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Traditionally, interior design is an indulgence. Fortunately, the once-exclusive service is now accessible by anyone at any time. This is especially true thanks to innovative technology and online interior design. But which is best? Find out as we compare Decorilla vs The Expert. We dive into all these industry-leading experts have to offer below!  

Decorilla and The Expert – A Quick Glance at Both

Living room design by Jillian Z - Decorilla vs The Expert
Living room design – Decorilla

If you want to work with an online interior design service, it’s important to know the pros and cons of each. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between The Expert vs Decorilla. Soon you’ll be able to start a project with the one that suits you best!

Neutral bedroom design by Casey H - Decorilla vs The Expert differences
Online bedroom design – Decorilla

Decorilla offers something many online interior design services don’t – concepts from two online interior designers! This means you’ll have a choice between to vetted professionals to complete your dream space. After an initial quiz and consultation, you’ll receive an initial mood board from each designer. You’ll then select which designer you wish to work with. 

In addition to producing realistic 3D renderings of your new space, your designer assists with other aspects. Examples include furniture layouts, paint selection, and providing the best furniture and decor deals not available to the general public. 

Schedule a Free Online Interior Design Consultation from one of Decorilla’s online interior decorators today. Or if you’re ready to get started, Choose a Design Package that suits you with a click of a button!

Contemporary living room by Jordan S - Decorilla vs The Expert features
Modern living room design – Decorilla

On the other hand, The Expert makes use of a simple video call that guides their clients. Firstly, you get to pick your expert from a wide selection of top specialists worldwide. Next, you’ll set a time slot and consultation length with the designer of your choice. The two of you will then discuss your space and the designer will give personalized guidance. 

Whatever the project, the designer will walk through everything you’re wondering about. From layouts to renovations, the celebrity interior designer can answer all your design queries. This is a quick solution for anyone looking for interior design help at home, without arduous meetings and high-end budgets. 

Decorilla vs The Expert Comparison

Open living by Lori D - Decorilla vs The Expert
Living room interior design – Decorilla

It’s important to consider what’s included in each design package with a thorough Decorilla vs The Expert comparison. Be mindful of your project’s scope, requirements, timeframe, and your budget. 

Decorilla Online Interior Design Packages 

Open dining design by Dina H- Decorilla vs The Expert reviews
Online interior design results – Decorilla

Concept Board from Multiple Interior Designers

The initial concepts include a detailed floor plan, décor, furniture, and color palette suggestions. In addition, you can choose which designer you’d like to work with. 

3D Renderings

The provision of photo-realistic images. Because of your 3D renderings, you can see how everything would look in your room before making any purchases.

Online Shopping List

A virtual shopping list containing the products necessary for the design. In summary, this includes detailed information about all your designer’s suggestions. Decorilla also passes along its trade discounts from popular vendors, which means the design service can pay for itself.

Detailed Furniture Layout

A furniture layout that specifies where every piece from your shopping list goes. In short, it makes it easy to see where to place every item and how they’ll fit together. 

Color Palette

Suggestions for paint colors to complement your new space design. Upholstery, décor, and furniture will suit the color scheme.  

Tips & Implementation Guide

A step-by-step guide to help you through the decorating process. Additionally, your designer will pass along tips and tricks to help you finish your room easily.

Realistic rendering for a living room - Decorilla
Photorealistic rendering for a project – Decorilla
Moodboard - Decorilla vs the Expert reviews
Moodboard concept – Decorilla
Snippet of a shopping list by Decorilla - Decorilla vs The Expert
Snippet of a shopping list by Decorilla

The Expert Online Interior Design Packages

The Expert interior design by one of their listed designers - The Expert vs Decorilla
Portfolio pick of a designer on The Expert

Collaboration with Designers

Clients select a designer to collaborate with based on their portfolio offerings and rates. Over 140 designers are available to assist with simple questions or insights on full-scale renovations.

Access to Celebrity Style

The Expert lets you contact the top interior designers in the world. As a result, you can work with any of your design favorites – from Leanne Ford to Athena Calderone to Bobby Berk.

Flexible Budgets

Time slots range from 25 – 55 minutes per session, with a budget bracket of $150 – $1500.

