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With its pearly beaches and luxury amenities, the Hamptons is synonymous with exclusivity. This strip of Long Island not only has a breathtaking landscape but also comes with high-end homes and entertainment. Such a setting needs sublime spaces to hold to its appeal. Read on to check out the top Hamptons interior designers and decorators that are certainly up to the task. 

With some of the finest designers on their team, Decorilla loves good design. And we also like keeping an eye on exceptional talent in design hotspots across the country. So, here is the best of the Hamptons interior design!

Top 10 Hamptons Interior Designers

Peg Fruin

Hamptons kitchen interior designers

Beach interior design is surely at its most spectacular in Long Island. And it’s here where Peg Fruin established her firm, Hamptons Design in 1999. Since then, Peg and her team have been redefining spaces to reflect clients’ needs and styles. But her ultimate goal is to make them happy. Her multi-published firm relies on a network of experts to ensure any possibility can become reality. Peg specializes in custom kitchens with exquisite cabinetry and precision. 

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Interior Design in the Hamptons

WHAT WE LOVE: Peg and her team of top Hamptons interior decorators are most inspired by their clients. Each new relationship brings opportunities to be creative, collaborate, and explore new ideas. This drive has grown Peg’s portfolio and service offering over the past decades. 

Decorilla Hamptons Interior Designers

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Decorilla offers stunning interior design with additional benefits to traditional interior design. Through an online platform and an attentive team, clients find what they need quickly and easily. For one thing, clients are matched with the top Hamptons interior designers instead of searching for one. In addition, each project begins with design concepts from two designers, so clients have different perspectives on their home and are able to choose their favorite. It’s a convenient way of getting the best Hamptons interior design style

Coastal transitional bedroom by one of the top interior decorators in Hamptons Shofy D
Coastal style by Decorilla‘s top Hamptons interior designers

As an award-winning design company, Decorilla has featured in many noteworthy publications. Architectural Digest, Dwell and The New York Times are among them. Their vetted designers create bespoke interiors while ticking off everything on a client’s wish lists, including exclusive trade discounts and a white-glove ordering concierge. As a result, homes and businesses updated via Decorilla exceed expectations.

hamptons interior design by decorilla
Transitional living room Hamptons interior design by Decorilla

WHAT WE LOVE: Decorilla is both the most affordable Hamptons interior design and the most accessible. If this sounds like your ideal scenario, get started today!

Betty Wasserman

Houzz interior designers in Hamptons

Nearing three decades in interior design, Betty Wasserman is no stranger to creating beautiful Hamptons style homes. In fact, her warm minimalist designs are so memorable, Betty’s become one of the best-known Houzz interior designers in the Hamptons. She decorates with restraint, ensuring a home is in harmony with surrounding woodlands. To this end, Betty uses natural stone, wood, and textiles as well as subtle botanical motifs. 

Betty Wasserman - Top Hamptons interior designers

WHAT WE LOVE: Betty uses her own loft space to showcase her style and its ever-updating narrative. What’s more, this designer also has a knack for custom furniture designs that we adore. 

Annette Jaffe 

Top Hamptons interior designers

Distinctly coastal, Annette Jaffe’s design esthetic is so at ease and natural in its beachside setting. Yet, these interiors are more than just tonal wonders. Showcasing patterns, balancing bold colors, and selecting inimitable lighting is her second nature. Annette’s experience in residential, commercial, hotel, and multi-family developments certainly shows. 

Annette Jaffe - Top Hamptons interior designers

WHAT WE LOVE: Modern lines meet layers of textures to form a balanced and purposeful style. These Hamptons interior designers deliver seamless service, from inception to finalizing last details.

Alicia Murphy

Top Hamptons interior decorators

Of the top Hamptons interior decorators and designers, Alicia Murphy focuses on livability above all. Making her clients feel at ease while enjoying everyday luxuries in an elegant home is her top priority. As a result, easygoing spaces fill her portfolio. But these interiors are more than merely comfy. They boast understated elegance with a modern edge and individuality.

Alicia Murphy - Top Hamptons interior decorators

WHAT WE LOVE: Alicia adds contemporary statement pieces into her work. The result is interiors that feel upbeat while carrying the grandeur of the Hamptons and its timeless architecture. 

Farrin Cary

Hamptons interior design with texture

Homes by Farrin Cary are so texture-rich they cultivate interest from up close or afar. Owing to a defined style that goes beyond surface textiles, Farrin brings depth into interiors unalike others. She captures the essence of natural beauty and light by layering materials. In this way, Farrin creates spaces that subtly reflect their environment. It’s no wonder she’s become one of the best Houzz interior designers in the Hamptons. 


WHAT WE LOVE: Farrin has a fluid style. She often mixes modern and progressive design which leads to an artful interior rich with historical reference. Yet, whatever the style influence, each project bears Farrin’s signature layering.

Bella Mancini

Houzz interior designers in the Hamptons

Bella Mancini puts a spin on the Hamptons style. Her vision brings eastern vibrancy to interiors, creating a tasteful tropical or eclectic colonial air. Bella’s process is almost eccentric as she plans a client’s story, explores designs, and orchestrates projects until their final touches are in place. But the result speaks for itself. That’s why she’s certainly one of the favorite Houzz interior designers in the Hamptons. 

Bella Mancini - top hamptons interior decorators

WHAT WE LOVE: Bella’s previous career in the fashion industry influences her interiors. It brings an energetic play of pattern, color, and texture into homes. Her knack for balancing extremes shows she is among the top Hamptons interior decorators.

Darci Hether 

Hamptons interior decorators

As clients in the Hamptons often lead busy professional lives, Darci Hether strives to create versatile spaces. She wants homes to cater to friends, family, and colleagues. To this end, Darci and her team design interiors rich with functional luxury and conducive to a fast-paced lifestyle. In addition to design, Darci also advises clients on décor choices and when to splurge or hold back. 

Darci Hether - Top Hamptons interior decorators

WHAT WE LOVE: Darci’s love for juxtaposition is transparent in her designs. Whether shape, material, or style, her favorite elements contrast to complement each other most. 

Jennifer Mabley & Austin Handler

Hamptons interior design

Mabley Handler’s signature sophisticated beach style has brightened homes all over Long Island. At the steer of the firm are top Hamptons interior decorators, Jennifer Mabley and Austin Handler. The pair work closely with clients to ensure truly bespoke homes. They certainly have an eye for details. Their level of perfectionism is due to Jennifer’s expertise in furniture design and Austin’s background in graphic design. 

Jennifer Mabley - Houzz interior designers in the Hamptons

WHAT WE LOVE: Throughout their designs, Jennifer and Austin keep to seaside-inspired color schemes. Blues, greys, and fawn bring calm into every space they design.

Laura Sanatore

Hamptons interior designers

Laura Sanatore brings playfulness into Hamptons interior design. With a passion for interior design, Laura wants her clients to “feel the love” in her designs. She aims to create serene spaces that calm but also encourage clients to thrive in life, work, and play. At the same time, Laura also ensures homes are authentic to their inhabitants, timeless, inviting, and chic. 

Laura Sanatore - top houzz interior designers in Hamptons

WHAT WE LOVE: Laura’s enthusiasm shines through in every project. The final rooms are full of life and intrigue – perfect for exploring the possibilities of life. 

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