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Little do people know the capital of country music is also home to memorable design. In fact, Nashville, Tennessee holds striking versatile designs fit for both the countryside and bustling city. And Decorilla can’t get enough of good design, which is why we keep an eye on the latest and hottest design talent. Without further ado, here are the top Nashville interior designers!

Sara Ray 

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A connoisseur of soothing schemes, Sara Ray has a knack for creating interiors good for the soul. And to top it all, each home by Sara is as unique as a snowflake. This Houzz interior designer in Nashville, TN, elevates traditional homes with modern twists. As a member of the ASID, Sara’s passion for interiors is verified and reliable above all. Her dedication to clean lines, timeless design, and her client’s needs consistently bring nourishing results. 

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Bedroom by interior designer in Nashville Sara Ray

WHAT WE LOVE: Sara tends to finer details and includes something unexpected into her designs.

Decorilla Nashville Interior Designers

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With a team of accomplished Nashville interior designers, Decorilla makes finding the right person easy. In fact, by matching clients to designers best suited to their needs, the team eliminates uncertainty. After the match, clients receive two proposals from different designers. So, unlike other interior design firms in Nashville, you get to pick your favorite after a test round.

Interior design firm Nashville - Decorilla, Mladen
Masculine lounge by Decorilla interior design in Nashville

Decorilla offers comprehensive, affordable flat-rate design packages. Each includes 3D photorealistic renderings, an online shopping list, and an implementation guide. This helps clients visualize their room updates before committing to a change. Above flexibility, exclusive trade discounts, and a complimentary concierge are also included. The latter will take care of every aspect of your online purchases, from ordering to delivery.

Interior decorator Nashville, Betsy M - Decorilla
Luxury bathroom by Decorilla interior decorator Nashville

WHAT WE LOVE: With Decorilla, hiring the best interior designer in Nashville doesn’t have to break the bank. Plus, getting started is as easy as completing a fun quiz!

Jessica Davis

Interior designer Nashville, TN, Jessica Davis

With features on HGTV and Property Brothers, JL Design gains popularity daily. Led by founder, Jessica Davis, these Nashville interior designers enmesh fine art and design. As a result, spaces are creative, functional, and bespoke to every client. It’s no wonder as Jessica gravitates to where her inner creativity and sensibility lead her.

Interior designer in Nashville, TN, Jessica Davis

WHAT WE LOVE: As an artist at heart, Jessica feels “committed to the art form [of interior design]” and encourages progressive interior design.

Laura Thurman

Interior decorator Nashville, Laura Thurman

A well-traveled interior designer in Nashville, TN, Laura Thurman brings excitement to interiors. Her global aesthetic refreshes and invigorates tired spaces to give them a completely new look and feel. Moreover, many of her designs have been featured on The Cottage Journal and HGTV Magazine. She ensures worldly flair compliments and highlights her client’s personality above all else.

Nashville interior designer, Laura Thurman

WHAT WE LOVE: Laura’s adept touch merges her travel inspiration and contemporary sensibilities. The result is as memorable as it is welcoming. 

Beth Haley 

Beth Haley one of the Nashville interior designers

Practicality and visual stimulation trump all in interiors by Beth Haley. With over two decades in the industry, Beth lives and breathes holistic interior design in Nashville. Not only does she value functionality, but she also appreciates historic architecture. As a result, Beth’s interiors fit her client’s aesthetic and practical needs while honoring a building’s structure. 

Nashville interior designer Beth Haley

WHAT WE LOVE: Beth refreshes and updates homes in a sustainable way that respects their history.

Paige Williams

Hire an interior designer in Nashville like Paige Williams

Color inspires one of the best interior designers in Nashville, be it from fashion, art, or the outdoors. As a result, Paige Williams’ designs are bold yet feel natural and inviting. With attention to detail, Paige creates a cohesive color scheme throughout a home, ensuring one room flows into another. Such a comprehensive approach certainly gives clients a home to adore. 

Best interior designer Nashville, Paige Williams

WHAT WE LOVE: Paige’s interiors are vibrant and texture-rich – certainly a true aesthetic treat!

Marcelle Guilbeau

Houzz interior designer Nashville, Marcelle Guilbeau

One of the interior design firms in Nashville with a truly unique approach to design is Marcelle Guilbeau’s studio. What makes it special is four groups that specify a look and feel as well as personality type. Marcelle refers to these as “Traditionalist”, “Modernist”, “Practicalist”, and “Sensualist”. Although she tailors designs to the clients’ needs, she also gets an insight into their personalities with her set types.

Marcelle Guilbeau interior decorator Nashville

WHAT WE LOVE: Marcelle aims to design spaces that reflect her client’s inner compass to bring a happy-to-the-core feeling. Therefore, she and her team work to connect heart and soul through design.

Connie Vernich

Connie Vernich interior design Nashville

Originally a teacher of historical architecture, Connie Vernich can make a lasting impression. As a top interior decorator in Nashville, She has a flair for transitional design. In the end, her interiors are timeless as she merges classics with striking contemporary trends. Her designs have been featured in many publications, like Southern Home and Cottage Journal.

Nashville interior designer - Connie Vernich

WHAT WE LOVE: Even though Connie’s designs are rooted in balanced and traditional design, a room always has a surprise element. 

Rick and Jennefer Guthrie 

Nashville interior designers - Interior Anthology

Every home must tell a story: a coherent, sensible, and visual narrative. This undoubtedly drives the team of  top Nashville interior designers, Rick and Jennefer Guthrie to exceed expectations. Their passion project, Interior Anthology offers clients a way to express themselves on the biggest canvas yet, home. As a result, Rick and Jennefer’s designs are highly individual and coherent. 

Interior design in Nashville by Interior Anthology

WHAT WE LOVE: The couple also has extensive experience in art curation which is evident in the perfectly composed interiors. They also offer framing, installation, and acquisition services.

Jonathan Savage

Jonathan Savage best interior designer Nashville

Interior design in Nashville certainly holds unexpected energy. Jonathan Savage, for example, dips monochrome in luxury when you least expect it. His designs have an element of surprise as classics are modernized and tranquillity triumphs. As a result, Jonathan’s stunning interiors have been featured in many publications, like Design + Décor and luxe. 

One of the top interior designers in Nashville, TN, Jonathan Savage

WHAT WE LOVE: Jonathan can bring a sense of adventure into interiors like few others. This, in part, is thanks to his background and experience in the art industry.

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