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Online interior design makes beautiful interiors accessible and affordable. Easy to use and a big time saver, it’s the way of the future! That said, it can be tricky to decide where to begin. Today we’ll look at two leading industry experts in a Decorilla vs. roomLift comparison. So, read on to find your right fit! 

Decorilla vs. roomLift – A Quick Glance at Both 

Coastal living room design by Casey H - Decorilla vs roomLift reviews
Coastal living room design – Decorilla

You need to know the best online interior design services to consider your options. Furthermore, you must mull over their features and benefits to find one that matches your style and budget. 

First, let’s get started with a glance at Decorilla vs. roomLift. 


Contemporary living room by Darya N - Decorilla vs roomLift features comparison
Living room online design – Decorilla

Firstly, Decorilla projects incorporate a fun and interactive style quiz to identify your exact taste and budget. After that, the team matches you with two interior designers who will make proposals. Because Decorilla cares about your wants and needs, they enable you to decide which design you want. In the end, the designer you choose will ultimately transform your home!

It doesn’t end there. Similarly, your selected designer assists you with great deals too. At a fraction of the cost of traditional services, you will receive a curated shopping list with exclusive trade discounts. Moreover, the package includes 3D renderings, color schemes, layouts, and décor selections. 


Bedroom in a roomlift vs Decorilla differences comparison - roomLift
roomLift interior design

On the other hand, roomLift also offers a unique solution to interior design. The magic happens when you connect with a professional designer who hears your visions and dreams for your home. roomLift’s goal is to save time, money, and stress. And the result is a seamless and enjoyable process.

roomLift follows a similar path whereby clients fill out quick questionnaires. The platform then creates and sends a tailored box of design ideas to the client. These concepts include scaled floorplans, samples, and furniture specifications. 

Decorilla vs. roomLift: Overview Comparison

Chic white and black living room design by Casey H - Decorilla vs roomLift
Contemporary living room design – Decorilla

Let’s look at a comprehensive synopsis of these two great online interior design providers.

Decorilla Online Interior Design Packages

Bedroom by Casey H - Decorilla vs roomLift
Bedroom 3D rendering – Decorilla

Design Concepts from Multiple Interior designers

Clients receive initial proposals from two interior designers. The proposals contain aspects such as your decor, layout, furniture suggestions, and color palette. Lastly, you decide which designer will recreate your space. 

3D Renderings

Your designer will provide photo-realistic images to portray their suggestions for your new space. As a result, you can decide if you like the look before committing to the project concept. 

Online Shopping List

When you proceed with your project, you will receive a curated virtual shopping list from Decorilla. Moreover, this list includes details you will require to start putting together your new interior. Moreover, you will receive exclusive trade discounts from popular vendors. All this is without the pressure to purchase. 

Detailed Furniture Layout

Decorilla provides all clients with a clear-cut 2D floor plan. In short, this floorplan details where each of your purchased items would be in the room. 

Color Palette

Each client receives wall paint that will complement their new home. Using this base as a guide for your home is good if you want to design some rooms yourself. 

Tips and Implementation Guide

A step-by-step manual is given to the client to guide the decorating process. Within this manual, your designer provides handy tips to help set up your room perfectly. 

Boho living room design in a roomLift vs Decorilla match up - Decorilla
Boho living room rendering – Decorilla
Decorilla moodboard in a Decorilla vs roomLift comparison
Decorilla moodboard
Decorilla online shopping list - Decorilla vs roomLift
Online shopping list – Decorilla

roomLift Online Interior Design Packages

roomLift bedroom - roomLift vs Decorilla features
Transitional bedroom makeover – roomLift

Collaborate with an Interior Designer 

After the client downloads the roomLift app and creates an account, they’ll complete a quick questionnaire. Then, the roomLift team can peruse their inspirational photos. Ultimately this allows the team to connect you with the appropriate designer who will provide a complete game plan. The designers come from external interior design companies that partner with roomLift. Once roomLift understands your project needs, they’ll match you with the perfect partner. 

Boxes with a Full Game Plan

A comprehensive box filled with a design package is shipped within four weeks. Overall, this box includes cards that portray your discounts, designer notes, and two to three options of items you wish to purchase.  


