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Oklahoma City is known for its mixed architecture and design style. Old Spanish revival architecture along with funky modern neighborhoods, make Oklahoma an upcoming design hub in the Midwest. And while Decorilla is fortunate enough to work with a few local interior designers, we also love to keep a look out for other talent in the area. Therefore, we have curated this list of top Oklahoma City interior designers and decorators that are the face of stunning interiors. So, read on to check out the best of interior design in OKC! 

Paige Sheller 

interior design okc paige sheller

As a young girl with artful instincts, Paige always knew she wanted to transform spaces. After graduating from Oklahoma State University, she decided to get her hands into the business. As a result, she worked with some top Oklahoma interior designers and perfected her skills. Consequently, after gaining experience in the industry, she fulfilled her lifelong dream of owning her design firm. Paige’s design style is flexible and opulent. She loves creating spaces that have a fresh feel to them. While working on a project, she believes in mixing different styles to make the space unique. As a result, she is a sought-after interior decorator in OKC.

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Modern rustic open living space by interior decorator OKC a-line designs

WHAT WE LOVE: Fun and enthusiastic spaces created with rich finishes.

Decorilla Oklahoma City Interior Designers

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With a broad range of talented and affordable Oklahoma interior designers, the Decorilla team is sure to be considered if you’re looking to hire an interior designer. Unlike most interior design firms, they will help match you with, not one, but two perfect designers to fit both your style and needs. Each of these designers will submit an initial concept that can be reviewed and refined. Ultimately, the client will choose their favorite concept and work with that designer to finalize their dream space.

black and white contemporary living room by interior decorator okc decorilla
Black & white contemporary living room by Decorilla Oklahoma City interior designers

Furthermore, every interior design package includes 3D photorealistic renderings to help visualize the space before committing to the the design or any purchase. Also included are color palettes, implementation guides, and a personalized shopping list complete with exclusive discounts – which can more than cover the cost of the design! Better yet, Decorilla’s interior designs come with a complimentary shopping concierge that handles everything for you from ordering, tracking, and delivery.

Bright and airy, natural master suite by Decorilla Oklahoma interior designers
Bright and airy, natural master suite by Decorilla Oklahoma interior designers

WHAT WE LOVE: Their widely talented team of designers available at a fraction of the cost of other firms. Like their work? Get started with Decorilla today!

Travis Neely and Phara Queen

oklahoma interior designers - neely and queen

Have you ever walked inside an eclectic and luxurious space and wondered how is it even possible to design something like that? Well, this power designer duo has literally taken over the country with their spectacular designs. From wallpapered ceilings to gothic sculptures and neon dining chairs, there is nothing in this world Neely and Queen haven’t nailed. As a result, their style is eclectic, fun and totally unimaginable! This enthusiasm in style is the reason why they are top Houzz interior designers, Oklahoma City.

Funky living room decor by one of the top oklahoma city interior designers, Neely and Queen

WHAT WE LOVE: What’s not to love? Bold décor mixed with unexpected accessories in all their interior design OKC projects.

Kelsey McGregor

houzz interior designers oklahoma city - kelsey mcgregor

Kelsey’s spaces are homey, comfy and everything nice. In other words, she loves to design spaces that are truly modern and minimal in essence. But most importantly, her designs have a lot of character and charm. To bring that sense of warmth, Kelsey incorporates a lot of natural materials, earthy tones and organic elements. However, Kelsey has a lot of personality in her style that makes her one of the top ranked Houzz interior designers in Oklahoma City.

Rustic kitchen interior design, Okc by Kelsey Leigh

WHAT WE LOVE: Thoughtful details and multiple layers that make space truly inspiring.

Micah Abbananto

find an interior designer near me - michah abbananto

Micah enjoys design even in every sense and it is visible in all her projects. Her attention to detail and keen design eye is what sets her apart. From high-end luxury homes to stylish condos, Micah can transform just about any space into modern delight. In addition, she specializes in creating design masterpieces on a flexible budget as desired by the clients. Her primary goal in every project is to provide a design solution so the house is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. As a result, she is a top interior decorator in OKC.

Rustic modern kitchen by interior decorator okc micah abbananto

WHAT WE LOVE: Elegant spaces that are cohesive and contemporary. 

Brett McPherson

hire an interior designer oklahoma city - brett mcpherson

Brett’s portfolio of work ranges from high-end luxurious apartments to rustic country-side getaways. And she nails all the design styles! Interior design in OKC is all about blending in different styles and creating unique experiences. As an artistic person, Brett believes that every project is a blank canvas and designing the interior is like giving soul to space. Therefore, in all her projects she uses bold details and dynamic finishes to provide character. For instance, she uses plenty of natural elements like stone and wood to create daring spaces. To balance these daunting materials, she incorporates soft upholstery and finishes in small details.

Country-style living room by one of the top Oklahoma city interior designers, Brett Mcpherson

WHAT WE LOVE: Brett’s fearless design style that is rustic with a hint of contemporary.

Ronette Wallace

_interior decorator okc - ronette wallace (1)

Having worked in various design-related fields, Ronette’s style has an edge that is hard to beat. After spending a good amount of time in fashion and visual merchandising, she knew there is a way to mix both of them. As a result, she dove straight into interior styling and decorating homes. Ronette likes to create a sanctuary for her clients where they can relax and enjoy their time. By creating balanced spaces, she designs with a purpose. As a result, all her designs are ultra-stylish with a cozy feel. In addition, her spaces are filled with a myriad of materials enhanced by eclectic accessories.

Layering creams of shade by OKC interior decorator ronette wallace

WHAT WE LOVE: Her artistic mix of styles is what makes Ronette one of the top Oklahoma City interior designers.

Jennifer Welch

_interior design okc - jennifer welch

Having spent more than two decades in the industry, Jennifer has a specialized ability to design the most ravishing interiors. Her secret to creating these monumental interiors is her commitment to detail. Jennifer is known in the industry to create bold and brave spaces. Her style is sleek and sophisticated with eclectic pops mixed in. In every design, she tries to achieve a statement look by adding a stellar chandelier or through bold walls. As a result, all her designs have a charm of their own.

Stylish dining room decor by interior decorator Oklahoma, Jennifer Welch

WHAT WE LOVE: Out-of-the-box design thinking that makes all her projects different. In addition, she tries to create interest using vivid artworks that truly make the interiors stand out!

Katelynn Calonkey Henry

_hire an interior designer okc - katelynn henry

With over a decade of experience, Katelynn is a leading interior decorator in Oklahoma. Her sophisticated design style is a true depiction of her talent and flawless artistic abilities. As a result, she has made it into ’40 under 40′ recognized by the U.S. Furniture Design Industry. Katelynn likes to include thoughtful touches in every project she undertakes to help her clients explain their stories. She uses fine details to bring out their personality in the home. Her style is characterized by the use of bespoke furniture and custom-made décor pieces. She is one of the most bold Oklahoma City interior designers

Eclectic home by one of the top Oklahoma city interior designers, Katelynn Henry

 WHAT WE LOVE: Harmonic spaces that look super vibrant and sumptuous.

Karen Black

one of the top oklahoma city interior designers - Karen Black

This award-winning interior decorator in OKC has been beautifying the city for the last 30 years. Karen’s design style feels like a breath of fresh air. For instance, she likes to play around with natural light to illuminate spaces. In addition, the spaces have simple décor elements that bring a serene feel. Even though she is totally into modern design style, Karen likes to incorporate hints of classical elements to bring a sweet contrast into the home.

Minimal kitchen by okc interior decorator karen black

WHAT WE LOVE: Simple interiors that are full of life and joy!

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