Few activities are as exciting as preparing for a new baby’s arrival. Not to mention, getting the little one’s room ready is among life’s special moments. And today it’s especially true as parents have much more freedom to experiment with trendy unisex designs. Plus, the design world is full of gender-neutral nursery ideas to welcome your baby in style – read on for the favorites!

Gender-Neutral Nursery Ideas

Gender neutral nursery - Lauren A
Decorilla elegant gender-neutral nursery ideas

Neutral nursery ideas may sound like playing it safe – however, they can be pretty adventurous. A quick browse for online nursery design proves as much. These examples reveal so many fun yet functional looks both babes and parents can enjoy together.

Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas 101: Decorate to Your Tastes

Gender neutral nursery decor ideas in a soft green
Gender-neutral nursery decor ideas in a soft green by Decorilla

Ordinarily, a nursery interior design checklist features elements that create a soothing atmosphere. Although this is important for your baby, the space should also appeal to your tastes. After all, as a parent, you’ll spend a lot of time there, caring for your bundle of joy. Add pieces you love, like neon signs, eclectic artwork, and furniture in your preferred style for a truly unique look.

Pro Tip: Pick a style before designing your gender-neutral nursery. Unsure what that is? Then try our Free Interior Design Style Quiz to find your true decorating style!

Have Fun with the Walls

Gender neutral jungle nursery ideas - Marya W
Jungle-inspired gender-neutral nursery by Decorilla designer, Marya W.

Anyone familiar with projects like a before and after woodland-themed nursery will know the power of wallpaper. And it doesn’t have to be strictly childlike either. For example, some vintage-inspired designs make a room feel refined and timeless. Create an accent wall by covering only one in wallpaper or paint a mural instead. Bird, jungle, and map designs are all ideal for a neutral nursery.

Create a Statement Ceiling

Pink and green gender neutral nursery ideas
Gender-neutral nursery ideas with pink and green by Decorilla

One of the most unexpected yet chic neutral nursery ideas is to decorate the ceiling with wallpaper, painted patterns, or a bold solid tone. Keep the walls a simple, complementary monochrome hue to make this effect pop. Patterned ceiling ideas include clouds, stars, and geometric designs.

Incorporate Natural Accents

Gender neutral nursery decor ideas and boho style
Gender-neutral nursery decor ideas with a boho style by Decorilla

Leave the pastel accents behind – instead, opt for more versatile, organic ones. Wood, bamboo, and rattan look spectacular in nurseries since they add texture and warmth. Natural unisex nursery ideas often feature indoor plants and soft organic materials like wool and cotton too. These add freshness and plushness, respectively. As a bonus, these textural elements will pose a great adventure for your little one. They get to explore and develop their tactile sense too. 

Gender-Neutral Nursery Themes

Beautiful gender neutral nursery ideas and decor
Earthy gender-neutral nursery theme by Decorilla

When creating a gender-neutral nursery, the themes to choose from are nearly limitless! However, some have more enduring appeal and charm than others. Even so, it all depends on your needs and preferences. Luckily, there truly is a theme to suit every parent and babe.

Scandi Chic

Unisex nursery ideas and decor
Unisex nursery ideas and decor by Decorilla designer, Liana S.

Few styles balance minimalism and warmth quite as effectively as Scandinavian interior design. Its light hues and clean-lined furnishings make it one of the most beloved gender-neutral nursery ideas of recent years. Be sure to include muted pastel and textured pieces for a room that feels both current and classic.

Whimsical Woodland

Gender neutral nursery themes and ideas with a woodlands look
Woodland unisex nursery ideas by Decorilla

A rustic woodland theme might just inspire a love of the great outdoors in your little one early on. It’s among our favorite neutral nursery ideas because you get to combine many of the other ideas in one space. For instance, you can show off natural accents, create a woods-themed mural, and include cute animal décor.

Beautiful Bohemian

Gender neutral nursery with green wallpaper
Gender-neutral nursery with green wallpaper by Decorilla designer, Darya N.

Whether you prefer warm neutrals or jewel tones, boho gender-neutral nursery ideas are the way to go. The relaxed yet eclectic style is especially popular among creative parents who want to instill the same love in their babies. Decorate with pieces like macramé wall art, a vintage oriental rug – and tassels, of course!

Go Geometric

Gender neutral nursery theme with geometrics
Modern geometric-design neutral nursery ideas by Decorilla designer, Ibrahim H.

