Top Anchorage interior designers

You might be surprised to know that Anchorage is home to a growing interior design scene. Interiors here match the magnitude of the breathtaking surroundings – all thanks to a strong presence of skillful local designers. So whether you’re looking for some inspo or need some help sprucing up your home, you won’t want to miss these top Anchorage interior designers and decorators!

Interior Design Anchorage

Eclectic living room by Decorilla interior design, Anchorage
Eclectic living room by Decorilla interior design, Anchorage

Anchorage’s interior design scene is truly worth bragging about. From upscale modern apartments to coastal cottages, it boasts an impressive variety of styles bringing natural beauty and a sense of place to every room. Creatives here are known for their commitment to using local materials such as driftwood, fir, and stone. However, what really sets Anchorage interior design apart is its ability to mix classic tradition with bold innovation, creating a unique look that other places just can’t replicate. 

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Top Anchorage Interior Designers

Rustic cabin kitchen by Decorilla Anchorage interior designers
Rustic cabin kitchen by Decorilla Anchorage interior designers

Living in an area renowned for traditional crafts allows Anchorage interior designers to create one-of-a-kind spaces while supporting local artists at the same time. In return, such a combination of top-notch talent and a deep appreciation for unique objects and artwork earned Anchorage interior design its place among the nation’s creative capitals.

Beth McDonough

Beth McDonough interior decorator Anchorage

Beth McDonough is the owner and lead designer at Forty Nine Interiors, a design studio located in the Mat-Su Valley and Anchorage, Alaska. With a passion for family and lifestyle optimization, Beth is dedicated to creating beautiful spaces for busy professional Alaskan families. As an experienced Anchorage interior designer with many years of living across America under her belt, Beth understands what makes their homes unique. She is also proficient in using available resources without compromising on style or comfort.

Anchorage interior designers Beth McDonough

WHAT WE LOVE: Beth’s commitment to understanding each client’s individual needs.

Decorilla Anchorage Interior Designers

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For genuinely stunning project results, turn to Decorilla Anchorage interior designers near you. This versatile interior design platform offers a range of creative services, making it simple to find and collaborate with the area’s leading professionals. Each designer on the team has extensive experience across all project styles, ensuring flawless execution of your vision!

Cozy living room by Decorilla's top Anchorage interior designers
Cozy living room by Decorilla‘s top Anchorage interior designers

With Decorilla, you can have access to the best interior design in Anchorage. Their talented professionals are renowned for composing truly unique looks tailored specifically to each client’s taste and lifestyle. High-res 3D visualizations allow the clients to sense and get connected with their rooms before committing to the project execution. In the meantime, each design comes with a custom shopping list, famous for its substantial trade discounts on furniture and decor. 

Transitional kitchen by top Decorilla interior designers near you
Transitional kitchen by top Decorilla interior designers near you

WHAT WE LOVE: Above all, we love the incredible versatility of Decorilla services and creative visions. Put yourself one step closer towards creating an unforgettable living experience and start a project today!

Elizabeth Milligan

Elizabeth Milligan top Anchorage interior designers

Elizabeth Milligan has always had an intuitive relationship with the environment around her. It’s no wonder, therefore, that it drove her to develop a career in interior design. Over ten years of experience have enabled her to achieve true excellence in the field. Today, she is the owner and principal designer of Em Interiors, an Anchorage interior design firm. 

Elizabeth Milligan interior design Anchorage AK

WHAT WE LOVE: Elizabeth’s ability to make spaces that authentically portray the style of each client she works for. 

Fernanda Conrad

Bernarda Conrad interior design Anchorage AK

For Fernanda Conrad, it all started with her accompanying her engineer father to job sites to watch blueprints come alive. In other words, she has been fueling her passion for interior design since childhood. Eventually, she directed those drives into a flourishing career. Hard work and ambition not only led Fernanda to become an interior designer in Anchorage, Alaska, these traits also won her first place and grand prize in the Best Alaskan Kitchen Contest.

