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In a world where everything screams for attention, there’s something irresistibly alluring about the whisper of quiet luxury—wouldn’t you agree? It’s like a secret garden hidden in plain sight, offering a retreat from the loud and the ostentatious. Let’s explore how it can transform your everyday space into a kingdom of serene sophistication.

What Is Quiet Luxury?

Living room exemplifying quiet luxury with Asian decor accents, by Decorilla
Contemporary living room by Decorilla

Have you ever walked into a sensuous space that just felt *right*? It’s not loud or flashy, yet everything is perfect and feels welcoming. That’s quiet luxury. 

It’s all about embracing subtle, sophisticated, and straightforward. Moreover, it’s a celebration of quality over quantity, where the value lies not in the logo but in the craftsmanship, materials, and design. This approach to luxury interior design speaks volumes without saying a word, creating spaces that feel equally refined and comforting.

In short, quiet luxury is the art of curated discernity, where every detail is intentional, and every piece tells a story.

Pro Tip: Quiet luxury comes in all types of styles and looks. Not sure which is right for you? Try our Free Interior Design Style Quiz to discover your ideal style!

How to Achieve Quiet Luxury Interior Design

Serene, quiet luxury interior design of a bedroom by Decorilla
Serene interior design of a bedroom by Decorilla

So, how to translate trending style into a tangible design? Above all, prioritize the look that whispers, not screams. A quiet luxury home catches your eye without trying too hard. Following these guidelines will help you achieve just that.

1. Embrace Minimalist Elegance 

Elegant, quietly luxurious contemporary living room by Decorilla
Luxury contemporary living room by Decorilla

The quiet luxury style embodies a serene, uncluttered environment that reflects a sense of sophisticated calmness. Start by decluttering your space to remove distractions and unnecessary items, in return allowing your chosen pieces to stand out more prominently. Elegant surfaces and high-quality materials also contribute to a timeless aesthetic that transcends fleeting trends. Choose meaningful designs: look beyond beautiful to fulfill a purpose or bring you joy.

Pro Tip: Use a neutral color palette as your foundation, adding depth with textured materials like wool, silk, or linen.

2. Invest in Timeless Pieces 

Quiet luxury decor style in a lavish timeless living room by Decorilla
Quiet luxury decor style in a timeless living room by Decorilla

Durable quality is a cornerstone of quiet luxury interior design ideas, a way to keep your home elegant and stylish year after year. Go for designs that have proven constancy and appeal over time, rather than short-lived fashions that quickly feel outdated. Classic, as well as sleek forms, blend seamlessly with various interior styles, anchoring them with a sense of stability and coherence. And then there’s also a long-term value: it’s less likely to need replacement or updating due to changing trends.

Pro Tip: Quiet luxury brands often specialize in creating these timeless pieces, so consider them for your pivotal items.

3. Highlight Natural Beauty

Quiet luxury style emphasizing natural materials in a living room by Decorilla
Contemporary living room by Decorilla

Incorporating elements of nature adds a vibrant touch of life and color, enhancing your mood and overall well-being. Employ greenery to foster a tranquil yet welcoming atmosphere, connecting your indoor spaces with the calming essence of the outdoors. Organic wood and stone surfaces also echo the natural world, effectively grounding your quiet luxury decor. Moreover, they offer a tactile and visual backdrop that synthetic materials simply cannot replicate.

Pro Tip: Choose one or two large plants instead of many small ones to keep the space uncluttered and airy.

4. Layer Textures

Contemporary quiet luxury living room design by Decorilla
All-white living room design by Decorilla

Layering textures is a nuanced way to add warmth and depth to your quiet luxury style, elevating the setup into a rich, sensory experience. Their interplay within a controlled color palette can quickly translate the room from simply looking good to feeling genuinely luxurious. Incorporate palpable surfaces through throws, pillows, rugs, and curtains. The dynamic yet harmonious interior you’ll achieve as a result will thrive on an additional element of comfort that invites touch and exploration.

Pro Tip: Mix lavish materials such as velvet, fur, and richly woven fabrics to add an extra touch of opulence.

5. Focus on Personalization

Living room boasting quiet luxury decor style by Decorilla
Eclectic living room by Decorilla

Storytelling is essential in interior design. In the case of quiet luxury decor style, it means creating a home that resonates with your identity in the most discerning way. Incorporate personal touches in the form of family heirlooms or bespoke items to infuse your living space with character and depth that generic decor cannot replicate. These elements also create a connection between your past, present, and future, making your home feel like a curated exhibition of your life’s journey. 

Pro Tip: Choose one focal point in each room to personalize, ensuring it stands out without too much visual noise. It should celebrate individuality and evoke a sense of belonging, making it stylishly yours.

6. Play with Lighting

Quiet luxury decor style and layered lighting in a kitchen by Decorilla
Modern kitchen design by Decorilla

Playing with illumination is a smart move in sculpting the ambiance of your home, significantly impacting its mood and aesthetic. It will make your quiet luxury decor pop, simultaneously allowing flexibility to change the atmosphere to match any time of day or special moment. Instead of sticking to plain, bright overhead lights, try using a layered lighting scheme that gives your rooms an atmospheric, more alluring vibe. Mix different types of fixtures, including floor lamps, table lamps, and wall sconces, to achieve a setup that’s both versatile and cozy. 

Pro Tip: Use dimmer switches to adjust the ambiance throughout the day. Also, consider adding statement lighting fixtures as art pieces.

7. Opt for Subtle Details

Premium materials exuding quiet luxury in an bathroom by Decorilla
Elegant, transitional bathroom by Decorilla

Subtlety implies a refined approach to your home’s design, allowing for elaborate detailing without overwhelming the space. It’s all about tiny nuances that greatly contribute to the room’s overall aesthetic and further translate the principle of quiet luxury. When focusing on the understated elements—like the finish on a piece of hardware or the curve of a furniture leg—you introduce attention to detail that speaks volumes about your taste and appreciation for design.

