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Ever wonder how interior design magazines make their images so captivating? The most inspiring interiors are those that burst with vision and personality. In short, the magic comes from an interior stylist. Read on as we shed light on what interior design stylists can do and how they transform a home or office.

What Does an Interior Stylist Near Me Do?

monochromatic bedroom finished by an interior stylist
Bedroom by Decorilla interior design stylist, Michelle B.

When you work with an interior stylist they ensure every angle of your home is picturesque. Finishing touches are the be-all and end-all for these interior specialists. They can focus on styling a room, like within a home, or style products for a photoshoot, like furniture or kitchenware. Whether for private or commercial use, the purpose remains the same. That is, to create the most aesthetically pleasing arrangement possible. And for this end, they can arrange and source furniture and prepare finishes.

Want an Instagram-worthy interior but not sure where to start? Schedule a free interior design consultation to work with a professional interior stylist today!

Interior design stylist near me can create cozy contemporary farmhouse living rooms
Living room by Decorilla interior stylist and designer, Tijana Z.

An interior design stylist can specialize in editorial, commercial, retail, or domestic projects, among others. Often a stylist must showcase products at their most attractive. However, private interior stylists not only consider beauty but also keep practicality in mind. Whatever the brief, an experienced interior stylist can make a space feel truly authentic and unique.

Now that you know what stylists do, it’s time to learn the differences between an interior design stylist and an interior designer.

What Is the Difference Between an Interior Designer and a Stylist?

A green contemporary bedroom finished by an interior design stylist
Bedroom by Decorilla interior design stylist, Michelle B.

‘Interior stylist’ and ‘interior designer’ are terms that are easily confused. Occasionally, an interior designer may play the part of a stylist and vice versa. Both can offer interior design tips, but, when it comes to their roles, they are very different.

An Interior Designer vs. an Interior Stylist

Transitional living room by interior design stylist Emily Henderson

An interior designer and an interior stylist offer different services at various stages of creating an interior. Styling often forms part of an interior designer’s final steps to finishing a project. So, when the need arises, a designer can be an interior stylist. Even though the opposite can be true, an interior stylist usually focuses only on the final stages of interior design, the finishing touches. They specialize in working with what they have, only adding a few items to pull the look together.

Transitional living room by Emily Henderson an interior stylist near me

An interior designer can get started once a building’s construction phase is complete. In contrast, an interior design stylist can only begin to add finishing touches to a room once it’s furnished. At times, they don’t have rooms to work with, but rather create perfectly curated scenes, making products aesthetically pleasing, for publications. Although interior designers and interior stylists ensure that the end product is perfect, interior design involves a substantial amount of transformation before getting to the finishing touches.

Beach side residence perfected with the help of interior styling
Living and dining room by Decorilla interior stylist, Tam E.

It’s easy to understand if you think of a home as a magnificent tiered cake. Just like a cake, a home needs structure, planning, execution, and beautifying. First, the architect alongside builders creates the home’s structure (the cake molds). Then the designer, armed with a concept, sources furniture, décor, paint, and implements their design plan (bakes and layers the cake). Finally, an interior stylist (and often the interior designer) adds the final softening pieces that wow and make the house feel like home (ices and decorates the cake).

Do I Need an Interior Design Stylist?

Beautiful neutral nursery by an interior design stylist near me
Nursery by Decorilla interior design stylist, Lauren A.

If your home is nearly finished, but something doesn’t seem right, or you need help showing off your merchandise, an interior stylist can help. A styling expert knows how to make furnishings come to life, whether for personal or commercial benefit. Instead of sifting through hundreds of swoon-worthy pictures to figure out what style you want, chat with an interior stylist. They can pin your style in no time.

Modern contemporary living room designed by an interior stylist
Modern contemporary living room by Decorilla interior stylist, Tiara M.

An Interior Design Stylist Can Help When:

  • A home is very near completion and fully or semi-furnished.
  • Time and budget constraints are present.
  • Guidance is all you need before making changes to your home.
  • A business needs product images that captivate the attention of its target market.
  • You need to consolidate your ideas before designing your home.

Favorite Interior Stylists Near Me

So many interior stylists light up magazines, homes, and the web with their inspirational creations. We love them for their keen eye, textural sensibilities, and magic touch. Here are three of our favorites!

Emily Henderson

Contemporary Scandi dining room beautifully styled by Emily Henderson

As a blogger, Emily Henderson started her website to share her opinions on design and style. Ten years later, the small blog blossomed into daily inspiration for like-minded people. Emily and her team write on topics that range from window treatments to swimsuits to renovations. But what interest us most is their beautifully styled rooms.

Contemporary family room by interior design stylist near me Emily Henderson

Contemporary farmhouse meets Scandinavian minimalism in rooms by the Henderson team. They balance neutral, precision, and nautical blues so well. As a result, these spaces have a characteristic calm about them. It’s easy to spot a room by the Henderson team from a mile away!

