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Online interior design is a convenient solution when creating a home. That said, many service options can make it difficult to decide where to begin. Today we look at two leading industry experts in our Decorilla vs Collov comparison. Explore their features below to find the right fit for you and get started on your dream home today! 

Decorilla and Collov – A Quick Glance at Both

Contemporary style living room by Jessica D - Decorilla vs Collov
Living room 3D rendering – Decorilla

These two top-tier interior design companies have much to offer. But first, let’s look at a brief overview of each.


Luxury bedroom furniture by Farzaneh K - Decorilla vs Collov interior designs
Bedroom online interior design – Decorilla

Each Decorilla project begins with a fun, interactive interior design style quiz to help pinpoint your personal style. Then, the Decorilla team of experts help match their clients with two professional interior designers. In turn, their designers provide you with initial proposals. Decorilla allows you to select your favorite designer with whom you wish to transform your interior.

Moreover, your chosen designer will assist you with the best deals. They’ll also pick decor, color palettes, furniture layouts, and photorealistic 3D visualizations of your new space. Plus, these packages cost 80% less than traditional design services and include curated shopping lists with exclusive trade discounts.


Lounge by Collov in Collov vs Decorilla comparison
Living room 3D rendering – Collov

On the other hand, Collov makes use of a five-step progressive timeline. From start to finish, the process takes no more than 2.5 weeks. Firstly, a quiz pins your style then you get to pick your favorite moodboard from one designer.

Your Collov designer can also redesign or reprice based on your preference and budget. The result is a beautifully packaged 3D visual and 360 tours of your transformation-to-be. As the final step, you can select your décor items from over 200 brands.

Decorilla vs. Collov: Overview Comparison

Decorilla vs Decorilla living room interior design - Courtney B
Contemporary living room 3D rendering – Decorilla

Let’s start by looking at Collov vs Decorilla in terms of their design packages.

Decorilla Online Interior Design Packages

Decorilla vs Collov comparison - Sonia C
Dining room 3D rendering – Decorilla

Concept Board From Multiple Interior Designers

These include a detailed floor plan, décor, furniture, and color palette suggestions. In addition, you choose which designer you’d like to continue developing your interior design style

3D Renderings

Photo-realistic images. And as a result, you can see what your room will look like before making any product purchases.

Online Shopping List

Virtual shopping list and a white glove shopping concierge to handle all the ordering and delivery details. In summary, this includes detailed information about all your designers’ suggestions. When you purchase directly from Decorilla’s platform, you also gain access to trade discounts from 100s of popular vendors. This means the savings can exceed the cost of design fees many times over. 

Detailed Furniture Layout

A furniture layout that details where every piece from your shopping list goes. In short, it’s easy to see where furniture and decor will go and how they’ll fit together. 

Color Palette

Suggestions for paint colors to complement your new space design. 

Tips and Implementation Guide

A step-by-step guide to help you through the decorating process. Your designer will pass along additional tips and tricks to help you finish your room easily.

Bathroom by Decorilla in a Collov vs Decorilla comparison
Bathroom rendering by Decorilla
Decorilla moodboard - Decorilla vs Collov differences
Decorilla moodboard
Floor plan by Decorilla in a Decorilla vs Collov comparison
Floor plan and furniture list – Decorilla
Decorilla shopping list - Decorilla vs Collov differences
Online shopping list – Decorilla

Collov Online Interior Design Packages

3D living room design – Collov

Collaborate with designers

Work on your vision with a dedicated designer. Your designer will help create custom designs to fit your space, lifestyle, and budget.

Moodboard and revisions

You’ll receive a detailed moodboard that displays your décor and furniture based on your chosen style. In addition, Collov offers up to 2 moodboard revisions within 30 days.

Detailed layout

See your new home in a realistic 3D layout, with a 360 walking tour of the design. 

Online Shopping 

You can purchase all items through Collov. With one checkout, shopping online has been made simple. 