Curated Shopping

Convenient access to products that your designer suggests. This means you can shop directly from the website after your consultation. 

Online Support

The Expert prides itself in providing online customer support. Clients can email the team, for example, if they need guidance on which designer would be the best fit for them. 

Interior by Hadley Wiggins - The Expert reviews
Portfolio pick of a designer on The Expert

Decorilla vs The Expert: Features

FEATURESdecorilla logo

FURNITURE DISCOUNTSYes, up to 45% off popular brandsNo
ONLINE PLATFORMYes, an interactive platformYes
INTERIOR DESIGNER EXPERIENCE Decorilla designers either have a degree in interior design or architecture Designers are required to hold an interior design degree
DESIGN CONCEPTSYes, from multiple designersNo, designs are discussed
CUSTOM & CAD DRAWINGSYes, included in the platinum design package No
3D MODELYes, photorealistic 3D renderingsNo
INCORPORATE EXISTING CLIENT ITEMSYes, in 3D renderingYes, in discussion
PRICE $75-$3200$150 – $1500 per consult
ORDERING CONCIERGE Complimentary meticulous purchasing service Available
NO MARKUPSYes, shopping list and discounts do not expireYes
IN-HOME CONSULTATION Yes, available per requestNo
REVISIONS4-10 with designerN/A
New vendors can be requested and used in projects.
WALLPAPER & PAINT COLORSIncluded in flat-rate price N/A
WINDOW TREATMENTSWindow treatments, shades, and curtains includedN/A
LIGHTING DESIGNCustom and track lighting, floor and table lamps, chandeliers, pendants, and sconces are available.N/A
ROOM DESIGNSBedroom, bathroom, patio, kitchen, hallway, living room, dining room (all – customizable packages)N/A

The Expert vs Decorilla: Design Process and Flexibility

Kitchen by Jamie C - Decorilla vs The Expert
Kitchen online design – Decorilla

For things to flow smoothly, your interior design service needs to match your style and understand your ideas. For this reason, you must go with one that is as flexible as it is specialized. See how Decorilla vs The Expert weigh up in the process comparison below.

Decorilla Interior Design Process

Dining room by Candis G - Decorilla vs The Expert
Dining room rendering – Decorilla

Working in a progressive three-tier process, Decorilla is far from a cookie-cutter service. In addition, all designers hold a degree in interior design or architecture. Their background in theory and creativity certainly bolsters their skills.

The Decorilla process starts with an online quiz. By completing this questionnaire, you can convey your tastes and budget. Then, a virtual one-on-one consultation takes place between you and the adept team. Afterward, Decorilla helps match you with vetted interior designers best suited to your info. 

These designers will then create concepts based on your brief and, in essence, compete to work on the project. Once you’ve selected your favorite, you and the designer will be able to communicate directly via the interactive platform. From here, the designer will provide realistic 3D renderings. The final designs also come with a shopping list, implementation guide, and trade exclusive discounts.

The Expert Design Process

Louisiana kitchen by an interior designer on the Expert - The Expert vs Decorilla
Portfolio pick of a designer from The Expert

As the first step of The Expert’s design process, you select your favorite designer from a curated list. The customer support team is also there to assist in this selection process. Then you can set an appointment on your preferred date. After that, the online consultation takes place for however long you selected (between 25 and 55 minutes). You can also opt for more than one session. 

As with Decorilla, The Expert designers collaborate with their clients to the highest degree. And whilst on a consultation, the expert interior designers will share links to specific products to assist your project. Similarly, they will run through every step required to complete your interior. On the whole, The Expert allows clients direct access to designers who are typically inaccessible by normal means. Whether it’s Jake Arnold or Amber Interiors, you get to pick your designer. 

The Expert vs Decorilla: Furniture Brands

Decorilla online interior design shopping list
Online shopping list with trade discounts – Decorilla

With over 300 partner vendors, the Decorilla team can locate furniture from a variety of sources. These include top homeware brands, like West Elm, Crate & Barrel, and Wayfair. Moreover, with up to 45% off the retail price, it’s hard to find better pricing! 

On the other hand, the inclusion of non-partnered brands is possible too. Simply mention to your designer which décor or furniture you would like to incorporate. Of course, your designer will go the extra mile as client satisfaction is their top priority. In addition, the service is at a fraction of the cost of a traditional one.

