Country chic living room by Decorilla

Ever wondered how a touch of rustic charm could redefine your urban dwelling? This design story features a country-chic living room and bedroom that meet city sleek, transforming into cozy sanctuaries of style and comfort. Join us as we unveil the seamless blend of old-world allure with contemporary sophistication.

The Challenge: Country Chic Living Room & Bedroom Design

The client’s journey to Decorilla for a country chic home makeover began when they acquired a new one-bedroom apartment. Excited and eager, they approached seeking design ideas and a professional touch that would infuse the space with rustic elegance. Moving from a smaller, modern studio, the client envisioned a home that radiated style and comfort, tailored not just for themselves but also for their beloved dog and visiting boyfriend. Their brief was clear, yet open to the imaginative expertise of Decorilla’s design team, asking for:

  • A neutral color palette enriched with bursts of color and natural elements
  • A dog-friendly environment
  • Rustic, country chic living room flair but suited to an urban environment 
  • Flowers, greenery, and natural rustic touches

Design Inspiration: Sophistication Meets Country

Country chic living room inspiration by Decorilla
Modern rustic living room by Decorilla

The client’s inspiration gallery vividly depicted their desired rustic-chic style. Each a vignette into the desired aesthetic of their future home, the images showcased a harmonious blend of the best living room colors, natural wood elements, and textural contrasts. Open shelving and airy layouts also signaled a preference for a spacious and comfortable home. In addition, the furniture selection emphasized a pet-friendly environment but with an elegant feel.

Modern farmhouse living room by Decorilla
Modern farmhouse living room by Decorilla

Some images flaunted exquisite decor reminiscent of beachy schemes, with vintage details cultivating a welcoming yet elaborate environment. Another key feature were plush living room rug ideas for added texture.

In addition, the client specifically mentioned, “I don’t want any TV in the living room,” focusing on fostering a more traditional, conversational ambiance.

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Initial Concepts: Finding the Right Designer

Preliminary proposition by Decorilla designer Lindsay B.
Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer, Lindsay B.

The inspiration gallery provided by the client was a cornerstone in creating the design strategy for their dream home. In tandem with the answers from Decorilla’s interactive questionnaire, it allowed for a thorough understanding of their creative ideas and functional needs. In return, the team pinpointed two expert design professionals with a particular affection for the desired style. 

The client was then presented with two stunning proposals. Both promised to transform the bare rooms into a refined and personalized retreat, honoring their penchant for natural beauty. The client was faced with a challenge of identifying their ideal designer. Finally, Sonia C. emerged as the perfect candidate, bringing to the table a fresh and insightful interpretation of the theme. 

Preliminary proposal for a country chic style living room by Decorilla designer Sonia C.
Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer, Sonia C.

Sonia’s country chic living room moodboard encapsulated the essence of rustic charm blended with smart modernity. It consistently dispersed a creamy palette of country chic colors, creating a serene base with white as the dominant shade. The interplay of textures was also apparent, with soft, plush fabrics contrasting the distressed wood elements, giving a sense of warmth and depth. Wood dominated as a central theme, suggesting the client’s affinity for natural materials that add discerning authenticity.

Results Revealed: Classy Country Interiors 

Country chic living room and bedroom by Decorilla
Country chic living room and bedroom by Decorilla

This once dated apartment has been beautifully transformed into a haven of country chic elegance. The open living room and dining area now radiate a warm, inviting ambiance, perfectly capturing the essence of refined country living with an urban twist. In the bedroom, charming accents and cozy textures harmonize to create a serene, stylish retreat. This makeover is a testament to how country chic design can infuse a space with character and comfort, even in a modern apartment setting.

Country Chic Living Room 

Country chic living room decor by Decorilla
Living room design by Decorilla

The final realization of country chic living room ideas showcases the designer’s ability to source items that extend beyond visual expectations to fulfill the function. The layout fosters a flow dedicated to relaxation and social interaction, devoid of any televisions, as per the client’s request. The decor’s palette, dominated by soft whites and grays, is punctuated by rich wood tones, achieving the sought-after scheme that feels serene and dog-friendly.  