Collov Optional Add-ons

  • 1-on-1 meeting with your designer
  • Unlimited redesigns 
  • Handpicked alternatives for each décor item
  • Floor, window, and paint suggestions 
Collov vs Decorilla project view of Collov
Project view – Collov
Collov market place - Collov reviews
Product marketplace – Collov

Decorilla vs. Collov: Features

FEATURESdecorilla logo

FURNITURE DISCOUNTSYes, up to 45% off popular brandsNo, but offer price matching
ONLINE PLATFORMYes, an interactive platformYes
INTERIOR DESIGNER EXPERIENCE Decorilla designers either have a degree in interior design or architecture Designers required to hold an interior design degree
DESIGN CONCEPTSYes, from multiple designersYes, from one assigned designer
CUSTOM & CAD DRAWINGSYes, included in the platinum package Yes, depending on package selected
3D MODELYes, photorealistic 3D renderingsYes, depending on package (includes 360 tour)
INCORPORATE EXISTING CLIENT ITEMSYes, in 3D renderingYes, in 3D rendering for an extra $18 per existing item
COST$75-$3200$69 – $179 per design
ORDERING CONCIERGE Complimentary meticulous purchasing service Available
NO MARKUPSYes, shopping list and discounts do not expireYes
PROJECT TYPICAL DURATION 3 – 5 weeks3 – 5 weeks
IN-HOME CONSULTATION Yes, available per requestYes, available per request
REVISIONS4-10 with designer2 to unlimited dependent on package
(New vendors can be requested and used in projects)
WALLPAPER & PAINT COLORSIncluded in set packagesIncluded
WINDOW TREATMENTSWindow treatments, shades and curtains includedWindow treatments, shades and curtains included
LIGHTING DESIGNCustom and track lighting, floor and table lamps, chandeliers, pendants and sconces availablePer request
ROOM DESIGNSBedroom, bathroom, patio, kitchen, hallway, living room, dining room (all – customizable packages)Bedroom, bathroom, patio, kitchen, hallway, living room, dining room, home office

Schedule a Free Online Interior Design Consultation from one of Decorilla’s online interior decorators today. Or if you’re ready to get started, Choose a Design Package that suits you with a click of a button!

Collov vs Decorilla: Design Process and Flexibility

Neutral Japandi living room by Decorilla designers, Casey H
Open living 3D rendering – Decorilla

For your interior to be successful, your design service needs to complement your style and ideas. That is to say, selecting a flexible and experienced company is crucial. Here is how Decorilla vs. Collov stand the test.

Decorilla Interior Design Process

Decorilla vs Collov reviews and pricing - Maya M
Kitchen 3D rendering – Decorilla

Decorilla offers a custom design process. More specifically, their packages range in three progressive tiers. Each holds a wealth of knowledge from their interior designers while catering to different client needs and budgets. Fortunately, the Decorilla designers are as skilled as they are creative. 

Similarly, the design process flows progressively. You’ll complete an interactive questionnaire and receive a one-on-one virtual consultation first. Then, based on your information, Decorilla expertly matches your brief with interior designers. 

After matching with compatible designers, you’ll receive concept boards. In essence, the designers compete to work on your project. Once you select your favorite concept, you’ll work with the designer until the project’s final steps. Additionally, open communication is key to this collaboration. That’s why all emails get put onto Decorilla’s platform. 

At the end of the project, your designer will create realistic 3D renderings, a shopping list, and an implementation guide. Similarly, they’ll provide all color palettes, floorplans, and décor items. The shopping list also includes trade-exclusive discounts of up to 45%.

Decorilla prides itself on customer service. So, with this in mind, they have a designated team available to solve any challenge. There are many satisfied homemakers because of Decroilla’s award-winning online interior designs. 

Collov Design Process

Collov vs Decorilla - design by Collov
Living room 3D rendering – Collov

The first step of the Collov design process will see you select your favorite images from a gallery of inspiration boards. With your style uncovered, the Collov designers create realistic 3D renderings.

The next step involves your and the designer’s collaboration to the highest degree. After that, a home context shows where your decor items would be. For this reason, there is comfort in knowing where everything goes before purchasing their required items. 

Collov vs Decorilla: Furniture Brands

Contemporary interior design by Jessica S - Decorilla vs Collov differences
Contemporary bedroom 3D rendering – Decorilla

The Decorilla interior design team sources furniture all over. With the likes of West Elm, Crate & Barrel, and Wayfair – you can’t go wrong! Furthermore, they have over 300 vendors and up to 45% off retail value. In addition, the personalized shopping list provides convenient one-stop shopping with an ordering team to handle all of the work from placing orders with vendors, to tracking and delivery details.

That’s not to say you cannot include non-partnered brands within your design. Simply specify which furniture or décor you’d prefer. You can certainly be sure that they have your best intentions in mind. 