Pro Tip: Custom details have the power to elevate even a common piece of furniture, making it feel genuinely luxurious.

8. Create a Cohesive Flow 

Cohesive flow throughout a quiet luxury home designed by Decorilla
Quiet luxury home design by Decorilla

Creating a cohesive flow throughout your home is vital to achieving a harmonious and balanced interior. That means maintaining a consistent thread—be it a theme, color palette, or a distinct design element—throughout all rooms. Such an approach will tie your space into unity rather than a series of disconnected areas. It also allows for personal creativity within a structured design framework, making your home feel both organized and distinctly yours.

Pro Tip: Create a visual continuity kit by selecting three to five paint swatches, fabric samples, and finish materials representing your core design theme. Carry this kit with you when shopping for home decor to ensure every new addition complements your home’s unified aesthetic seamlessly.

The Pinnacle of Elegance: Top Quiet Luxury Brands for Home Decor

Quiet luxury in a contemporary living room by Decorilla
Contemporary dark living room by Decorilla

When curating a home that embodies the ethos of quiet luxury, selecting the right brands is crucial. They should stand out not just for their aesthetic appeal but for their commitment to quality, sustainability, and timeless design. Here’s a closer look at six brands that can help you achieve that serene sophistication in your home.

Restoration Hardware

Open-concept, quiet luxury home by Decorilla
Open-concept, quiet luxury home by Decorilla

Restoration Hardware is synonymous with an understated and timeless aesthetic, offering pieces that combine classic design with a modern twist. Their collections often feature neutral palettes, making their furniture and decor items fit for a range of quiet luxury decor styles. Restoration Hardware is particularly renowned for its exquisite lighting collections and large, plush sofas that serve as statement pieces while maintaining a minimalist appeal. 

West Elm

Tailored, custom-made quiet luxury furniture in a living room by Decorilla
Tailored quiet luxury furniture in a living room by Decorilla

West Elm stands out for its commitment to offering modern furniture and home decor that’s simultaneously beautiful and ethically sourced. Their products often incorporate organic, handcrafted elements, bringing a warm personal touch to the quiet luxury style. West Elm is a go-to for unique, artisanal accessories that can add character to a room without overpowering it. Check also out their range of bedding and textiles, which offer luxurious comfort with a soft, inviting aesthetic.

Crate & Barrel

A retro-inspired bedroom by Decorilla
Retro-inspired bedroom by Decorilla

Crate & Barrel excels in providing contemporary elegant home furnishings that can effortlessly elevate any space. Their products are known for clean lines, high-quality materials, and a versatile color scheme that perfectly complements a quiet luxury decor. Crate & Barrel’s kitchenware and dining collections are particularly noteworthy, offering functionality and style to make everyday meals feel special. The outdoor furniture range is also worth exploring, blending comfort and durability with refined design.

Revelation by Uttermost

Quiet luxury furniture and organic vibes in a chic living room by Decorilla
Organic modern living room by Decorilla

Both Uttermost and Revelation understand the delicate balance between making a statement and maintaining an air of sophistication and simplicity. As Uttermost’s higher-end line, Revelation takes the brand’s commitment to quality and design a step further, focusing on luxury materials and avant-garde designs. Their offerings include quiet luxury furniture and decor that utilize premium materials, such as hand-forged iron, fine wood, and artisan glass. The collections are curated to appeal to those with a discerning eye for unique, statement pieces that still embody understated elegance. 


Quiet luxury decor with a dash of rustic style in a living room by Decorilla
Quiet luxury decor in a modern rustic living room by Decorilla

Muji is celebrated for its philosophy of simplicity, functionality, and minimalism, making it a perfect fit for the quiet luxury aesthetic. Their products, from furniture to storage solutions, are designed with a no-frills approach, focusing on quality and usability. Muji’s home goods, especially their aroma diffusers and soft furnishings, are ideal for adding a serene ambiance. In addition, the brand’s commitment to sustainability and unbranded products encourages a clutter-free, peaceful home environment.


Quiet luxury in a minimalist layout with statement lighting, dining room by Decorilla
Minimalist dining room design by Decorilla

Arteriors is distinguished by its unique home decor items, lighting, and furniture that blend artisan craftsmanship with contemporary design. Their collections often feature bold, sculptural pieces that can act as the centerpiece of a room, enhancing rather than distorting its sense of quiet luxury. Arteriors is particularly acclaimed for its lighting fixtures, which range from elegant chandeliers to sleek table lamps, all designed to create a warm, inviting glow. 

Quiet Luxury FAQ

Natural bathroom design by Decorilla
Natural bathroom design by Decorilla

 Can quiet luxury be achieved on a budget? 

Absolutely! Focus on quality over quantity, opting for fewer but better-made pieces. Look for timeless items at second-hand stores or find affordable brands that don’t compromise quality.

How do I maintain a quiet luxury style without my space feeling cold or impersonal? 

Personalization is the way to go. Incorporate items that have sentimental value or reflect your style, but prioritize uniqueness over cookie-cutter solutions.

How can I incorporate quiet luxury into a small space?   

Focus on functional minimalism. Choose multipurpose furniture, maintain a neutral color palette with subtle textures, and invest in quality over quantity.

What are some key elements to focus on when designing a quiet luxury interior?   

Key elements include a cohesive color scheme, natural materials like wood and stone, subtle lighting that creates ambiance, and well-crafted furniture that combines beauty with functionality.

Ready to embrace quiet luxury style but need a guiding hand?

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