Modern in home bar with a pool table and lounge area

Building your own home comes with boundless freedom. You get to dictate everything, from the wall placement, roof tiles to the smallest piece of hardware or faucet. But being the president of such a big personal project can be paralyzing. So, to keep things going, one homeowner turned to Decorilla’s experts to transform her home, starting with a suave and sleek in-home bar design. Read on to get a glimpse!   

The Challenge: In-Home Bar Design 

Having worked with another interior design company, the client knew exactly what she wanted: details, customization, and finesse. As the client and her family entertain regularly, their game room was their top priority. The designer had to create a modern in-home bar that would be the highlight of the home. To this end, the designer needed to tackle a few challenges, namely:

  • Visualize the to-be-built room and include windows and glass doors that make the most of the view and natural light
  • Ensure the game room has a deluxe home pool table that fits the luxurious design
  • Include a glass wall showcasing the luxury car garage
  • Create a modern masculine interior, with a fireplace and light color palette

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Modern Home Bar Ideas & Inspiration 

modern home bar ideas and lounge inspiration

Contemporary luxury, glossy surfaces, and layers of designer lighting inspired the client. For her modern home bar ideas, the client picked homes that feature contemporary and modern designs. She particularly loved the idea of a fireplace and a light countertop, like onyx stone, in the game room. However, she preferred dark wood panels or textured wallpaper to anything with a yellow undertone. A luxe home pool table and multiple wall-mounted television monitors were also a must. 

Additionally, the client highlighted a project by Mladen C. as a source of inspiration. His contemporary living room makeover ticks all the must-haves on her list, from luxurious surfaces to contemporary lighting design and sophisticated interior design.  

Modern In-Home Bar Design & Mood Board

In home bar design with a pool table and lounge area
Modern in-home bar design – Decorilla 3D rendering

To get started, the client received two initial proposals from industry-leading interior designers. Liking both equally made the decision a tough one. Nevertheless, in the end, she chose Laura’s elegant modern in-home bar design. And together, Laura and the client discussed the finer points to refine the design to suit the client’s tastes. The final concept was just what the client hoped for: a game room with a lustrous bar, home pool table, views to a showroom garage, and plenty of seating for eight people. 

Decorilla mood board filled with modern home bar ideas


For the initial concept, Laura showcased the look and feel of the home bar design. She focussed on the most prominent furniture pieces, color scheme, and materials. Accordingly, a neutral palette of light provides a refined basis for the main design elements. Its colors of brown, white, gray, and black keep to the client’s wish for clean and modern tones. Moreover, it will also echo the hues of the garage showroom.  

To strengthen the air of luxury further, Laura included a double-sided fireplace wall, billiard table, contemporary chandelier, and black home bar ideas. Small rooms can also benefit from such a luxurious scheme, especially when paired with space-saving bar cart ideas. A few clever alternatives can spruce up an entertainment area in no time.  

The Modern In-Home Bar Design Result 

modern home bar design with onyx countertop wet bar and garage showroom
Elegant modern home bar design – Decorilla 3D rendering


Owing to the designer’s clear vision and the client’s checklist, the result is the pinnacle of luxury modern in-home bar design. Now the room breathes opulence and welcomes entertaining. A bar counter with waterfall onyx stone boasts a six-seater expanse and provides the best view of the showroom garage. Here, large black-casing windows frame the sports vehicles, resembling a luxury car museum. 

The bar counter steps down a few inches, hiding the preparation area from the direct line of sight. At the same time, the lower work counter also highlights the impressive drinks display, complete with two flat-screen monitors. Accent lighting and industrial-style shelves give a masculine twist while elongating the wall visually. Drop pendant lights also create a beautiful minimal feature just above the countertop.  

The Contemporary Home Pool Table

Luxury home bar design
Elegant modern home bar design – Decorilla 3D rendering


A showstopper fireplace next to the home bar design not only adds warmth but also interest with its marble wall. It also creates a beautiful transition from the game room to the living room on the left. 

Open and airy, the room has a spacious layout which will work wonders for the home pool table once someone decides to play. This table itself is a unique and stylish statement. Above the surface hangs a contemporary oversized chandelier that highlights this zone of action even more. 

In home bar design with a pool table and lounge area
Luxe in-home bar design – Decorilla 3D rendering


Next to the lounge floor-to-ceiling windows echo those of the showroom and provides satisfying symmetry. The living area itself is comfortable and inviting while still oozing sophistication. An L-shaped sofa hugs the room as two accent chairs add balance in a darker shade of gray. 

The furniture and décor in the room are mainly neutral, with cream and light browns, that visually elongate the space. Furthermore, black accent pieces like a drink stand, standing lamp, and lighting provide contrast to the design. Beautiful wood paneling on the ceiling also adds definition while making the modern bar design seem even longer. It also complements the hardwood floors exceptionally well.

Online Shopping List for the Home Bar Design 

Shopping list for an in home bar design
Home bar design shopping list with trade discounts by Decorilla


The final modern in-home bar design, like every Decorilla project, comes with an online shopping list and detailed implementation guide. With this list of goodies, the client has access to exclusive product discounts that often equal the design cost. In other words, the design can pay for itself!   

 Design Your Own Modern In-Home Bar

Modern in home bar ideas top picks and decor

You can spruce up your space with a few modern home bar ideas and our top picks below. One or two décor swaps can even make a great difference to the atmosphere of your interior. Who knows, you could be playing on your luxury home pool table soon!

  1. Aquitaine Pendant 
  2. Booker Shelf  
  3. End Table
  4. Wine Decanter
  5. Upholstered Stool 
  6. Abstract Rug 

With insight and expertise from one of the finest interior designers, the client could create a game room and modern in-home bar fit for luxurious entertaining. This interior design overflows with elegance and suits its exquisite home perfectly. 

Feeling Inspired to Create Your Own Modern In-Home Bar?

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