3 Things We Love About Emily Henderson

  • Her down-to-earth approach to life, work, and blogging. Her team writes on everything from food to interior design, to therapy.
  • She gives the Emily Henderson Design (EHD) team time in the spotlight with their room reveals.
  • Emily offers a members-only app where the EHD community has access to ad-free support and exclusive behind the scene footage.

Sonia Carlson

a cafe design by an interior stylist near me online
Online cafe design by Decorilla interior design stylist, Sonia C.

As an interior stylist and designer, Sonia Carlson brings a strong education and valuable experience in interior design and architecture to each of her projects. She holds a Bachelor of Interior Architecture and her portfolio is packed with work like; consulting for high-end corporate projects, new construction consultation, residential & commercial remodels, boutique restaurant design, and construction coordination, as well as custom furniture & installation design. You’ll even find her work in several high-profile boutique hotels, including Nashville Union Station – it’s exciting, take a look when you’re there!

Spa-inspired bathroom by interior stylist and designer Sonia C.
Spa-inspired bathroom by Decorilla interior stylist and designer, Sonia C.

Sonia’s go-to style is eclectic modern, with a touch of Scandinavian mid-century. She draws inspiration from her blended Norwegian and Swedish heritage to create spaces that are unique, global, and rich in history. Sonia loves working with clients and puts them first, believing all designs should be motivated by getting the best results for her clients’ sake!

3 Things We Love About Sonia Carlson

  • Her Scandi-inspired, clean-lined designs with textural elements are simply gorgeous.
  • Drawing on a wealth of education and experience makes Sonia a versatile designer for any project.
  • Sonia is willing and loves to accept a design challenge. When a client doesn’t know their style, Sonia helps them discover it.

Julia Green

Cow hide rug styled in a desert bohemian bedroom by Julia Green

Founder of Greenhouse Interiors, Julia Green, set out on a lifechanging career change just over a decade ago. Now, Julia and her Greenhouse Interiors team are among the top interior stylists in the world. As regular contributors to editorial features, the team works with dozens of brands and artists worldwide. Thanks to their global experience, the resulting rooms are exciting and fresh. They know exactly what interior-lovers want to see. Their services also include concept development, art direction, styling, set design, and wholesale distribution.

Green masculine room styled by interior design stylist Julia Green

These interiors pop. Art-filled spaces showcase Greenhouse Interiors’ support of local artists and exceptional design. Although they focus on creating top-selling advertising material, they also offer commercial, private, e-styling, and property styling services. As expert interior stylists, they even host workshops and talk on radio and TV.

3 Things We Love About Julia Green

  • Julia took the opportunity to merge interior styling with an online shop. The images for every product take your breath away.
  • She offers private workshops on interior styling.
  • Greenhouse Interiors also host exotic travel tours that take guests on a curated adventure through some of the most fascinating destinations on the planet.

Sophie Robinson


The British stylist and designer needs little introduction as her reputation as the creator of hot decorating schemes precedes her. Sophie Robinson, the interior stylist who is absolutely “bonkers for color”, knows how to take control and banish beige. What drives her is a passion for helping people find their style voice and create a home they can love.

Blue bedroom with pops of orange styled by interior stylist Sophie Robinson

Scrolling through Sophie’s blog, it’s easy to feel inspired to create a vibrant and fascinating home right away. She also offers online courses to help everyday Joes and Jills create the home that reflects who they are. Interiors by Sophie always champion the latest designs and artwork by new and upcoming artists and crafters because they keep interiors exciting.

3 Things We Love About Sophie Robinson

  • She offers online courses on Color Psychology and how to be your own interior designer.
  • Sophie and journalist Kate Watson-Smythe run The Great Indoors, a podcast on how to turn a house into a home.
  • Her surprising use of color always puts a smile on our faces.

How to Choose an Interior Stylist

Neutral master bedroom with pops of green by interior stylist and designer Wanda P.
Interior styling for a neutral master bedroom by Decorilla interior designer, Wanda P.

Since an interior stylist is all about showcasing interiors at their most beautiful, use their work as a reference. An interior design stylist’s Instagram profile or website is a good place to start before choosing. You can also page through magazines to find a stylist that matches your style.

Custom kitchen with pinterest-worthy interior styling

Finding an interior stylist who matches your style can be challenging, but luckily getting help can be easier and faster than you think. Firms, like Decorilla, help take the guesswork out of choosing an interior stylist by having multiple interior stylists and interior designers submit custom visual proposals for your project. You can also use websites like Houzz to search for an interior stylist near me. The results will give you many options for popular stylists in your area. After you’ve picked the stylist you like, read a few client reviews on Yelp, which is a great independent review website, and reach out to the ones you’d like to learn more about.

Interior stylists can transform your space from frumpy to fabulous by pulling together those finishing touches. Interested in working with a professional but not sure where to start? Schedule your Free Interior Design Consultation for expert advice and to learn how it works today!

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