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The Gold Coast holds a countryside charm and is only a short distance from New York. It’s filled with idyllic getaway destinations, like Greenwich. This town also happens to be a dreamy place to settle down in – especially with luxe homes and interiors populating the setting. Whether you are thinking about setting down roots in this pretty town or already call it home, there’s a prime selection of top Greenwich, CT, interior designers to help create your dream home. Read on to see who’s among the top 10!

Greenwich Interior Design 

Contemporary open living by one of Decorilla's top Greenwich CT interior designers
Open living by one of Decorilla‘s best interior designers in Greenwich

It may have a quiet rural appeal, but it rivals Manhattan’s cultural and entertainment scene. As such, Greenwich interior design is relevant and enticing. Well-known interior designers cater to various projects, from high-end to corporate spaces. They have a way of showing the best of Connecticut in the most luxurious and livable ways. 

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Best Greenwich CT Interior Designers

Greenwich interior design - Casey H
Formal living room by Decorilla‘s top Greenwich interior designers

If you’re one of the lucky ones settling down in Greenwich, there are interior designers near you able to create your dream home. Whatever the style, the top creatives incorporate timeless interior design, making spaces ever-enduring. 

Linda Ruderman   

Houzz interior designers Greenwich CT - Linda Ruderman

Known for her classic-with-a-twist design style, Linda Ruderman knows how to make properties stand apart. Her formal education is well-rounded and bolstered with architecture and furniture history courses. As a result, her expertise has monumented her place among the best Greenwich CT interior designers. 

One of the top Greenwich interior designers - Linda Ruderman

WHAT WE LOVE: Linda’s use of striking artwork and lighting never ceases to add a memorable touch to her classical interiors. 

Karin Loglisci

Best Greenwich interior designers - Karin Loglisci (2)

Approachability and skills are two of the many reasons Karin Loglisci is one of the best Greenwich interior designers. She’s built an impressive design portfolio over twenty years. During this time, she’s perfected creativity and consulting to deliver exceptional interiors. 

Greenwich interior design by Karin Loglisci
Greenwich interior design by Decorilla designer, Karin L.

Karin also happens to be among the most affordable designers in Connecticut offering a flat rate as well as hourly packages. Yet, being accessible and budget-friendly, her services are undeniably top-notch. Her residential and commercial clients can attest to Karin’s functional, beautiful interiors. The reason lies in her love for problem-solving. She views projects as intricate puzzles, which she then expertly puts together. And in the end, the final design becomes the client’s happy place. 

Top Greenwich interior designers - Karin Loglisci
Quaint rustic bedroom designs by top Decorilla interior decorator in Greenwich, CT, Karin L.

WHAT WE LOVE:  How Karin’s travels have shaped her style and knowledge of designing all types of interiors – big and small. If you want a balanced home, you can start a project with Karin today!

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Beth Krupa 

Greenwich interior design - Beth Krupa

With a background in Sociology, Beth Krupa can steer her team and connect with clients on a higher level. She uses empathetic listening and insightful investigation to understand clients’ needs. Additionally, Beth brings over 20 years of international design experience to each project. Her custom-curated and dynamic designs illustrate her exceptional work ethic and expertise. 

Interior designers near you - Beth Krupa

WHAT WE LOVE: Beth’s individualized approach brings about beautifully personalized interiors. It’s what Greenwich interior design is known for

Susan Alisberg & Ed Parker

Interior designers near you - Susan Alisberg & Ed Parker

Architects by trade, the duo behind Alisberg Parker certainly knows how to create memorable spaces. Susan Alisberg and Ed Parker’s services integrate architecture, interior design, and construction management. Together with the best Greenwich, CT, interior designers, they craft exceptional spaces. Plus, they aim to always make the process feel fun and effortless. 

Top Greenwich interior designers and architects - Susan & Ed

WHAT WE LOVE: Susan and Ed’s experience, combined with their team, ensures vibrant and diverse designs. That’s why they are rated as one of the top Houzz interior designers in Greenwich, CT. 

Deborah von Donop

Best interior decorator Greenwich CT - Deborah von Donop

Deborah von Donop is not only one of the top Greenwich interior designers, but also an educator in the industry. She often writes on design resources, industry events, and inspirational tips. Deborah has a series of useful guides for homemakers too. Additionally, she’s also a skilled interior designer as head of her firm, DvD, specializing in kitchen and healthy home design. 

Best Greenwich interior designers - Deborah

WHAT WE LOVE: Deborah’s passion for creating interiors that make clients happy. Whether it’s through her services or guides enabling people to make a home they love.

Douglas Graneto

Greenwich interior design - Douglas Graneto

A career as a custom furniture atelier and a degree in Art History brought Douglas Graneto to interior design. Unknowingly, his first steps in furniture led to his iconic interior style – juxtaposed vintage and modern. Today, Douglas is a skilled furniture designer also counted among the top Greenwich interior designers. 

Top Greenwich CT interior design - Douglas Graneto

WHAT WE LOVE: The timeless elegance of interiors by Douglas. His knowledge of vintage and custom furniture design comes to the fore, creating a luxe atmosphere. He’s certainly earned his place among the best-rated Houzz interior designers in Greenwich, CT. 

Lorraine Levinson 

Top interior decorator Greenwich CT - Lorraine Levinson

A passion for painting and a background in advertising have given Lorraine Levinson a keen eye and sound business sense. Today, she’s an intuitive and practical interior decorator in Greenwich, CT. It’s no wonder her interiors are so wholesome and well put together. Besides, Lorraine’s mindfulness of a design’s longevity pushes her to learn more about her clients. In this way, she ensures the space feels fresh and personal for decades. 


WHAT WE LOVE: Lorraine lets each client’s style guide the way to unique interiors. Her biggest compliment is when a client’s home feels like them – personal, individual, unique. 

Julia Grayson      

Best interior decorator in Greenwich CT - Grayson de Vere

Lifestyle brand Grayson De Vere has a boutique design studio delivering bespoke interiors. The team, led by Julia Grayson, conceptualize and create spaces that delight above all else. Their focus is on luxury ease as well as balance, beauty, and comfort. What’s more, their Greenwich interior design focuses on holistic and wellness-based production. 

Top Greenwich CT interior designers - Grayson de Vere

WHAT WE LOVE: Grayson De Vere has interior designers near you as well as an entire wellness and lifestyle shop. Here you can purchase gifts, décor, and skincare products. 

Jody Deluca

Interior designers near me - Jody Deluca

Over two decades of creating beautiful homes have cemented Jody Deluca’s style in clients’ memories. As one of the top Greenwich interior designers, she molds interiors of the Gold Coast. Owing to her many years of staying up to date with trends and services, Jody is fluent in managing contractors and external services. Her know-how is not only visible in planning as the results boast her affinity for classic interior design too. 

Greenwich interior design by Jody

WHAT WE LOVE: Jody’s gentle color schemes that create a peaceful atmosphere regardless of the room’s formality. 

Jack Montgomery

Best interior decorator Greenwich CT - Jack Montgomery

A trip into the Peruvian jungle led Jack Montgomery to interior design. With such an inimitable start, it follows to have memorable interiors as result. Jack’s 150 completed projects also bear testimony to how sought-after this top interior decorator is in Greenwich, CT. 

Greenwich interior design - Jack Montgomery

WHAT WE LOVE: Jack’s bold style is livable and full of personality. Yet, these spaces are undeniably chic too. 

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[Feature image: Alisberg Parker]

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