If you’re a lover of all things mid-century modern, then you’re bound to enjoy geometric gender-neutral nursery themes. These simple shapes certainly shine when executed well. Consider putting up a bold, patterned wallpaper and trendy, geometric pendant light. Hexagonal shelves and geometric area rugs are also great ways to make the most of this theme.

Gender-Neutral Nursery Colors

Neutral gray nursery - Wanda P
Nursery design in gender-neutral nursery colors by Decorilla designer, Wanda P.

There are many fabulous color palettes for nurseries, so it only makes sense to expand your horizons beyond pink or blue. That said, combining the two most traditional colors can create a stunning gender-neutral nursery too. But regardless of tone, it’s also important to consider different saturations. After all, the depth and brightness of a hue can significantly impact a nursery’s ambiance.

Fresh & Serene Green

Gender neutral nursery theme ideas with green sage
Gender-neutral nursery design in pastel green by Decorilla

Browse neutral nursery ideas online, and one color scheme comes up again and again for a good reason. Green is ever popular due to its calming and refreshing effect. Plus, it looks incredible in any shade – from dark forest green to soft mint.

Warm & Friendly Yellow

Gender neutral nursery color ideas
Gender-neutral nursery color with a yellow cradling chair by Decorilla

Like a ray of sunshine, the color yellow can boost anyone’s mood. Ultimately, it’s a perfect choice for a happy, bouncing baby’s room. Usually, neutral nursery ideas focus on lighter hues but consider warm ocher or zesty lemon as alternatives.

Magical Monochrome

Black and white gender neutral nursery ideas with a black crib
Black and white gender-neutral nursery by Decorilla

Shades of black, white, and gray are exceptionally versatile. In fact, they suit nearly every space – including a neutral nursery. To keep the room feeling uplifting, bright, and airy, use light gray or white as the primary color, with black acting as an accent to add depth.

Embrace Darker Hues

Gender neutral nursery ideas for a dark interior design
Gender-neutral nursery ideas for a dark interior by Decorilla

Gender-neutral nursery ideas frequently feature lots of light and bright colors. However, darker hues can be just as appropriate for your little one’s room. Pick a deep, rich color like plum or sapphire, then use soft accents and interesting patterns to bring the nursery to life.

Gender-Neutral Nursery Décor Ideas

Natural details in a gender neutral nursery design theme
Natural details in a gender-neutral nursery design theme by Decorilla

Ultimately, there are many ways to decorate a unisex nursery and enjoy stunning results. Although, certain pieces undeniably add more charm to the room than others. Be mindful of the décor you select to create a soothing yet playful retreat for you and your baby.

Alternative Rocking Horses

Boho chic neutral nursery - Lauren A
Bohemian gender-neutral nursery décor and design by Decorilla designer, Lauren A.

Sure, the original is great – but with so many exciting alternatives available, why opt for the usual rocking horse? Consider another rocking animal like a dog, bear, or even elephant, depending on the nursery theme. Apart from being a fun toy when your little one grows older, it’s also a whimsical piece of neutral nursery décor.

Playful Mobiles

Gender neutral nursery decor ideas with a fun mobile
Beautiful unisex nursery decor ideas by Decorilla designer, Jamie C.

Few items of gender-neutral nursery décor are as iconic as a mobile. Again, like a rocking animal, mobiles serve both a functional and stylistic purpose in nurseries. Since there’s no shortage of options on the market, shop around until you find one that perfectly suits your aesthetic.

Plush Area Rugs

Gender neutral nursery decor and unisex colors
Gender-neutral nursery decor ideas with a fluffy rug by Decorilla

Sometimes, it’s the simple touches that have the greatest effects. Create a relaxed and cozy atmosphere by investing in an ultra-plush area rug as part of your neutral nursery décor. Pick a versatile, high-quality one that can remain in your adorable babe’s room beyond infancy. We’re particularly partial to faux sheepskin rugs for their visual appeal and softness.

Creative Gallery Wall

Unisex and gender neutral nursery ideas for a change table and gallery wall
Unisex and gender-neutral nursery decor by Decorilla

Gallery walls suit nurseries just as well as living rooms. Get creative by putting one together that suits your unisex nursery ideas. In other words, use artwork that fits your theme or pieces that evoke tender memories. Framed ultrasound scans and newborn photography are among the most touching gallery wall ideas.

Need help implementing gender-neutral nursery ideas?

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