contemporary storage solutions under the stairs and floor to ceiling cabinets

A home’s interior design appeal is only as good as the quality of its organization. Yet, not every home is given ample places to put things away. So coming up with much-needed storage space requires some creative storage solutions. When the available floor space is at a premium, and there are no basements, attics, and other convenient places to help you declutter, all that’s left is thinking outside the box. We’ve rounded up twelve adaptable and creative storage ideas to help you make the most out of your place!

Creative Storage Ideas Do’s & Don’ts

DO: Be Genuinely Creative

Diamond shaped shelves creative storage solutions
Diamond shaped shelves as creative storage solutions by Decorilla interior designer, Amy C.

When we say “creative storage,” we mean just that. In fact, it might be surprising to discover how much storage space we don’t know that we have. Neglected corners, high walls, hidden niches… Think outside the box, and your home might suddenly feel double in size.

DON’T: Leave Everything In the Open

Under the stairs creative storage solutions for small spaces

Children are curious, and so are the pets. Even though open shelves and nice boxes look very appealing, they are not the best place to store things like cleaning chemicals, valuables, or fragile items. A convenient deep drawer or a wall cabinet might be a far better solution, especially when invisible.

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DO: Use Verticals

Monochrome vertical storage in a home office by Decorilla designer Mary Beth
Monochrome vertical storage in a home office by Decorilla designer, Mary Beth C.

Walls offer great potential for small space living hacks —open shelving, layered cabinetry, hidden compartments, you name it. Sometimes the best solutions are those that we would never think of – such as creating the library around the door frame, or making a hidden decorative compartment for objects rarely used right below the ceiling.

DON’T: Underestimate the Space You Need

contemporary hidden creative storage ideas
Contemporary hidden creative storage ideas by Decorilla designer, Mladen C.

“I have too much empty storage space,” – said no one ever. So, think well of all the things you need to put away and the best way to make it happen. Then think about your plans for the future. Always add at least 20% more space to what you have imagined at first. If you don’t fill it up personally, some other family member will.

DO: Make It Convenient

creative organization ideas for the kitchen

When planning your storage space, think of how it will serve you the best. You don’t like to kneel and dig for your pots? Go for deep drawers instead of cabinets. You want to have your jars and small bottles adequately displayed and quick to locate? Use pull-out shelves instead of standard ones. Always give advantage to solutions that offer greater flexibility.

DON’T: Buy on Impulse

Creative shelving ideas for a contemporary living room by Decorilla designer, Rajna S.
Creative shelving ideas for a contemporary living room by Decorilla designer, Rajna S.

It might be overwhelming to start shopping and find a zillion attractive options on the market. A little bit of this, a couple of those, and before you know it, you end up with a ton of mismatched boxes and baskets that do not really fit the original plans or existing decor. The solution is to plan carefully and have a precise list of everything you need before even starting to search around.

Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas

1. Creative Towel Storage Cubby

Under the sink creative towel storage by Decorilla designer, Sonia C.
Under the sink creative towel storage by Decorilla designer, Sonia C.

When considering bathroom design ideas, under the sink storage is usually reserved for cleaning supplies and other odds and ends. But, why not leave an open cubby for easy access to nicely displayed towels. This look will be sure to give your ensuite the feel of a 5-star hotel.

2. Make Use of Ladders

creative storage for small spaces - towel ladder

Towel ladders are useful as creative storage for small spaces. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on your storage needs. If you go for an option with shelves, keep in mind you can store more than just towels.

Creative Bedroom Storage

3. Creative Under Bed Storage Ideas

creative storage solutions for a teen room
Creative storage solutions for a teen room by Decorilla interior designer, Lila N.

Unless your bed is lying on the floor with its full size, there is a substantial volume of empty space to utilize – under it. Specialized boxes with lids or drawers, or even a bed platform, can make a fantastic solution for storing seasonal clothes. Moreover, with the help of vacuum bags, the under-bed storage can double as a whole new wardrobe closet.

4. Over the Bed Storage

creative bedroom storage ideas with over the bed cabinets

When bedroom space is limited, make use of vertical storage by continuing the wardrobe over and around the bed. By choosing a custom unit you can opt for cabinets, shelving, or other creative storage solutions that best fit your needs.

Creative Dining Room Storage

5. Built-in Seating Storage Solutions

creative dining room storage with window seat
Creative dining room storage with window seat by Decorilla designer, Lauren A.

Built-in benches instead of chairs offer a comfortable sitting space and a plethora of creative storage solutions. One is the space inside and under the benches themselves. Another is the wall above, which can be covered with growing shelves, built-in bookcases, and other similar storage solutions.

6. Coffee Bar Cabinet

coffee bars as creative dining room storage

Upgrade your cabinet with a chalkboard backsplash, several handy shelves, and a place to hang cups and glasses. Turning the common cabinet into a stylish coffee/wine bar will release some valuable work area on the kitchen counter. Even better, the shelves can host many baskets and boxes to store away a bunch of small accessories.

Creative Kitchen Storage

7. Upper Kitchen Island

Creative shelving ideas for the kitchen by Decorilla designer, Rehan A.
Creative shelving ideas for the kitchen by Decorilla designer, Rehan A.

Take advantage of dead space above the kitchen island by installing a hanging shelving unit. This will be a great place to store oversized pots and pans while still keeping them within reach.

8. Magnets, Pegboards, Hooks & Hangers

Creative kitchen storage on the backsplash by Decorilla interior designer Cristian G.
Creative kitchen storage on the backsplash by Decorilla interior designer, Cristian G.

The best solutions come from thinking outside the box. Backsplash-mounted magnetic holders can release your drawers from knives, ladles, and other large pieces of kitchen utensils. Similarly, pegboards allow for broad customized solutions. And even more creatively, a hanging wall planter can provide easy access to fresh herbs for culinary delights.

Creative Living Room Storage Ideas

9. Floating Units

Creative storage solutions for the living room by Decorilla interior designer, Roberto D
Creative storage solutions for the living room by Decorilla interior designer, Roberto D

Floating shelves have a minimal footprint, while some models double as mini-drawers, too. A floating TV unit can also come with a hidden compartment for cables and other unsightly accessories. Even better, it can provide a storage place with a comprehensive charging station for all your gadgets, phones, tablets, and other electronics.

10. Under the Stairs

under the stairs creative storage ideas for small spaces

If you have a set of stairs taking up space in your living room, don’t let the area under them go to waste. The underside of staircases can make perfect storage for media, books, and accessories. Similarly, a book nook under the stairs offers additional seating, while the area below the seat can be used to arrange some baskets or drawers.

Creative Ways to Store Books and Toys

11. Make It a Display

Creative ways to store toys by Decorilla designer, Joao A.
Creative ways to store toys by Decorilla interior designer, Joao A.

Toy storage can also be decor for your child’s room. Have built-ins constructed for larger items in good shape to be on display. Meanwhile, smaller toys can be kept under wraps in baskets and toy chests. If you’re tight on space, a cushion on top of the chest can create more seating.

12. Creative Storage Ideas for Books

Creative ways to store books - bookcase chair

Multi-functional furniture isn’t new, but a chair that doubles as a bookcase certainly pushes the boundaries. Alternatively, similar open back sofas with storage for books are available as well.

Creative Storage Solutions Design Help

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