Bernarda Conrad interior decorators Anchorage AK

WHAT WE LOVE: Creative designs, contemporary but also deeply rooted in the traditional, family-oriented style.

Peggy Favretto

Peggy Favretto interior decorators Anchorage AK

Peggy Favretto is the head of Coordinators Interior Design, employing a large, diverse group of interior decorators in Anchorage, AK. This interior design firm specializes in transforming spaces into the home or business of your dreams. Peggy and her team of professionals ensure every client achieves their desired look. Combining skillful use of lighting and color selection with other visual elements, they evoke a certain mood within each unique environment. 

Peggy Favretto interior designers Anchorage

WHAT WE LOVE: A combination of proven methods and the best available resources that conveys highly functional and reliable spaces as a result. 

Kandi Hernandez

Kandi Hernandez interior decirators Anchorage

From a young age, Kandi Hernandez was surrounded by interior design. However, it was her grandmother who first suggested turning her passion into a career. The moment happened after realizing how much Kandi enjoyed redecorating her room before the arrival of a new baby brother. Years later, the dream became a reality when she earned a Bachelor’s degree from Harding University. Prior to becoming a licensed Anchorage interior designer, Kandi gained experience working for different companies throughout the country. 

Kandi Hernandez interior designers Anchorage

WHAT WE LOVE: Solid, well-put-together rooms devoted to making daily life not only efficient but also enjoyable. 

Natasha Schmidt

Interior design Anchorage Natasha Schmidt

Natasha Schmidt is an exceptionally qualified Anchorage interior designer with a wealth of experience in the creative industry. Her credentials are bolstered by her Bachelor Of Fine Arts degree, followed by years of gaining diverse experience. Natasha’s skills include client relations management (CRM), programming, space planning, AutoCAD & Revit usage, as well as building plan maintenance. Furthermore, having designed projects from small-scale to large, and across various sectors, she obtained proficiency in numerous additional aspects of the trade. 

Natacha Schmidt interior decorators Anchorage AK

WHAT WE LOVE: A client-centered approach that allows bringing any dream concept to life.

Mary Kay Arthaud

Mary Kay Arthaud interior decorators Anchorage AK

Mary Kay Arthaud is an interior decorator in Anchorage and a member of the team offering a broad range of industry services. Their company, Journey Homes, provides both interior design and custom woodwork services available under the same roof. From basement and bathroom renovation to commercial design, MK Arthaud strives to make each client’s dreams come true. As a result, her designs appeared in various publications such as Alaska Home Magazine as well as on the GA Panoramas website.

Mary Kay Arthaud interior design Anchorage

WHAT WE LOVE: Warm interiors rich in natural materials such as wood and stone. 

Jana Seda

Jana Seda interior decorators Anchorage AK

With over a decade of experience, Jana Seda is an established figure in the interior design Anchorage scene. After completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, she found success with kitchen and bath design – mastering both practicality and functionality. In return, Alaska Home Magazine and Best Kitchens Edition have featured her work numerous times. Jana also won several awards, including the BHA Golden Hammer Winner and Grand Prize 2020 Award from Alaska’s Best Magazine.

Jana Seda interior design Anchorage

WHAT WE LOVE: Jana crafts timeless spaces with a lot of character.

Kjerstin Boorstein

Kjerstin Boorstain interior decorator Anchorage AK

Kjerstin Boorstein is an experienced Alaska-based residential interior designer who helps homeowners create timeless abodes. From building a custom home to buying something prebuilt or renovating, she helps them make all the decisions necessary to proudly call the space their own. Kjerstin’s scope of work ranges from 3D modeling to carpentry details and finishing touches. She also assists with decor selection after construction/renovation is complete, ensuring that all elements coordinate properly.

Kjerstin Boorstain Anchorage interior designers

WHAT WE LOVE: Relaxed approach that adds an element of fun while still conveying a strong flair of cohesion.

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