An estimated timeline of one to two weeks is necessary to put together your game plan of custom professional design expertise. After that, it’ll take another two weeks for your box to be shipped to you with everything you need to put your project together.

Add Ons 

In addition, acessoryLift is an option for clients. This solution provides advice on aspects like fixtures and finishes in your home. Furthermore, clients can book 5-minute consultations for quick meetings on tips and tricks. 

roomlift package in a Decorilla vs roomLift differences comparison
roomLift package
RoomLift room styles and reviews
roomLift styles categories

Decorilla vs. roomLift: Features

FEATURESdecorilla logo

FURNITURE DISCOUNTSYes, up to 45% off popular brandsExclusive trade discounts are offered
ONLINE PLATFORMYes, an interactive platformYes
INTERIOR DESIGNER EXPERIENCE Decorilla designers either have a degree in interior design or architecture Professional interior designers with 5-40 years’ experience
DESIGN CONCEPTSYes, from multiple designersYes, from one assigned designer
CUSTOM & CAD DRAWINGSYes, included in the gold design package Yes
3D MODELYes, photorealistic 3D renderingsNo, a floorplan is provided
INCORPORATE EXISTING CLIENT ITEMSYes, in 3D renderingYes, in 3D rendering
COST$75-$1,699$100 – $1500
ORDERING CONCIERGE Complimentary meticulous purchasing service Available
MARKUPSNo, shopping list and discounts do not expireNo
IN-HOME CONSULTATION Yes, available per requestNo
REVISIONS4-10 with designerNo
New vendors can be requested and used in projects.
Designers suggest vendors
WALLPAPER & PAINT COLORSIncluded in flat-rate price Included as samples in box
WINDOW TREATMENTSWindow treatments, shades and curtains includedWindow treatments, shades and curtains included in box
LIGHTING DESIGNCustom and track lighting, floor and table lamps, chandeliers, pendants and sconces available. Per request
ROOM DESIGNSBedroom, bathroom, patio, kitchen, hallway, living room, dining room (all – customizable packages)Living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, kids’ rooms, nursery, family room, bathroom, office, basement, outdoor

Schedule a Free Online Interior Design Consultation to learn more during a chat with one of Decorilla’s online interior decorators today. Or Choose a Design Package to get started with a click of a button!

roomLift vs. Decorilla: Design Process and Flexibility

Bathroom by Decorilla in Decorilla vs roomLift match up
Bathroom interior design – Decorilla

To create the perfect space, you need to find a designer who shares your vision. The interior design company you choose should meet your tastes and budget. With this flexibility in mind, let’s look at the Decorilla vs. roomLift comparison. 

Decorilla Interior Design Process

Family room by Decorilla in a Decorilla and roomLift comparison - Decorilla
Family room design – Decorilla

Decorilla’s design process is far from cookie-cutter. Their packages are customized and progressive, arranged in three tiers – Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each level holds knowledge and expertise from its professional interior designers. Moreover, they cater to all budgets and styles. They also have a Premium option for luxury, high-end interiors. 

The Decorilla interior design process rolls progressively too. An initial consult takes place after a brief questionnaire. Subsequently, you match with the appropriate interior designer. After that, you’ll receive concept boards. In essence, the designers compete to collaborate with you on your project. 

Once you select your ideal concept, your designer will be by your side from start to finish. Open communication is crucial to this collaboration. For this reason, all emails display on the Decorilla online platform. 

In the end, the designer provides you with 3D renderings, a cohesive shopping list, and an implementation guide. You’ll also receive all color schemes, floorplans, and décor. Moreover, the shopping list will include exclusive trade discounts. 

Lastly, Decorilla boasts excellent customer service. In fact, they have a customer service team available on hand to solve any problem. As a result, there are many happy homeowners due to Decorilla and its team of leading experts. 

roomLift Design Process

Traditional dining room by a roomLift designer - roomLift vs Decorilla
Traditional interior design – roomLift

roomLift works in a similar yet different manner. After creating your account, you’ll receive a link to complete a questionnaire. Your info lets the team discover more about your wants and needs. Next, you’ll receive a second link to a Dropbox file. Here, you can upload inspirational photos of ideas or furniture you wish to keep.