Collov reviews and design
Bedroom 3D rendering – Collov

The Collov design team believes in transparency. For this reason, they have a high style, low price guarantee. As a result, there is no markup on Collov furniture items. In fact, the designers can search for a suitable alternative to any piece that may feel expensive.

With a single checkout, you can purchase everything you need. This means no more ordering from different sites. As an outcome, clients can order from a range of furniture brands – over 200+!

Decorilla vs Collov: Ease of Use

Decorilla vs Collov features - Selma A
Living room 3D rendering – Decorilla

A user-friendly platform sits at the center of Decorilla’s process. It’s straightforward and ensures easy designer-client communication. It lists each aspect of your project, with a timeline describing the design progress.

There is the option to chat with your designer either on the website or directly via email. However, if you’d prefer to communicate over the phone, there is the option too. Decorilla designers are prompt with their responses, and their customer support team is available 24/7.

Collov vs Decorilla - Collov design
Dining room 3D rendering – Collov

Doubling up as an e-design service with a shopping portal, Collov is a user-friendly platform too. Your project is overseen by an in-house designer, who can redesign it at a moment’s notice. Communication flows between email and the online platform whenever necessary. 

What’s more, an interactive virtual 360 walking tour is available in the final stages. Once your project is approved, you can purchase in one convenient checkout. After that, an excellent customer service team is on hand if there are any queries. 

Decorilla vs Collov: Customer Support

Bedroom design by Decorilla in a Decorilla vs Collov features view
Bathroom online design – Decorilla

Readily available customer service is an important point in a Collov vs Decorilla comparison. At Decorilla, there is an online team available 24/7. Moreover, every team member has been carefully selected with quality in mind.

Likewise, at Collov, customer service is ranked highly. They provide feedback and assistance through a quick message, an online chat, or email. 

Decorilla vs Collov: Pricing

Open living by Casey H - Decorilla vs Collov
Open living online design – Decorilla

Online interior design services have undoubtedly taken the industry by storm. Now it’s possible to create a beautiful home at the fraction of the cost of traditional design services. With this in mind, let’s look at Decorilla vs Collov pricing. 

Decorilla Pricing

Collov vs Decorilla design - Casey H
Toddler’s Room 3D rendering – Decorilla

Pricing for Decroilla varies based on the room type and the level of the interior designer. For instance, smaller spaces, such as a home office space, will cost less than a bigger room like a dining hall. In addition, you’ll receive a multi-room discount when designing more than one space. 

Bronze Package – $549 – $899/room

  • Expertise by interior designers with 2-5 years of experience
  • Concepts and ideas provided by multiple designers
  • Room designs based on straightforward requirements

Silver Package – $649 – $1099/room

  • Expertise by interior designers with 5-10 years of experience  
  • Concepts and ideas provided by multiple designers
  • Seamless designs delivered without any back-and-forth complications

Platinum Package – $849 – $3,200/room

  • Expertise by interior designers with 10+ years of experience
  • Concepts and ideas from multiple designers
  • Drawings for contractors as needed (CAD drawings available)
  • Exclusive furniture sourcing and highest quality items
  • High-end designers with a wealth of industry knowledge 
  • End-to-end project and timeline management

Custom Design Package – $75- $500/hour

  • Custom packages at an hourly rate

Collov Pricing

Collov reviews
3D rendering of a living room – Collov

Collov has a transparent pricing structure. More specifically, there are three packages available with many options. Plus, you can access unlimited redesigns and designer calls to refine your design. 

Kick-Start – $69/design

  • Work with a dedicated interior designer
  • 2 moodboard revisions within a month
  • Price match guarantee on products found on other platforms 

Classic – $89/design

  • Work with a dedicated interior designer
  • 3 moodboard revisions within a month
  • Price match guarantee and personal shopping 
  • 3D room design
  • 1-on-1 call with the designer

Luxe package – $179/design

  • Work with a senior interior designer
  • 3 moodboard revisions within a month
  • Price match guarantee and alternatives for all items 
  • 3D room design
  • 1-on-1 call with the designer 
  • Unlimited redesigns

Decorilla vs Collov Reviews

Decorilla vs Collov - Rachel H
3D rendering of a living room – Decorilla

Decorilla Reviews from Clients – 5 stars

Check out what some satisfied Decorilla customers had to say:

“Let me start by saying, I love, love, love, Decorilla. Thanks so much for capturing my vision and bringing my ordinary space to a level of brilliance! Every detail looks amazing.”

