-Century Modern Dining and Living Room

Mid-century modern living room - turkel design

Mid-century modern design is as popular as ever—and it’s easy to see why. Its clean lines and simple forms can create a sense of order and calm in even the busiest spaces. Perhaps most important, however, is its high versatility, making it work in a variety of settings tailored to your needs. A recent Decorilla… Read more »

Before & After: Contemporary Rustic Living and Dining Room

Contemporary rustic living room - House Beautiful

How do you style a Cape Cod-style home far from the coast? Be true to your surroundings! One recent client wanted to create a cozy interior to match their home’s woodland setting. And soon, there was a contemporary rustic living and dining room worth showing off. Read on to see how Decorilla’s designer transformed the… Read more »