The client’s instructions were clear: “The low, real wood storage bureau and wooden rocking chair must come with me.” And the designer delivered, blending the pieces seamlessly into the new arrangement.

Country-chic living room before
Living room concept by Decorilla
Living room concept by Decorilla

Plush seating renders an inviting atmosphere, while the distressed appeal of the cabinetry adds a touch of rustic authenticity. These key pieces anchor the room, reflecting the client’s desire for a curated yet homey environment.

This country-chic living room also stands as a beautiful example of how a skilled designer can translate a creative concept into a tangible reality. The proposed 3D visualizations are realized almost to the tiniest detail, mirroring the initial ideas with remarkable fidelity. The adept selection of furniture and decor, adhering closely to the client’s taste and budget, resulted in a space that feels professionally curated yet effortlessly comfortable.

Keeping an Eye for Detail

Country chic living room design by Decorilla
Refined country living room design by Decorilla

Speaking of detail, the attention put into it is particularly notable in accessorizing. Careful curation of decor elements such as the textured area rug, decorative pillows, and table accents fully resonates with the country chic decor aesthetic. Moreover, the strategic placement of indoor plants brings in a refreshing burst of greenery, aligning with the client’s love for natural elements. The modern chandelier meanwhile casts a warm glow, enhancing the welcoming ambiance while artfully bridging the gap between rustic and contemporary elements.

Country Chic Bedroom

Gentle country chic bedroom colors, design by Decorilla
Country chic bedroom interior design by Decorilla

The designer’s artistry extends further into the serene embrace of the country-chic bedroom. Intelligent furniture placement enhances its cozy yet dapper atmosphere. Dressed in luxurious linens, an elegant, ample bed promises comfort enhanced by the accent pillows’ subtle texture variety. A patterned area rug in soothing blues anchors the room, providing a soft contrast to the warm wooden tones of the furniture.

Bedroom before
Bedroom concept design by Decorilla
Bedroom concept design by Decorilla

The 3D visualization concepts revived the country chic bedroom’s existing layout with an exquisite eye for detail and a deep understanding of the client’s aspirations. As a result, the space converted into a harmonious blend of soft hues and delicate patterns, creating a tranquil retreat with a restful ambiance. 

Country chic bedroom furniture, design by Decorilla
Bedroom details by Decorilla

Every piece, from the minimalist art to the potted greenery, is meticulously curated to align with the client’s vision and budget. A rustic bedside table sits alongside a classic vanity, demonstrating a skillful mix of country chic style and graceful living. The matte white vanity, paired with a whimsically plush chair, offers a personal haven for reflection and respite. In addition, the designer’s choice of lighting—a simple yet elegant table lamp—casts a warm glow, enhancing the bedroom‘s inviting feel.

Design Details: Sourcing the Perfect Pieces

Shopping list for country chic style furniture and decor by Decorilla
Online shopping list with discounts by Decorilla

Decorilla’s online interior design service streamlined the process of realizing the client’s dream for a country-chic style space. Starting with a selection of two tailored propositions, the client easily found a design that resonated with their style. Furthermore, expertly crafted technical drawings and professional advice provided a clear roadmap for the transformation. Lifelike 3D renderings then helped the client to virtually experience their envisioned room. To complete the experience, Decorilla also offered a curated shopping list. It allowed the client to take advantage of trade discounts while a concierge service handled all the ordering and delivery details.

As a result, this apartment design goes beyond filling a space to become a narrative of taste and style, where every element has been selected with purpose and precision. The client’s words put a final stamp of approval, demonstrating the power of a thoughtful approach to design: “Thanks Sonia, I love your design, especially where you’ve placed everything!! It came out beautiful.”

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