Vintage furniture shop - The Expert reviews
Vintage furniture shop – The Expert

While The Expert doesn’t warehouse home items, they utilize a drop-ship method. In short, by partnering with various brands, they allow you to seek and access furniture for all tastes and budgets. During consultations, designers can link clients directly to these items online. In addition, “The Expert Vintage” page showcases exclusive vintage furniture from Europe. This site has revamped furniture for those clients who are interested. 

The Expert vs Decorilla: Ease of Use

Bathroom by Rachel H - Decorilla vs The Expert
Bathroom results by Decorilla

Uncomplicated and simple, Decorilla is a user-friendly platform. Designer and client messages remain on the interactive platform, and customer support is available 24/7! In addition, phone call conversations are possible too. The platform also documents your project timeline, recording every aspect. Everyone involved can easily see the project status and progress. 

As for The Expert, the platform is hassle-free and simplified. With no moodboards or 3D renderings, the service is simplistic. That said, your selected designer oversees your project in a similar fashion. They are available to chat things through whenever you reach out with an appointment. Moreover, your chosen designer will provide product links and descriptions when necessary. Clarity is also key to their system as each step is discussed during chats. 

The Expert vs Decorilla: Customer Support

Living room by Casey H - Decorilla vs The Expert
Living room design – Decorilla

Customer service is a top priority when looking at Decorilla vs The Expert. Decorilla, on the one hand, has an online customer support team available 24/7. In addition to their customer skills, they have been hand-selected with quality in mind. Similarly, The Expert’s customer support team is ranked highly too. Always available, this team is open to feedback. They can guide their clients at a moment’s notice.

Decorilla vs The Expert: Pricing

Contemporary living room by Dina H - Decorilla vs The Expert features
Contemporary living room design – Decorilla

At the fraction of the cost of traditional services, online interior design can help you create a beautiful home. The Decorilla vs The Expert comparison shows alternatives to costly in-home services. Here are their cost differences. 

Decorilla Pricing

Contemporary kitchen by Decorilla - Decorilla vs The Expert
Kitchen online design – Decorilla

The cost of Decorilla depends on the room type and level of your interior designer. In addition, customizable options are available and multi-room designs include a discount. 

Bronze Package – $549 – $899/room

  • Interior designers with 2-5 years of experience 
  • Project delivery for straightforward projects
  • Concepts and ideas provided by multiple experienced designers

Silver Package – $649 – $1099/room

  • Interior designers with 5-10 years of experience 
  • Multiple designers provide more complex concepts and ideas
  • Seamless designs delivered without any back-and-forth complications

Platinum Package – $1800 – $3200/room

  • Industry-leading interior designers with 10+ years of experience
  • Concepts and ideas for any project – from simple to gut renovations 
  • High-end, luxury designers with a wealth of industry knowledge 
  • Unlimited designer-client calls
  • Designer drawings for contractors
  • Complete project and timeline management

Custom Design Package – $75- $500/hour

  • Custom packages at an hourly rate

The Expert Pricing

Dining room by Josh Greene - The Expert vs Decorilla
Portfolio pick of a designer on The Expert

The Expert offers virtual consultations that vary between 25-55 minutes long. Costs, therefore, vary based on the length of time and the number of consultations you require. Typically, the pricing ranges between $150 – $1500. Moreover, the level of the designer will impact the cost too. 

Both Decorilla and The Expert offer gift packages. These let you get a voucher for a loved one for birthdays or any special date. You can even gift your significant other as a nudge to spruce up your home. Decorilla’s gift cards are versatile and allow any value, but opt for over $400 and you’ll receive $120 off on your voucher. The Expert, on the other hand, starts their gift vouchers at $300 but also brings flexibility with their custom option.

Decorilla vs The Expert Reviews 

Living room by Jamie C - Decorilla vs The Expert differences
Living room design – Decorilla

Good reviews come from all around to rave about Decorilla as well as The Expert. Often, finding your fit also means making sure you go with a reliable service. And one way to do so is by checking what previous clients have to say about their experiences.

Decorilla Reviews from Customers – 5 stars

Check out what satisfied Decorilla homemakers had to say:

“I can’t believe how great my renderings looked! In summary, Susan completely understood what I wanted and got it perfect.”

