A well-made bed is so alluring. It makes you want to plop right down – even if it was just made! Now, you too can learn how to layer a bed like the fanciest hotel and designers. Simply follow our layered bedding guide to transform the focus of your bedroom!

Layered Bedding Basics

How to layer a bed like a hotel - Mladen C
How to layer a bed like Decorilla designer, Mladen C.

Before learning how to layer bedding or looking for the top 2022 bedroom trends and decorating ideas, you need to know the basics. First off, let’s start with the essentials for creating a layered bed look. Although some items aren’t strictly necessary, these are ideal:

  • A mattress protector – preferably one that’s dust-mite proof
  • A water-resistant mattress pad or foam topper for extra cushioning
  • A fitted sheet
  • A top or flat sheet
  • Pillows, plus pillow protectors and covers
  • A blanket, quilt or coverlet
  • A duvet cover, plus an insert
  • A throw and accent pillows

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How to layer a bed examples - Pufik

Remember that the recommended bed sheet layers may differ from online bedroom design source to source. The seasons and other climate factors may also play a role. But to sum up, you should layer your bed in a way that works for you. With this in mind, do shop for quality bedding. Be sure to splurge on high-quality sheets because they’re sure to last – and look good – for years to come.

Layered bedding - Michelle B
Layered bedding by Decorilla designer, Michelle B.

Finally, when it comes to layered bedding, you’ll want to consider the material and thread count. There are plenty of options, from cotton, silk, flannel (for cold seasons), linen – and more. Some are blended, while others are pure. Keep in mind that the higher the purity, the more comfortable the bedding tends to be as well. Thread count also plays a big role in both durability and comfort. Look out for sheets with a higher thread count, as they are softer and last longer.

8 Tips on How to Layer a Bed Like a Designer Hotel

How to layer bedding example - Wanda P
Contemporary interior with a layered bed look by Decorilla designer, Wanda P.

Upgrading your bedroom’s ambiance is simpler than you think. Plus, learning how to layer your bed can make a massive difference in the look and feel of your room. It’s not that difficult to master either – all you need to do is familiarize yourself with these tried and tested tips. 

1.  Layered Bedding Sets: Choose Your Linen Color Scheme

How to layer a bed example - Francis D
How to layer bedding like Decorilla designer, Francis D.

Designers recommend sticking to solid-colored, non-patterned sheets when learning how to layer bedding. It’s best to leave patterns and prints for one of the top layers, such as the quilt. Doing this prevents bedding from becoming too busy. Moreover, sticking to a timeless base makes it easy to update the look.

To add depth, also only match some of the layers. Choose two distinct bedding layers and ensure they complement your pillows. For example: pair the sheets to your standard pillowcases and a quilt to any euro shams or scatter pillows.

Proper bedding layers - Pompom

How to layer a bed according to a color palette or theme comes down to balance. So, leave bold designs for the top layers. Because your bed is the room’s focal point, decide what effect you want and pick the top layers accordingly. However, choose carefully, as it’ll influence the whole bedroom. For instance, consider a botanical duvet cover. You can enhance the floral theme throughout the room by adding indoor plants and painting the walls in a tropical tone.

2.  Start With the Basics: Proper Bedding Layers

How to layer a bed - Mladen C
Layered bedding sets by Decorilla designer, Mladen C.

Let’s take a closer look at the layered bedding basics. The bottom layers may seem the least important but in reality, they’re the most important. You see, it’s about so much more than aesthetics. Your whole body comes into contact with your sheet set, which is why these elements are crucial for a good night’s sleep.

Bet sheet layers and layered blankets - The Waves

Nobody wants to put up with sweaty, scratchy sheets – or a fitted sheet that can’t stay in place! That’s why you should spend a bit more and get a high-quality, natural fiber fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcases. Yes, natural fiber bedding costs more. But remember: you’ll benefit from its breathability and hypoallergenic qualities. Plus, it’s more sustainable than synthetic bedding as well. After getting this stage right, you’ll get to the fun part of learning how to layer a bed – choosing pretty toppers!

3.  How to Layer Bedding: Add a Duvet

Hotel bedding layers - Mladen C
Proper bedding layers illustrated by Decorilla designer, Mladen C.

After a flat sheet, you add a blanket, quilt, coverlet, or duvet – it all depends on personal preference. In short, this is what you need to know about each:

  • Layered blankets tend to be soft, loose, and don’t generally feature defined patterns.
  • Quilts and coverlets, although not interchangeable, are usually more structured than blankets. They often come in well-defined patterns.
  • The combination of a duvet and duvet cover is known as a comforter. Duvet covers protect the plush inner and come in a wide variety of colors and designs.
Layered bedding - TLC Interiors

Duvets are ideal for anyone who enjoys a cover with more weight. It also makes a bed seem more luxurious because of the added plushness. On the other hand, blankets, quilts, and coverlets are great during warmer weather. As for how to layer a bed with a coverlet, quilt, or blanket, you can sleep beneath them or use them for decorative purposes. Layer them between your flat sheet and top cover (a duvet or quilt), or lay one across the foot of your bed.

4.  How to Layer a Bed: Blankets & Throws

Hotel bedding layers - Kristina B
Cozy layered blankets in design by Decorilla interior designer, Kristina B.

Have you ever wondered how to layer blankets on a bed? Or throws? For the best effect, drape them casually – or even slightly bundled – across the corner of your bed to give the room a relaxed feeling. After all, bedrooms are comfy spaces. However, if you prefer more order to your bedding, you can also fold them neatly and lay them across the foot of the bed. 

5.  Layered Bedding Décor: Accent Pillows

How to layer a bed like a designer - Casey H
Layered bed look by Decorilla designer, Casey H.

From hotel bedding layers to beds made by designers, it’s clear – an uneven number of accent pillows is the way to go. Three is ideal for single beds but try not to use more than six on large beds for maximum effect. You also want to mix and match different shapes, sizes, designs, and colors and stay away from uniform arrangements. Again, this creates a relaxed, casual feeling, perfect for the bedroom.

6.  Learn How to Layer Bedding Using Texture

Bed sheet layers - Michelle B
Layered bed look with texture by Decorilla designer, Michelle B.

When it comes to decorative blankets, throws, and accent pillows, play around with different textures, like a designer. It’ll add visual, as well as tactile, appeal. Faux fur, velvet, and chunky knits are all great options, with many more to choose from.

7.  Layered Bed Look: Focus on the Details

How to layer bedding example - Gina Sims Designs

While layering your bedding, look out for the little things. Ensure your duvet isn’t peeling out of the cover, tactfully hide any exposed zips, and generally be attentive about your presentation. Attention to detail will instantly add an extra dash of style to your room.

8.  How to Layer Your Bed & Complete the Look with an Area Rug

Layered bedding in a grey scheme - Jessica S
A cozy monochromatic bedroom with layered bedding by Decorilla designer, Jessica S.

It may be central to your bedroom’s style, but there’s more to a good interior than learning how to layer a bed. So, include some other pretty and practical touches to the room, apart from new bedding, such as a lovely area rug. Your feet will certainly thank you when getting out of bed on a winter’s morning.

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