Home office essentials by decorilla designer Lori D

If you’re like many people as of recently, you often work from home. While this arrangement holds many benefits, it’s important to have an ergonomic, adequately designed, well-organized home office to ensure maximum productivity. Which is why we are bringing to you our list of well-curated home office essentials. Read on to learn how to make the most of your workspace!

Tips for Choosing Your Work From Home Essentials

Work from home essentials by Decorilla designer Lori D.
Work from home essentials by Decorilla designer, Lori D.

When choosing your home office essentials, it’s crucial to think about your specific needs. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Make a list of the tasks you need to complete most often while working from home. This will help you determine which supplies are essential for you.
  • Think about the amount of space you have available. Base your home office design and make furniture and supply selections that will fit your designated work area.
  • Consider your budget. Getting all home office essentials shouldn’t leave a hole in your wallet. Choose items within your budget, or splurge on some while saving on others.
  • Find what motivates you and use your home office design ideas to convey the flair. The right atmosphere is an absolute home office essential!

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Top 10 Home Office Essentials List

Moody luxe home office necessities by Decorilla designer Jazmine U
Moody luxe home office necessities by Decorilla designer, Jazmine U.

With this handy home office essentials list, you’ll be able to create a productive and organized home office that draws out the best of you. Use some or all of these ideas to get started on your own work from home set up.

1. Appropriate Desks

Work from home essentials by Decorilla designer Dina H
Work from home essentials by Decorilla designer, Dina H.

A good desk is essential for any workspace. Make sure it’s big enough to fit all of your home office necessities. If you have a lot of space, consider a desk with a changeable height that will allow you to alternate sitting and standing positions. Furthermore, for a cohesive look, choose a desk that matches the style of the room where it will be placed.

2. Ergonomic Seating Is a Must

Ergonomic home office essentials by Decorilla designer Kristina BErgonomic home office essentials by Decorilla designer Kristina B
Ergonomic home office essentials by Decorilla designer, Kristina B.

A good chair is equally as important as a good desk. Make sure it’s comfortable so that you can sit for long periods without issues. Ideally, it should have customizable features to allow you to achieve the perfect ergonomic position. Lumbar support would be a great plus. And on top of all, the ideal chair should look as good as it feels. Since your health and comfort are of the utmost importance, consider splurging on a quality desk chair.

3. Great Lighting Is Paramount

Luxury work at home essentials by Decorilla designer, Ibrahim H.
Luxury work at home essentials by Decorilla designer, Ibrahim H.

Proper lighting is a crucial element in your home office. Natural light is always best, so try to establish your workspace close to the window. Alternatively, use a fixture with a bulb that mimics the daylight. Also, consider layered lighting by using  a mix of canned ceiling lights, hanging fixtures, and accent lights. Better yet if they’re dimmable. This way you can choose how much light the room receives throughout the day.

4.Don’t Forget Storage Furniture

Vertical storage home office essentials by Decorilla designer Dina H
Built-in storage as home office essentials by Decorilla designer, Dina H

Storage furniture is a must-have for any home office. File cabinets, for instance, are a great way to organize your paperwork and other work from home essentials. Meanwhile, built-ins keep everything organized and looking nice at the same time. Keeping the workplace neat improves your focus, allowing you to think more clearly and thus produce better outcomes. Even minimal clutter accumulates rapidly over time—therefore, the less things out in the open, the better.

5. Personal Home Office Necessities

wfh office essentials by Decorilla designer Joyce T
Personalized decor as WFH office essentials by Decorilla designer, Joyce T.

Since you spend so much of your day in your workplace, it’s only natural that you’d want to customize it. You may personalize the area using family photographs, drawings, art, and mementos. Little embellishments that remind you of wonderful and inspiring aspects of your life can help maintain your motivation. However, always keep in mind your Zoom meeting background and how you want to represent yourself (and your environment) there. Sometimes, less is more.

6. Small Home Office Essentials

Home desk essentials by Decorilla designer Caity H
Small home office by Decorilla designer, Caity H.

If your potential home office space is limited, utilizing a bare wall can be quite an asset. Floating shelves take up no floor space and provide many decoration and storage opportunities. Go vertical whenever you can and use every inch—but keep it lightweight. Massive and heavy forms are not a good solution for small spaces. Furthermore, with a limited footprint keep all of your office furniture on the smaller side. You don’t need an entire room to have a functional work from home set up.

7. When Thinking Home Office Necessities, Think Multidimensional

Decorilla designer Everlyn Z's home office necessities
Decorilla designer, Everlyn Z’s, home office necessities ideas

Even if you have an ample floor area at your disposal, you need to consider whether to build upwards or outwards. Make particular use of the floor-to-ceiling space, even if it means occasionally utilizing a step-stool to get something. A corner bookshelf is also an excellent space-saving storage method. Consider your workflow and keep frequently used home office desk essentials within arm’s reach—the rest can go up and away.

8. Plants are Also Home Office Essentials

Work from home essentials by Decorilla designer Liana S
Work from home essentials by Decorilla designer, Liana S.

Some greenery is an absolute must for any home office. Not only do plants make the space look more inviting, but they also help improve air quality. If you’re not particularly green-thumbed, consider choosing a low-maintenance plant. Succulents are always a great option. In the end, you can always opt for an artificial plant to get the look without the upkeep.

9. Define the Home Office Space With an Area Rug

Home office essentials rug by Decorilla designer Aimee M
Home office essentials rug by Decorilla designer, Aimee M.

A rug is a great way to add personality to your home office. Make sure it fits the area, and choose a style you love. It doesn’t have to be a traditional office rug. Something with a fun pattern or interesting texture can really help to liven up the workspace as well as your mood. In addition, a rug can help define your working area if you’re only using a small portion of a room.

10. Barriers Are More Important Than You Think

Home office essentials screen by Decorilla designer Anup T
Divider screen as one of the WFH set up essentials by Decorilla designer, Anup T.

Do you have any idea what hits the top of the home office essentials list? Boundaries. While home offices allow you to work at your own speed while being near to your family, they also mean distractions that might impact your productivity. Setting a physical boundary will allow you to be as effective at home as you would be in an office. If walls are not an option, consider a screen or a similar temporary barrier.

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