Bathroom by one of Decorilla‘s the top bathroom interior designers

Are you dreaming of a bathroom that exudes luxury and sophistication? Meet the top bathroom interior designers who specialize in creating breathtaking spaces that combine style and functionality. Let these experts turn your bathroom into the ultimate personal retreat.

Top 10 Bathroom Interior Designers

Modern bathroom interior design by Decorilla designer Linde P
Modern bathroom interior design by Decorilla bathroom interior designer, Autumn M.

Marble floors or indulgent tubs, these luxurious bathroom interiors have everything you need. As the top designers have a knack for creating magical spaces from any canvas, you’re sure to find the designer right for your home

Amber Lewis Bathroom Designs

Amber interiors bathroom design

A household favorite and trusted source of inspiration, Amber Lewis knows how to make a room feel like home. From a quick makeover to a full remodel, she and her team make memorable spaces. Amber Interiors bathroom designs consist of perfected basics and thoughtful finishes and decoration. Amber also provides tips to pull off her timeless California cool aesthetic. 

Pro Tip: Choose a bathroom designer to align with your interior design style. Not sure what that is? Take our Free Interior Design Style Quiz to find out today!

Amber interiors bathroom interior decoration

WHAT WE LOVE: Amber’s stunning bathroom interiors feature unique and trendy bathroom décor from her homeware range. 

Sonia Carlson Bathroom Interior Designer 

Modern bathroom interior design - Sonia Carlson

With a degree in Interior Architecture, Sonia Carlson takes a focused approach to design. Her portfolio ranges from boutique hospitality to luxury residential projects. Sonia brings her expertise to create sophisticated interiors that fit her client’s personality above all. The same applies to even the most functional of rooms, the bathroom. 

Sonia C - one of the top bathroom interior designers
Soothing bathroom interior decoration by Decorilla designer, Sonia C.

As one of the top bathroom interior designers, Sonia is also one of the most accessible. Not only is she a traditional designer, but she also offers online interior design services. Whatever the project, Sonia brings her creative spirit to provide a curated interior. As a result, her designs are eclectic modern spaces with a touch of Scandinavian simplicity.

Modern bathroom interior design - Sonia C
Bathroom interior by Decorilla bathroom interior designer, Sonia C.

WHAT WE LOVE: Sonia adapts to her clients’ needs to tailor a look to their preferences. This versatility is especially important in a multi-faceted room, like a powder room or bathroom. Love Sonia’s work? Get started with her today!

Kelly Wearstler Bathrooms

Kelly Wearstler bathroom interior

Iconic designer, Kelly Wearstler, tells interior narratives unlike any other. Her designs showcase materials in striking ways, giving the space a sculptural aesthetic. And Kelly Wearstler bathroom interiors are no different. As an AD 100 A-lister, her work is internationally recognized and has earned her many awards and editorial features. 

Kelly Wearstler bathroom interior decoration

WHAT WE LOVE: Kelly ensures her concepts bring a multi-layered sensory experience. As a result, her creations, like powder room interior design, are distinct and experience-rich.

Jane Lockhart

Jane Lockhart bathroom interior decoration

Whether big or small bathroom interior design, Jane Lockhart can turn any space into a slice of luxury. Since building her brand in 1997, Jane has become a trusted source of interior excellence. She’s also established two luxury furniture collections; Platinum Series and Jane. With every project, Jane sticks to her belief that “design isn’t a passive thing. It’s meant to reach into your heart and envelop your soul. It stirs emotion and dares you to react.” 

Small bathroom interior design by Jane Lockhart

WHAT WE LOVE: Jane’s bathroom interiors are transformative experiences. In her designs, she honors classic form and function while adding a trendy touch.

Becki Owens Bathroom Designs

Bathroom interior designers - Becki Owens

From custom builds to small remodels, Becki Owens brings coastal charm into every home. This is particularly special in her bathroom interiors. These spaces leave one feeling the warmth of a light-filled Californian aesthetic while keeping to clean lines. Besides being a top bathroom interior designer, Becki also established many homeware collections. 

Becki Owens small bathroom interior design

WHAT WE LOVE: Becki’s playful use of tiles and bold light fixtures in small bathroom interior designs. The results are always light, bright, and cheerful. 

Emily Henderson Bathrooms

Emily Henderson bathrooms

With humble beginnings, Emily’s design story started from a small personal blog. Now her insights, designs, and home makeovers are a daily source of inspiration for some. Whatever the scale of the project, Emily Henderson bathrooms are just as important as the rest of the home. And it shows. These spaces feel momentous in their striking juxtaposition and bold material choices. 

Emily Henderson bathrooms interior

WHAT WE LOVE: Emily has a talent for highlighting opposites to make a space feel welcoming and warm. Moreover, her contrasts of rugged stone or wood with smooth finishes are so satisfying.

Joseph Ginsberg Bathroom Interior Designer

Bathroom interior designers - Jospeh Ginsberg

With an eye for modern bathroom interior design, Joseph Ginsberg elevates practicality. As part of Decorilla’s nationwide team, he has an extensive portfolio, from corporate to residential. Whatever the project, Joseph provides equally ergonomic and inspiring interiors. 

Bathroom interior decoration by Joseph Ginsberg
Modern bathroom interior design by Decorilla designer, Joseph G.

