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The best Savannah interior designers certainly create memorable spaces. Of course, being home to some of the finest art schools in the world, Savannah offers some unbeatable designs. The Decorilla team is lucky enough to have a few of these talented designers on our team and also loves to keep an eye on other local interior designers. So, if you want to find an interior designer to help revamp your home, you are in the right place! Read on for awe-inspiring Savannah interior designers.

Deborah Morcott

savannah interior design deborah morcott
With decades of experience, Deborah definitely is among our list of the best Savannah interior designers. Having lived in six countries, her design style showcases a seamless blend of artistic traditional and chic modern styles. However, what’s most important to her process is how Deborah thoughtfully curates spaces that have an inner charm and flawless aesthetic.

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Contemporary bathroom by one of the best savannah interior designers

WHAT WE LOVE: The bold and experimental nature of eclectic design in Deborah’s style makes her interiors look like works of art above all else!

Courtney Broaden

one of the top Savannah interior designers courtney b (1)

Although Courtney Broaden grew up in a family of architects and designers, she started her career as an attorney. However, it did not take her long to realize her true happiness lies in creating beautiful spaces full of mind and soul. So, without delay, she decided to earn a design degree from one of the most prestigious design schools in North America, the Savannah School of Art and Design (SCAD). After spending some years in Savannah, Courtney fell in love with the essence and style of the city and has established herself on the local design scene.

courtney broaden savannah interior designer
Living room makeover by Decorilla and Savannah interior designer, Courtney B.

Courtney specializes in mixing eclectic and classic pieces to create a one-of-a-kind space. She has a unique sense of spatial design and symmetric aesthetics that makes her one of the best interior designers in Savannah. For this reason, it’s certainly easy to fall in love with her creations. 

savannah interior designer living room
Bedroom design by Decorilla and Savannah interior designer, Courtney B.

WHAT WE LOVE: Her designs are stylish yet so timeless. Courtney offers some of the most affordable design packages, accessible from anywhere – you can even work with Courtney today if you’d like!

Joel and Erika Snayd

Houzz interior designers savannah - rethink design studio

This power couple is changing the face of Savannah interior design one space at a time. Joel and Erika started their studio, Rethinking Design in 2005 and the pair has been unstoppable ever since. Their style is minimal and purist, giving supremacy to everyday things. Most importantly, they believe in creating spaces that are true to their nature and purpose. Mixing designs and elements in the most subtle ways have made them top rated Houzz interior designers in Savannah.

best savannah interior design studio

WHAT WE LOVE: They perfectly marry form and function in every room to create remarkable interiors. 

Anne Pappas 

find an interior designer near me - anne pappas

Who doesn’t love contemporary spaces with a speck of craziness? This is exactly how Anne designs interiors! She spent her formative years studying throughout Europe and learning from the best design schools. Consequently, her style is a perfect blend of modern and traditional. As a result, minimal but meaningful elements define every space of her Savannah interior designs. 

anne pappas savannah interior designer

WHAT WE LOVE: Bright, modern spaces filled with an array of perfectly placed chic accessories. 

Leah G. Bailey

interior decorator savannah ga - leah bailey

Since her childhood, Leah knew she wanted to be an interior designer. With such a driving passion, she is certainly one of the most gifted interior designers in Savannah. What’s more, excellent attention to detail helps her in creating fabulous spaces. Leah currently owns a group of interior design studios that not only undertakes design projects, but also sell amazing accessories. This means that if you’re looking for glamorous home décor pieces to spice up your space, you certainly know where to go!

Leah G Bailey - one of the best savannah interior designers

WHAT WE LOVE: Stylish and ultra-sophisticated designs that are nothing less than gorgeous. 

Lily Brown

houzz interior designers savannah - lily brown

Known for her upscale taste and entrancing style, this creative is one of the most notable Savannah interior designers. Lily Brown specializes in luxury residential spaces that have a touch of drama. Most importantly, she has a knack for complementing the architecture in spaces to bring out the best of both the structure and interior design. Lily is also a LEED accredited designer who is on a roll to create the most refined interior spaces in Savannah. 

best savannah interior design studio

WHAT WE LOVE: Her adventurous design style adds a touch of velvet to every interior to bring much-needed oomph!

Curry Salandi 

top savannah interior designer curry salandi

Having featured in Savannah Magazine a bunch of times, this top Savannah interior designer is definitely one of the favorites. Curry’s style is tasteful and timeless. She fearlessly crafts interiors with distinct design features. From wallpapered ceilings to oversized accessories, she confidently gives every project heaps of character. Moreover, Curry delivers bespoke interiors to every client as she’s mindful of their unique habits and preferences. 

Modern Rustic kitchen by one of the best savannah ga interior designers - curry salandi

WHAT WE LOVE: Curry’s daring spaces full of bold features are just delightful!

Beth McDonald

top savannah ga interior designer - beth mcdonald

For the past 25 years, Beth McDonald has been helping design clients “own embraceable haven”. As part of Design House Interiors Group, Beth is a seasoned professional among a group of growing talent. Ever since its inception in 2007, this design group has been unstoppable. Famous for the team’s country chic aesthetic, these Savannah interior designers have swept clients off their feet with majestic designs. The group includes prominent designers, namely Leah Bailey, Linn Gresham, Lily Brown, and Debbie Basnett. Moreover, their work is frequently published in national magazines. 

Bright living room by savannah ga interior decorator beth mcdonald

WHAT WE LOVE: Contemporary and chic, Instagram-worthy aesthetics are surely keeping us hooked on the work of these interior decorators in Savannah, Georgia. 

Michele & John Coseo

houzz interior design savannah ga - savannah design group (1)

Savannah Design Group is Michele and John Coseo’s dream come to fruition. This creative couple has left no stone unturned in becoming one of the top interior designers in Savannah. While Michele is the creative director behind every single project, John makes sure that the designs come to life seamlessly. Most importantly, they are perfectionists who love to pay attention to every small detail, which results in flawless interiors. 

michele coseo savannah interior deisgner

WHAT WE LOVE: Extremely well-executed interiors that are luxurious, glamorous, and perfectly balanced. 

Tricia Stacy

top savannah interior designer - tricia stacy

With decades of experience, Tricia Stacy definitely makes our list of the best Savannah interior designers. Having worked as a project manager, designer, and renovator on residential and commercial projects, Tricia has seen all facets of the industry. Moreover, all these years have polished her traditional style which is evident in any of her creations. Her spaces are classic yet extravagant, and perfectly balanced. In addition, it is no wonder Tricia has earned 5 stars among Houzz Interior Designers Savannah

find an interior designer savannah ga - tricia stacy

WHAT WE LOVE: Tricia’s elaborative décor and intricate designs are truly impressive. 

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