“I must admit, I was a bit skeptical at first. But I will be the first to say that Decorilla far exceeded my expectations. It was awesome! The process was turnkey, and I ended up with a great design for my daughter’s playroom. Thanks, Decorilla!!!! I would highly recommend this service.”

“If I could give 6 stars I would! This team of high-end interior designers is amazing and worked with me to get exactly what we needed. The process is so seamless and I’ve recommended them to everyone I know.”

Decorilla Reviews from Interior Designers – 4.1 stars

Designers working at Decorilla also had positive things to say:

“It’s rare to find a company where the managers go above and beyond for their employees. In short, this is one of those companies.”

“The company has great positive energy and helpful people. I have grown at Decorilla and feel that I couldn’t have done it without them.”

Details on The Expert blog - The Expert reviews
Details on The Expert

The Expert Reviews from Clients 

The Expert’s customers were satisfied with the design service:

“Whether you are embarking on a renovation, just need a little direction, or want to talk trade — leaving it to The Expert(s) is a good call!”

“The Expert is a great investment for your property, especially when working with a designer for a full project may not be in your budget.”

The Expert Reviews from Interior Designers 

Not many reviews were found online from designers at The Expert, however, the few found were positive:

“It’s not just having a conversation like many of these online forums, where you chat for 10 or 15 minutes. This is giving someone specifics and saying, ‘This is the fabric I like. In addition, this is the sofa I like from this company.”

The Expert Reviews from Around the Web

Constructive reviews scattered around the web:

“One thing that immediately stood out to me when browsing The Expert is the variety of top designers.”

“With this platform, you can gain access to a designer in New York, London, Copenhagen, and Australia. You can get an incredible amount accomplished in just 55 minutes.” 

The Expert and Decorilla Alternatives

Contemporary living room by Joseph G - Decorilla vs The Expert
Contemporary living room rendering – Decorilla

If Decorilla or The Expert don’t fit your mold, there are a few other online interior design services to consider. These alternatives are easy to use and provide quick solutions to those in a hurry to make a change. 

CB2 Design

CB2 Pros

  • All assistance is free.
  • Designers are available both in person and online
  • Commercial and residential plans are available

CB2 Cons

  • Some reviews feature complaints about timelines and the durability of décor
  • More focus on the furniture than on the interior design service

West Elm Design Crew

West Elm Design Crew Pros

  • All designs are based on mid-century styles – keeping them inviting
  • West Elm has partnered with an installation company
  • The brand is eco-friendly

West Elm Design Crew Cons

  • The brand is not renowned for being high-end or luxurious
  • Complaints about customer service are on the web


RoomLift Pros

  • There is no incentive for commission for the designer
  • 1% of proceeds go to charity
  • There is no sales pressure to purchase items

RoomLift Cons

  • Redesigns or modifications are not possible
  • Turnaround time is lengthy

Decorilla vs The Expert: Major Differences and Conclusion

Bedroom rendering by Joseph G - Decorill vs The Expert
Bedroom design – Decorilla

Both companies deliver at a high standard. In fact, they’re at top of their game and, as a client, it can be overwhelming to choose your fit. So, here’s a refresh of Decorilla vs The Expert differences and features. 


  • Design concepts from multiple interior designers
  • 24/7 customer support
  • A shopping list providing exclusive trade discounts
  • A white glove shopping concierge handles all order, tracking, and delivery details.
  • Provides both online and in-person design services
  • Online interior design services are available worldwide
  • Realistic 3D renderings and custom CAD designs
  • Pricing is flexible according to the design package
  • In-house architects and designers tackle large-scale projects and custom builds

The Expert

  • Top-class designers are available for one on one consultations
  • Prices vary according to appointment duration, number of consults, and experience level
  • Access to designers one wouldn’t usually have access to
  • All steps and specifics are discussed during consultations
  • Links to furniture are shared online
  • All designs accounted for from a full-scale renovation or a single-room

Wondering which is best in The Expert vs Decorilla comparison? 

Get a full breakdown of Decorilla’s in-depth online interior design services during a brief call. Schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation to learn more today!


[Feature image: Decorilla]

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