“If I could give six stars, I would! The team at Decorilla is amazing and worked with me to get exactly what I needed. They were able to work with the screenshots of my model and create beautiful renderings. Everything came from essentially nothing in a very helpful and timely manner. It was almost too easy!”

Decorilla Reviews from Interior Designers – 4.1 stars

Decorilla designers also had positive things to say about the company:

“I have been working for Decorilla, I believe, since they started 5 or 6 years ago. It has truly been a rewarding job for me. To date, I have worked on at least 130+ projects as a designer for Decorilla and they just keep coming in. In the two years or so it is very clear how popular and awesome this company is and is growing as I am usually sent AT LEAST 3 projects a week now! The clientele is growing rapidly!”

“I’ve been working for Decorilla for about 5 years and I have loved every minute of it! The admin side of the company is so organized and always there to help with any questions I may have. They’ve always kept me busy with a great number of client projects and I’ve met some incredible people through this company!”

Collov vs Decorilla comparison
Online outdoor design – Collov

Collov Reviews from Clients – 5 stars

Collov’s clients thought highly of their design service:

“Highly recommended Collov, I love using Collov. I recommended it to my friends and got a lot of amazing feedback. Thanks for Collov, let us have a such great experience. They work within my budget and help me plan my spaces and decorate my rooms. Collov saves me lots of time and money. I can measure my spaces using their app, it’s very convenient, and easily show my request online, it’s one of my best life choices.”

“I LOVE using Collov whenever I want to refresh a space in my home. They work within my budget and turn it into something attainable. Highly recommend!”

Collov Reviews from Interior Designers – 4.8 stars

Collov interior designers also had a say about their experiences:

“I have learned a lot about marketing strategies and group work in this company. And I have built up more partnership skills. It is a company full of learning and development opportunities, and they can give you authority and opportunities.”

“You always have a say on the table, and your work would be recognized as long as you put in the effort, overall great incentives!”

Collov Reviews from Around the Web

The web has mixed reviews from Collov clients:

“An important factor to keep in mind is that Collov gets a commission from the products that you purchase for your space. This means that their suggestions aren’t going to be 100% objective and that the inventory they suggest is limited.”

“This process is amazing! I’ve researched on my own for endless hours on how to decorate our open living room and had minimal luck on my own designing the space. With Collov they make the process simple and even give you the option to choose which furniture you wish to incorporate into the design! I loved the attention to detail and the communication flow with the designers.”

Collov and Decorilla Alternatives

Decorilla vs Collov differences - Drew F
Moodboard for a living room – Decorilla

If you want to look beyond Collov vs Decorilla for your design service, here are some great alternatives to consider:

CB2 Design


  • Interior design help is free
  • Designers can be met virtually or in person
  • Both commercial and residential projects are possible


  • Some reviews complain about the delivery and durability of furniture item
  • The focus is on furniture and decor, rather than the interior design element

West Elm Design Crew


  • An installation company has partnered with West Elm to assist clients
  • Designers work on a mid-century aesthetic, keeping things warm and welcoming
  • Sustainability is the brand’s goal


  • The furniture is not high-end or luxurious in terms of its brand 
  • Customer service complaints have emerged in the past



  • Designers don’t have incentives based on commission
  • 1% of all proceeds go to charity
  • You may purchase the products on your own without sales pressure


  • No opportunity for redesigns or adjustments
  • A long turnaround time

Decorilla vs Collov: Major Differences and Conclusion

Decorilla vs Collov comparison - design by Shasta P
Kitchen interior design – Decorilla

Decorilla and Collov are at the top of their game. However much this may benefit clients, it may also be overwhelming to pick the right fit for your home. Here are a few pointers of the major Decorilla vs Collov differences.


  • Multiple design concepts from two interior designers
  • An online shopping list provides exclusive trade discounts
  • Both virtual and in-person design services are available
  • Decorilla offers in-home consultations in over 20 US cities
  • Realistic 3D renderings and custom CAD designs 
  • Pricing depends on the package the client selects


  • Multiple package options at affordable prices
  • Two moodboard adjustments in all packages
  • Unlimited redesigns available with the Luxe package
  • An in-person consultation with the Classic or Luxe package
  • All items are available to purchase through Collov

Decorilla vs Collov? Find your fit!

Try online interior design with a complimentary consultation with Decorilla. Simply schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation to get started today!  


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