High end laundry room ideas

Utility rooms might not be the most charming, beloved areas of your home—but for sure, they are an essential of every home. There’s no reason why these practical spaces can’t be as attractive and inviting as the rest of your home. After all, since we have to spend a certain portion of our time there, we might as well make it as pleasant as possible. There are many ways to improve the function while enhancing the appearance, so check out these top ten laundry room ideas you’ll actually enjoy.

1. Laundry Room Design Ideas

Seafoam green laundry room ideas with ample storage
Sophisticated laundry room ideas with ample storage and drying rack by Decorilla interior designer, Taron H.

The layout of your laundry room design should be centered around the most important appliances, the washer and dryer. Once the positioning of these are decided, things like built in cabinets, shelves or hanging and drying racks can be added to fill in the space. Hardware and small details can breathe a lot of life into the room with some stylish, easy-to-implement deco. Use small pieces as an opportunity to experiment and make the entire place more impactful. Some whimsical details, artsy hardware, tile stickers, or a few plants will refresh and upscale the whole look. A wallpaper accent is also a great idea and simple to realize.

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2. Space-Saving Small Laundry Room Ideas

Laundry room design ideas rendering by Decorilla interior designer Hoang N.
Laundry room design ideas rendering by Decorilla interior designer Hoang N.

Small laundry room ideas require equal portions of form & function, style & substance. Think creative. Replace ordinary laundry baskets with retro hampers on wheels. If your washer and dryer are not top-loaders, stack them up or place under a countertop you’ll use as a folding space. A retractable clothesline can be pulled out when needed, saving valuable space in the meantime. Or you can hang a statement drying rack—a refurbished ladder makes a striking and sustainable feature for this purpose. And, if you go for all-white looks, add patterned wallpaper or floor tiles for a wink of style.

3. Best Floor for a Laundry Room

Laundry room with dog wash Laura A
Laundry room ideas with a dog wash area by Decorilla designer, Laura A.

Laundry room design must provide convenience. Start by choosing a flooring that fits with your interior design style. Apart from being a great-looking feature, the floor should be moisture- and stain-resistant, as well as easy to maintain. Vinyl is durable, affordable, and comes in a variety of different styles. Ceramic is one of the best flooring solutions from a design and durability standpoint. If you dream of a classy, polished look that is still easy to maintain, nothing beats natural stone tiles like granite, travertine, and marble. Finally, for a rustic or more natural look, waterproof versions of laminate or hardwood also make an excellent choice for the laundry room floor.

4. Laundry Room Ideas for Hanging Clothes

Hanging clothes laundry room ideas

A hanging rod over the washer and dryer is an excellent small laundry room idea. If you install it high, along the window line, it will accommodate sensitive maxi dresses without the risk of crunching. Alternatively, you can place several fold-down drying racks for shorter items and use them only when needed. A tall cabinet can hide a set of pull-out hanging shelves. Finally, consider ordering a structure of vertical racks that can be attached to a home radiator system and provide fast and efficient drying during cold winter months.

5. Laundry Room Design with Folding Space


Space is a wonderful word, and the more utility we put in it, the better it becomes. A multipurpose laundry room design can make the same space a home office, a playroom, a crafts room, all at once, and even more. As a master of utility room ideas, you can easily complete several different tasks with better time-management. An abundance of surfaces will help you to keep everything better organized. Outside of laundry hours, use the room for small repairs, or arts & crafts. Finally, your dedicated folding space can also double as a peaceful corner for remote work.

6. Built-in Iron Board

small laundry room ideas with a Built-in-Ironing-Board

A convenient way to store an ironing board is to have it built-in and out of the way until you need it. A custom-made storage system can host a hide-away ironing board, together with a few racks and drawers, and some hanging rails. Due to its compactness, such a setting makes one of the best small laundry room ideas around. With the washer and dryer stacked vertically, the whole system can easily fit into any nook around.

7. Stress-Proof Laundry Room Ideas for Storage

White And Clean Laundry Room Ideas

Good organization can make any mundane chore easier. Make use of vertical space and place some floor-to-ceiling shelves and cabinets. Hang a pegboard wall to host all small necessities like scissors, cleaning supplies, or lint rollers. Label all baskets and laundry bags to help you navigate efficiently and frustration-free. A multi-bag hamper looks attractive and allows organizing the laundry better, plus you can easily drag it around. For bonus style points, add a few glass containers and scoops to store detergent, softener, and laundry pods.

8. Best Laundry Room Colors

Mid-Century Laundry Room Design

Typically, white is the first color to come to mind for a laundry space. While it’s indeed a great choice, it’s also far from being a single solution. Light grey has been dominating lately, together with pale hues of pink, green, and blue. If you crave some peaceful time for yourself, go with pastels, and use the calming color scheme of your laundry room design to help you relax. On the other hand, if you opt for something bold, it will make the room energetic enough to recharge and improve your mood. Yellow with retro black and white checkerboard tile trim is a chic mid-century laundry room design that is ideal for reviving a space with no windows. Feel free to experiment; after all, paint is one of the most affordable and simple DIY ways to implement a quick makeover.

9. Laundry Room Decorating Ideas


The chance is that you will want to keep all available surfaces free, so install several wall racks. Even if you don’t utilize them, there will be room for a couple of plant pots to elevate the atmosphere. Colorful wallpaper and a lively pendant light can brighten up any place and turn your laundry room into a whimsical retreat. Painted cabinetry looks charming, and also balances out the cold, industrial appeal of the appliances. Hangers can serve to add a pop of color. Also, think about repurposing some items: an old ladder can double as a drying rack for bonus style & sustainability points.

10. Lighting

Sleek Laundry Room Design

Natural sunlight is ideal for the atmosphere and also allows you to see the stains better. However, it’s not always available. In such a case, you can mimic the sun’s rays with a light source featuring as high CRI as possible. Layered light is a convenient solution, particularly in multipurpose rooms. Think general light, task lighting, and accent lighting. That way, you can always adapt the atmosphere to your current task and mood. Finally, lining with some LED strips can seriously boost the overall style factor, turning the utility room into a glam zone. After all, why not—it might be just what the doctor ordered.

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