The next step is for the designer to work on your full package. Then, you’ll receive a box of tactile cards within four weeks. These cards contain samples of the materials you wish to use or swatches of color. For this reason, you’ll get a tactile experience of your concept before going ahead and making purchases.  

roomLift vs. Decorilla: Furniture Brands

Classic interior by roomLift - roomLift vs Decorilla
Traditional design – roomLift

Nothing is out of the question when it comes to roomLift stores. Moreover, there is always the potential for trade-exclusive discounts. While roomLift does not partner with any stores, they work on growing their discount offering to their clients. As a result, their designers have zero limits when sourcing furniture items.

Modern bedroom by Decorilla designer - Decorilla vs roomLift
Modern bedroom 3D rendering – Decorilla

Likewise, the Decorilla team sources their furniture from all over. They’ve partnered with over 300 vendors and often offer product discounts of up to 45% off retail value. Popular brands like Crate & Barrel, West Elm, and William Sonoma are among these vendors. That said, non-partnered brands can also be used for your design. 

In addition, Decorilla’s customized shopping lists allow for a convenient one-stop shop. The orders team takes care of each step, from placing orders to delivery. 

Decorilla vs roomLift: Ease of Use

Decorilla living room - Decorilla vs roomLift
Living room design – Decorilla

In the roomLift vs. Decorilla features comparison, both interior design solutions are straightforward. Moreover, Decorilla is user-friendly. With a seamless progression and open designer-client communication, Decorilla ensures a hassle-free process. 

In addition, the interactive platform enables direct designer and client communication. You can ask questions, make notes online, or allow emails to show on the platform. Plus, there is the option to chat over the phone too. For these reasons, the Decorilla team is known for their swift responses, whether it’s their 24/7 customer support or the designer. 

roomLift bedroom with a study nook - roomLift vs Decorilla
roomLift office area interior design

roomLift is user-friendly too. The process is seamless and runs like clockwork, allowing you to shop, install and enjoy. Furthermore, the communication channels are wide open. For instance, you will receive prompt feedback if you wish to send an email or chat on the roomLift platform. With the motto of “let us lift you up,” the leadership and customer services team have your best interests in mind. 

Decorilla vs. roomLift: Customer Support Comparison

Contemporary interior design by Drew F - Decorilla vs roomLift
Contemporary living room 3D rendering – Decorilla

In addition, both Decorilla and roomLift place a high priority on providing excellent customer service. For instance, Decorilla guarantees 24/7 service availability because of its online framework. And so, you can access assistance on weekends or after business hours.

Likewise, you can contact a roomLift customer support agent by email or an online chat.

Decorilla vs roomLift: Pricing

Living room by Courtney B - Decorilla vs roomLift
Chic living room design – Decorilla

Online interior design is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. In fact, you can secure a luxurious interior at a fraction of the cost of traditional design services. So, let’s look at the difference between Decorila vs. roomLift in pricing. 

Decorilla Pricing

Living room by Decorilla - Decorilla vs roomLift
3D rendering of a lounge – Decorilla

The pricing for Decorilla depends on the room type and level of designer experience. For example, a bathroom design would cost less than a kitchen due to the size and space. Plus, you receive a discount when designing more than one space. 

Bronze Tier – $549 – $899/room

  • 2-5 years of experience for each designer
  • Multiple designers provide the concepts and ideas
  • Simple requirements for room designs

Silver Tier – $649 – $1099/room  

  • 5-10 years of experience for each designer 
  • Multiple designers provide the concepts and ideas
  • Faultless designs handed over without any back-and-forth snags

Gold Tier – $849 – $3,200/room

  • 10+ years of experience for each designer
  • Multiple designers provide the concepts and ideas
  • CAD drawings available
  • Quality items and exclusive furniture sourcing
  • High-end designers with a wealth of industry knowledge 
  • End-to-end project and timeline management

Platinum Package – Per Request for Luxury Interior Design

The premium package offers everything included in the Gold tier and: 

  • Expertise of an industry-leading interior designer
  • Unlimited calls (including video calls) with your designer
  • Curated shopping list, ordering, tracking, and delivery coordination
  • Management of contractors for gut-renovations 
  • End-to-end project management, including the project timeline, weekly check-ins, and in-home coordination available

Custom Design Package – $75- $500/hour

  • Custom packages at an hourly rate for those that require something unique

roomLift Pricing

Lounge by Decorilla - Decorilla vs roomLift
Lounge interior design – roomLift

roomLift has a flat-rate pricing structure and depends on the interior designer you select. Similarly, there are different packages available. 

