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Turning a dining room to a home office might be just the solution for a suitable workspace at home – especially if you don’t need the dining space. That was the case for a recent Decorilla client who needed a new, separate space for working and gaming. Read on to see how our designer smartly transformed this dining room into a functional workspace and more! 

The Challenge: Convert Dining Room to a Home Office

Since the client had a spacious living area that could accommodate a dining table, he was left with an unused room. However, he needed a dedicated space for work. Each interior design project comes with its unique set of obstacles to overcome, even more so when turning a dining room into a home office. In this case, the designer was asked to: 

  • Design a cohesive space that fits with the look and feel of the rest of the home
  • Source elegant and highly functional furniture and home office essentials
  • Make the space comfortable to spend long working hours every day
  • Make a good impression as the first room a visitor sees when entering the house
  • Keep the design solution modern, orderly, and simple in order to promote productivity

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Home Office Inspiration

Neutral living room inspiration board NEW

The client’s inspiration images of home office design ideas focused on masculine, modern spaces. In addition, there were hints of industrial and rustic blended with an overall contemporary vibe. Most setups comprised plenty of wood, some with metal elements, good lighting, and interesting accents. All the rooms were highly functional with a clean look and streamlined furniture. It was apparent the client was after a room with style that still served its purpose. 

Design Moodboard & Ideas

Dining room turned home office rendering by Decorilla
Dining room turned home office rendering by Decorilla

In order to convert the dining room to a home office, the client began the online interior design process by also completing a quick questionnaire. This useful information allowed for the selection of not one, but two suitable designers who would deliver their custom-designed moodboards. While both presentations caught the eye of the client, it was the concept by Rajna S. that really won him over. 

Dining room to home office moodboard by Decorilla

The look she proposed focused on transforming the dining room into a home office with an inviting feel that still met all the different functions needed by the client. In addition, her ideas presented a curated home office background that would present well on work calls. Overall, the design was just what the client was after. 

Transforming the Dining Room Into a Home Office Results

Transformed dining room into home office by Decorilla
Transformed dining room into home office by Decorilla

The design successfully fulfills the client’s wish for a cohesive space that flows smoothly and blends in with the rest of the home. From the walls and floor to the furniture, the office color palette follows the same style as the rest of the living area: crisp white accented by shades of light ash grey.

Home office design by Decorilla
Home office design by Decorilla

The room is centered around a sturdy u-shaped oak desk with a matching storage console and coordinating shelves. These wood elements give the room just a touch of rustic industrial style and textural interest. The arrangement is grounded by an antiqued area rug with a hint of blue.

Overhead, a shaded drum chandelier draws the eye up in addition to casting a soft glow over the room. Floor to ceiling curtains not only heighten the room, but also offer noise reduction and black out functions. In this way, the light and sound of the room is easily controlled, making for the perfect working environment.

Dining room as home office by Decorilla
Dining room as home office by Decorilla

Meanwhile, black accents in art prints, curtain rods, and decor provide some much needed contrast. These pieces also make the gaming chair, neatly tucked into the corner, feel as if it is part of the design.

In the other corner of the home office, a sleek recliner and side table provide a cozy spot for resting or hosting a visitor who wants to sit and chat. To round off the design, a few potted plants and succulents breathe some fresh air into the room. 

Before The Change

Before converting dining room to home office

The dining room turned home office used to be a fresh, empty space dedicated to gathering around meals. Even so, it featured the suitable foundation and style to quickly transform into a workspace without major remodeling. In the end, Rajna was able to deliver a well-composed, yet functional office space. 

Online Interior Design Shopping List

Home office decor shopping list by Decorilla
Home office decor shopping list by Decorilla

Every online interior design project includes a custom shopping list full of exclusive trade discounts. And better yet, a complementary white-glove shopping concierge service will handle all of the ordering, tracking, and delivery – saving you time and money!

Top Picks to Transform a Home Office

Even if you are not transforming a dining room into a home office, the design ideas still apply. If you’d like a similar space, check out some of our favorite pieces inspired by this design:

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