Inspired by factories and warehouses, Industrial Design is a trendy style that creates spaces which are modern, urban and full of personality.

Typically, industrial design is associated with large spaces having high ceilings, robust natural light and exposed elements. If these components are lacking in your house, there are plenty of opportunities for you to update and create a modern industrial look. You can do it yourself with these simple tips or hire a virtual designer for some expert help.


Industrial pendants and table lamps are gorgeous and can be easily mixed into a modern decoration. See some gorgeous examples by designer Ibrahim Husin HERE. Colorful or with neutral tones, they are key pieces to a beautiful industrial decoration so, don’t be afraid to use it!

industrial-elements 2

Colors and materials

This decorating style really highlights industrial design by primarily using cold colors. One idea on how to incorporate a cold color is to use cement or wood for flooring. Cement will give a factory touch to the space whereas wood creates a more antique feel. If the space is mainly neutral, add elements with bold colors such as chairs, pillows, pendants or some furniture pieces. Another key point is to match materials! Metal, glass and cement used together create a modern combination between the roughness of the cement and metal and the suavity of the glass. In case of a small space use light colors on the walls and floor. That way the space will appear larger than it really is!


Brick Walls

Brick walls are famous in this décor style, because they give an amazing look to an industrial room. If you don’t have an original brick wall you can always work with wall tiles that look exactly like you’d always had one! 

The bricks can be used in the original tone – what is totally stylish – or painted, lightning up the space.

Industrial-Elements 4

Special Touches

The cool part about industrial decoration is that you can let your imagination flow. 

Don’t forget about decorating your wall! Vintage posters, arts, mirrors are always an excellent idea. 

Recycling objects and furniture is a nice way of not spending too much, yet having antique pieces in your project. Do you have an old wooden console that is just hanging out in the garage? You can repaint it and as a result have an amazing new furniture piece for your living room.

Industrial decorating accepts a lot of pieces from other styles, as traditional frames for arts and mirrors, modern furniture and colors and rustic elements.

Get inspired!

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Written by Decorilla contributing blogger, Jéssica Duarte