Access an Expert – from $100

  • Proposal on a complete house makeover, remodel, or a special design challenge
  • Custom proposals
  • A virtual or phone call consult for immediate tips 

accessoryLift – from $750

  • A mailed box with floor plans, samples, and furniture suggestions
  • List of specifications of how to purchase the discounted items

roomLift – from $1500

  • A mailed box with floor plans, samples, furniture suggestions
  • List of specifications of how to purchase the discounted items

houseLift – Enquire about pricing

  • Professional proposals for a project of any size
  • In-depth reviews of your needs and a custom proposal

Decorilla vs. roomLift Reviews  

Kitchen and dining by Alyssa H in a Decorilla vs roomLift reviews comparison
Kitchen and dining room design – Decorilla

Decorilla Reviews from Customers – 5 Stars

Decorilla’s clients thought highly of the service:

“I recently completed a project with Decorilla to design my living room. As a matter of fact, I can’t speak highly enough about my designer and the platform in general. Everything was so seamless and well thought out.” 

“The designs were very creative and professional. Most importantly the design & all the pieces worked and made sense. We could never have achieved such a good look at such a reasonable price without Decorilla’s help. They deserve the 5-star rating!!!”

Decorilla Reviews from Interior Designers – 4.1 Stars

Likewise, Decorilla designers were positive when it came to their experiences:

“Decorilla is a great company! Their team is so friendly, and supportive it’s a pleasure working with them. Furthermore, you will always get help if you need it. You will learn a lot about online interior design and its background.”

“I work remotely for this company which I enjoy a lot. I feel that they care about their employees and try hard to make sure both employees and customers have a good experience and are treated well.”

Interior design makeover by roomLift

roomLift Reviews from Customers – 5 Stars

roomLift customers were satisfied with their design solution:

“Thank you for your wonderful business! I’ve worked with designers in my house in the past and I’ve been pleased, but no one could come up with a good solution for this room!”

“I got the box. I am extremely pleased and playing around with it. Thumbs up completely on the layout, and the best find was the chaise!” 

roomLift Reviews from Around the Web (12)

Mixed reviews pop up from around the web:

“The result has been amazing. For an unbelievably affordable price, roomLift made my house look incredible and made it fun to be a part of the design process. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a stylish, affordable interior design for their home.”

“roomLift’s primary plans don’t provide opportunities to meet with your designer. Their recommendations are based only on your answers to their questionnaire. Therefore, it’s up to you to be extremely clear and thorough about your expectations.”

roomLift & Decorilla Alternatives

Eclectic living room - Decorilla vs roomLift
Eclectic living room design – Decorilla

If you’d like to explore other platforms, here are some options:

CB2 Design


  • 3D renderings with product proposals
  • Consultation with a design specialist
  • Interior design help is free


  • Only furniture is available when it comes to suggestions

West Elm Design Crew


  • Free interior design services 
  • Art installation is available
  • Sustainability is the brand’s goal


  • No discounts 
  • Furniture is not high-end



  • Multiple packages offered at affordable prices
  • Unlimited redesigns are available with the Luxe package
  • All items are available for purchase through Collov


  • Sales pressure due to designers earning a commission
  • Confusing pricing structure

Decorilla vs roomLift: Differences & Conclusion

Sitting room design by Decorilla - Decorilla vs roomLift
3D rendering of a lounge – Decorilla

Both roomLift and Decorilla are quality design platforms. However, no matter the benefits, selecting the one that gels with you may still take time! Here are a few pointers to iron out the major differences between roomLift vs. Decorilla.


  • Multiple interior designers produce design concepts
  • Realistic 3D renderings 
  • Shopping list with exclusive trade discounts
  • CAD drawings available
  • Custom packages at an hourly rate are available
  • 24/7 customer support
  • No additional fees


  • Three packages are available – design hours, accessory updates, and room redesign
  • Work directly with your chosen designer
  • Not based on commission
  • No sales pressure
  • Receive and see tactile samples in person
  • 1% of proceeds go to selected charities

Still weighing up roomLift vs. Decorilla?

Our team can help you find the right designer for your home. Schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation to learn more today! 


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