Joseph’s artistic expression in his designs comes from years of experimenting. More specifically, he is adept in weaving art, textile and furniture design, and architecture into one. For this reason, every project is as unique to each client as their fingerprints. 

Modern bathroom interior design by Joseph Ginsberg
Monochromatic modern bathroom interior design by Decorilla designer, Joseph G.

WHAT WE LOVE: Joseph’s fearless approach to mixing modern patterns and materials, resulting in bathroom interior decoration stunning from the ceiling to floor. We also love that he offers affordable flat-rate packages!

Victoria Hagan Bathrooms

Victoria Hagan bathrooms

Dubbed the “environmental equivalent of Katherine Hepburn”, Victoria Hagan has an American sensibility. Her interiors are unapologetically iconic with high ceilings, bright walls, and reflective surfaces. Victoria Hagan bathrooms also showcase this signature style. It’s no wonder she often features in popular publications, like Architectural Digest and Vogue.

Victoria Hagan bathrooms - bathroom interior designers

WHAT WE LOVE: Victoria’s modern bathroom interior design is not only for her clients to enjoy. In fact, as a board member of Parson’s School of Design, she grants a scholarship for MFA in Interior Design every year. 

Andrea Schumacher

Bathroom interior designers - Andrea Schumacher

Eclectic and inviting, interiors by Andrea Schumacher are one-of-a-kind. Her talent for making opposites work in harmony comes from multi-faceted experience. As one of the top bathroom interior designers, Andrea highlights her love for texture and form in every aspect of her designs.

Andrea Schumacher bathroom interior

WHAT WE LOVE: Andrea’s bathroom interiors are rich with patterns, color, and texture. As a result, these contrasts are pleasantly comforting and surprisingly luxurious.

Heidi Caillier Bathroom Designs

Heidi Caillier bathroom interior

Beloved for their simplicity, Heidi Caillier bathroom interiors are an ode to elegant form and clean lines. If you appreciate modernism’s purity, you’ll certainly adore designs by Heidi. Unassuming at first, these spaces are an intuitive mix of old and new. So much so they are sure to cause pleasant waves of nostalgia. 

Heidi Caillier bathroom interior decoration

WHAT WE LOVE: Heidi’s romantic traditional style features raw textures and vintage furniture. Her layered design certainly adds a subtle but satisfying depth, making spaces feel effortless and natural. 

What You Need to Know Before Hiring Bathroom Interior Designers

Luxury bathroom interior designers - Rehan A
Luxe bathroom interior by Decorilla designer, Rehan A.

Whether a small powder room or bathroom interior design, you’ll need to consider many aspects before starting your project. To find your best fit, use the FAQs below as a starting point for your research. 

Should I hire a designer for my bathroom remodel?

Tranquil bathroom interiors by Decorilla designer, Kate S.
Tranquil bathroom interiors by Decorilla designer, Kate S.

Simply put, bathroom interiors can be complicated. This can become a harsh reality when you take on a bathroom renovation unprepared. On the whole, hiring a bathroom designer is a good idea. It will certainly make life easier and save you from costly mistakes. Moreover, the professional will ensure your room is energy efficient, easy to maintain, and light-filled.

How much does it cost to hire bathroom interior designers?

Bathroom interior designers - Taize M
Modern bathroom interior design by Decorilla designer, Taize M.

The cost of design depends on whether you opt for traditional or online interior design services. That said, keep in mind the bare cost of a remodel ranges from $1,500 to $23,000, according to Remodelista. This can certainly be a high-risk gamble without guidance.

According to Houzz, a full bathroom design package typically costs between $2,500 to $3,500, while extreme ends of the spectrum, like $10,000, also feature. Online interior design, on the other hand, has a fixed price for a bathroom remodel with the option of an hourly or custom package. Decorilla’s packages, for instance, range from $699 to $1,549 with an hourly starting rate of $75.

How to choose a bathroom designer?

Relaxing design by Decorilla bathroom interior designers
Contemporary bathroom interior by Decorilla designer, Kate S.

Now that you’re on your way to becoming a prepared client, you can think of the basics of hiring a bathroom interior designer. Being prepared certainly makes the process fun and easy for all parties involved.

Bathroom interior decoration by Decorilla

Here is what you need to pick the professional best suited to you:

1. Set Your Budget & Scale

Understanding the scale of your project and setting your budget are the first steps to finding a designer. List your needs and set your budget. Keep an excess in mind for unexpected costs or replumbing that might occur.

2. Allot a Timeframe 

Set the time and duration for your project. The designer will likely update this timeframe, but it will be a good frame of reference.

Luxury bathroom interior designers - Decorilla
Modern bathroom interior design by Decorilla

3. Keep Location in Mind

You won’t necessarily have access to traditional interior design services near you or a designer whose style you like. In such cases or if you want to have more control over the process, consider online alternatives.

4. Shortlist Portfolios or Get Matched

If you have many options at your disposal, shortlist your favorites and get in touch. Alternatively, let someone do the matching for you instead. Online interior services match your style to that of designers, which saves time and effort.

Work With a Professional Bathroom Interior Designer

Every inch of your home could be beautiful, including the bathroom. If you’re still looking for the right bathroom interior designer, schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation to get started today!

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